Friday, April 24, 2009


Bulkier and days when I hated to buy clothes

Okay, back from post breakdown. I feel a bit better now, although I am wearing a newer pair of shoes (it's those that I keep in the box and refuse to take out because they are quite expensive and I am lazy bum to keep it in a good condition), a rarely worn fit jeans (it's a pair I rarely worn because I used to be too fat to fit in) but I choose an old worn out shirt. Some shirts tend to stink a lot faster that most, usually cheap, "god knows, what brand" shirts are the culprit. I am stopping to buy these cheap shirts that is already cheap even without sale and really open my eyes and wallet to other clothes in life. So far F.O.S has been my regular prime source of clothing. I look for clothes with the brand tag slashed out. It seems that the branded quality have their labels slashed out. I gotten a Nautica shirt which is very nice, and well priced. You can say I am a late bloomer in shopping for clothes. I still depend on my sister and mother to buy it for me :p. Which probably explain why everything is oversized for me.

I need a new phone, not because I am sick of the current one, but I need it to access CIMB mobile banking. Apparently the phones I used (yes both phones) are not compatible. Yesterda'ys mad rush to ATMs to deposit money to my sister's account and countless of time I had to go and find an ATM or a computer with an internet access to deposit money is someone's account, is just irratating and time consuming. So mobile banking is the way to go.

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