Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Reader Digest is one of my favorite magazines to read. The content is well presented and is full of stories that can make you cry, laugh, angry or be amazed upon. Its one of my favorite things to do when I am at the library (other that reading medical journals and thesis of course… O_o) There were many articles in Reader’s Digest that I read, that have struck a raw nerve here and there. However there was this one particular article that I liked in the March 2009 issue of that magazine. I think it was titled writing your own memoir. The first thing that came into my mind was Memoir of a Geisha, a film that I watched at a Mamak stall while hanging out with a friend. According to the article (I read it just read it once through), a memoir is like an autobiography, but an autobiography tells almost everything that happened in your life. Memoir is more focus on an event that happened in your life, something that is isolated from the rest. A memoir should be written as vividly as possible to ensure that the reader can feel that they are there. It’s just like writing a story for your reader and transport them back to the place you had describe to them.

I remembered, I used to love to write this fiction pieces when I was in secondary school. I always exclaimed in excitement if there is an assignment where we were given just a title or just an ending and just write something out of it. I go for something really weird and out of this world. My English teacher would tell us to vividly describe the environment and how we felt during that moment. I loved it so much and so does the teacher. I wrote a piece about going to the wet market, sounds pretty boring until I describe everything from the mold that is growing on the walls of the market walls to the smell of death that lingers the air at the meat and fish section.

My blog is like an online diary, where I spill my guts out. It’s a reflection of myself and all the emotions I go though, sometimes it’s a place for me to show what I think what I have to the world. I think I should write it in a memoir style. Even the simplest thing can be something excited if written vividly.
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