Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I am addicted to soft drinks lately. Its my type of alcohol, its my drug. Thank goodness we rarely have it at home if not, I will have a bottle in my room for my own guilty pleasure
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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Houses to Houses

I was almost proactive going from house to house this weekend. First it was my aunts and uncles new Semi D just 10 minutes from where we live. They already have renovations done including flower carved iron wrought grill, and an extended kitchen. The kitchen is quite big, although the cabinets haven't been set up just yet. My aunt had two stove tops installed, one is a conduction stove, and the other is the normal gas stove. It was nice indeed along with the standard fitment of gas hood. She had this huge fridge too, which is even nicer. I then hung out at a friends house, in those high rise condo near KLCC. I liked his kitchen too, complete with everything you need to make magic in the kitchen. We all then went to another friend place in Pantai Hillpark for a dinner party. His kitchen was nice also, with built in oven, and one the rarest thing to have in Malaysia, a dishwasher. Its something I want in my house too :D. I love the look at the kitchen and bathroom of other peoples house. Its actually a good way to know how clean they are. If their bathroom are clean, the rest of the house will be as clean as well. If the kitchen is fully stock with appliances, dishes, and other accessories, you know they love having dinner at their place. My friend told me, if the porch, lawn, or balcony is well furnished, their interior house will be much more well furnished. So far its true in so many times, except for one of my friends place. The balcony is sparse, no make that, there is nothing there except dead plants clothes rack, but his house is fully furnished.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

One word

It kinda sucked that one word can just spoil my whole day. Its just words right. Still it can just piss me off easily. Simple words such as "I still miss you" repulses me as much as I want it to be true. "I want you" sounds fantastic but only if I want them too. They say relationships are supposed to be easy, well that is a bunch of bullcrap. Well at least this could a good experience for me ya...
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Thursday, December 24, 2009


Geramnya rasa. Kenapa ada orang yang boleh menenangkan kita, tapi ada juga yg kita rasa macam nak amik senapang gajah dan tembak mereka. Aku betul-betul tak suka kalau orang yang aku kenal mempertikaikan apa yang aku buat atau kata. Perlu kah kau tahu apa yang aku buat dan kenapa? Ada aku tanya kenapa ko buat sebegitu dan mengapa kau cakap seperti itu? Aku suka kau, tetapi tolonglah, bila aku dah naik menyampah tu, diam la saja, kenapa kau hendak juga buat aku naik angin.
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Sometimes, it slips my mind to just do it. No hesitation just pure instinct.
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I had never felt so betrayed in my life. So weird, now I know how it feels. Now I know the biggest lesson of them all. When people confide something to you, just keep quiet. Simple. Then everything will be okay. Opening your mouth is like opening a pandora's box, soon you be soo mis quoted, it gets insane, unless you record every conversation that you have, you can never remember or used what you said before.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Plan changes

I hate it when plan changes. I wanted to service the mercedes but I ran out of oil, so I had to buy one without the 30% employee discount my sister could becoz I wanted to save time. I wanted to find out if the window was malfunctioning only to find out my brother forgot to mention that they switched the rear window button with the front. When I asked about the ringing sound of the exhaust it end up being the starter dying on me. When I asked about our Myvi engine mounting cost, our mechanic replied it would cost us nearly RM 1000 but when I called Perodua, it cost only RM 550. When I called Perodua about my Viva parts, one of the parts which was the driver seat plastic side mold was still not available. The Naza Ria door lock is still broken and not repaired because my mechanic has not updated me, or the supplier has not updated them, which means I may have to drive to a Naza SC which is far in the heart of Cheras to get the parts. Don't I have a reason to go absolutely berserk now? Honestly if you were in my shoes....
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Sick Off

Aren't you sick of my irritating emo post? Sure it makes interesting read, but its the same dull thing really. Life does not have to suck that much really. I guess this is just an outlet to let go of some steam. Although I love to give my greatest gratitude for those who seem to able to just click on my link whether on a friends blog or the search engine. Its almost the end of the year, almost the end of my master and I feel helpless sometimes. Maybe its procrastination, maybe its just moody, maybe I just can focus well.

This so called moodiness and irritation probably originated from my dad. It could be genetics because it seems he is able to be ticked off without a moments notice, just like how I can be. Its very bad to suddenly go berserk for no apparent reason, apparently all the men in this family does it from time to time, but we do have a mother, so some of her traits must be buried deep under that male testosterone.

Maybe its because I woke up quite late today, or shall I say my normal wake up time. Or its because I almost thought, it was still the weekend. Anyways, I feel I should let this be a setback, even though I do stay at home more often that I should. Its usually filled with household errands. Another brother in the house is quite useless really, and to limit my confrontation with him, I prefer to just have very little contact with him regardless of my mood. Since most of the time I want to chew his straighten hair head off. Let's just say in the future, he WILL NEVER STAY IN TE SAME HOUSE as I do. I would rather pay him to live somewhere.

Its sucked that there is 6 cars in the house. Sure its sounds great, but in reality, 4 of them is my responsibility, and if I haven't driven it for a long time, something is bound malfunction, since 3 of the 4 cars under my care is more than 4 years old. I don't get it why would you get a 9 year hire purchase loan for a car. After the 4th year, problems will appear, and you need to pay for the repairs while still paying for your car loan. Very few would actually finish paying their cars within 5 years, and even rarer will pay them in 3 years. Although this limits then to Viva and Saga, at least they would be smiling since they are not paying that much interest rate.

My Viva is paid in 7 years, so that is not so bad at all, plus there is a 3 year factory warranty and a extended 3 year insurance warranty. The factory warranty covers everything while the insurance warranty cover around 3/4 of it, but that is okay. Anyways perhaps I should take the opportunity of waking up late to service our aging 18 year old Mercedes, its becoming a family heirloom now. At least that would make me feel much better this irritating Monday morning

Thursday, December 10, 2009


*Warning another disgustingly emo post, please visit my friends blog which are much more up beat and cheerful. You have been warned.

I was on cloud 9 for about a week, then I came crashing down since reality finally caught up with me. Apparently reality has another story regarding my cloud 9 experience. Its harsh, but at least its the truth, besides, its only been one meet and almost 2 weeks, its hardly anything, but I guess the damaged from my last breakup only managed to show up now. I will take it cool now, and accept whatever has been dealt with me. Things were different 2 years ago, many things had happened, many people I have known. One thing for sure, I will be as truthful to myself and at the same time being optimistic while being grounded. I think I should face it head on personally rather than asking around. Don't you like that you get the answer by yourself or that you learn about it yourself? Well I am definitely trying.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bella Swan into Bella Cullen

I have nothing to write actually, since Twilight and New Moon is the rage right now, might as well make it into a blog post :p, and get more hits :p. Its not like I am typing something against my own will. Thanks to boredom and curiosity I managed to read Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. I already asked my youngest sister to get the Breaking Dawn book back from her friend. As you know these are all the books in the Twilight Saga. So for this entry, I plan to write about the main character in all of these books, which is Isabella Marie Swan, or better know as Bella (Bella is the Italian word for beautiful).

Bella is described as a character that is quite matured for her age. This is because she takes care of her mother who is more spontaneous and quite forgetful sometimes. When staying with her father at Forks, she takes care of the house such as doing laundry, making dinner and cleaning up the house. Bella and Jacob jokes with each other, saying that they are both in their 30s and 40s. Even her mother Renee agrees that Bella is much older than her age. Bella is a sarcastic person and loves to use this in her humour for example when people asked her why she is so pale even though she lived in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, she just replied with a straight face that she is part albino (not true at all, her mom and dad are normal). She can be incredibly self centered sometimes, when Edward open up to her and told that he can read everyone minds except her, the only thing she worried was that there was something wrong with her because her mind was unreadable. It even goes on when Jacob told her that he does not age as fast as normal human, Bella freaked out because Edward is immortal and she is getting older each day because unlike Jacob the werewolf and Edward the vampire, she is human. There is a excerpt in the book where she screamed out of frustration to Jacob "You're a werewolf, Edward's a vampire... so?? I'm a Virgo!!!" That just made laugh so hard =)). Bella self centreness even goes to assume that if Angela, one of her close human friend, is a witch, she could join the party of the immortals. She can be selfish for wanting to be a vampire as soon as possible so that she could spend the eternity with Edward.

It shows that Bella has no problems with vampires, but only the Cullens, since when Edward wants to introduce her to his vampire family , all she worries is that they might not like her, instead of thinking she could be their next meal. Bella however shows strong fear against other vampires such the human blood drinking vampires such as The Volturi when she was frightened when the The Volturi had a meal with tourist that they rounded up in a guided tour.

Bella is the girl who fell in love with a vampire and ends up becoming one. As you can see, these the artist impression of how Bella would look like as a vampire. In the Twilight Saga, vampired have pale ivory white skin, devoid of imperfections with dark purple circles under their eyes. Since these are "vegetarian" vampired meaning that they only drink animal blood, their eyes are the color of honey or butterscotch. They have increase speed, strength and senses. Their skin is cold and hard as marble. They are immortal and only can be killed if they are cut into pieces and burned. If you don't burn the pieces, the pieces will start to connect to each other and the vampire will be healed.

Some vampires will have special abilities that they carried from their former lives, such as Edward empathic feeling toward other allowed him to read minds, while Jasper charisma for increasing the morals of his soldiers around him allow him to control their feelings. Bella is special since when she was human she can block any mental attack or powers that is directed to her such as Edwards mind reading power and Jane pain inducing mental powers. After being transformed into a vampire, she was told by a nomadic vampire that her power is a type mental shield to protect her from mental attacks. Bella was taught by Kate, a vampire from the Denali coven whose power is to generate electricity from her skin, to project her shield so that it will cover the people around her. This ability is very valuable to the Cullens family to avoid any future threats from vampires who try to hurt them. Bella shield ability, along with Edward mind reading, Alice future readings, and Jasper emotion control, the Cullens family are probably the strongest vampire coven in the book.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dreams.. Aren't you sick of this post...

They say if you wanted something to be in your dreams, just before you sleep or about to fall asleep, you need to think about that particular thing. If it works the thing that you thought about before you fall asleep, will become your dream, or better yet your lucid dreams. It means that dream is the world that you wanted it to be, and you retain control of it. So whatever the problems that you want to layout will be there. There is a limitation of things that could happened there. For once everything is under your control so whatever that happens in your dreams is how your subconscious mind predicts it. Its a like a sandbox where you can create and do whatever that you wish. Its fun to be the ruler of your own world without any of the responsibilities that comes with it...

I almost did not want to wake up from it, because reality is so harsh..

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Talking or no talking

This is the second series of the talking subject. Right now, I did very little talking. Why? for once our lab tech has gone for a month long class for her degree. Second, I find that most of the stuff that comes out of my mouth with my close friends is about embarrassing things that happened to other people. That means 80% of the time I talk rubbish to them. Its kinda sad and pathetic isn't. So I try to not say anything remotely related to it, and all I got was plenty of awkward and silence moments.

I feel like I had withdrawal syndrome from this thing. I got very restless and easily angered. I was incredibly angry at the Celcom operator for not being any help at all to me. Road rage also increased, even though I drove a small sub compact. Its kinda scary how much just telling juicy details of a private life is so intoxicating.

I guess this is why we love to read trashy magazines and newspapers that only points out each person flaw. Its kinda funny that among the important people currently in my life now, two of them have heard stories about each other, and yet they barely know each other. Its was funny because I knew both of the rumors were not true at all, since I know them both very well. Now all I have to do, is to keep their heads from butting in each other.

Well I am gonna see, how long can I keep my trash talking to a bare minimum. I did talk some trash to a friend via blackberry but only because he was going to the same thing I was going through, and he does not have a clue who was I talking about. Some more he belongs to different clique, but then people get to know each other. Before you know it, stories have travelled faster than some downloading porn movies..

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Talking, its something I love to do. Every one I knows know how much of a talker I am. Sometimes I make a great company when you are bored, but I can talk you to death, boredom or till you go insane. Its something that absolutely love to do, despite sometimes ago I feel like a quite person, which is total bull crap really. I love to talk, to communicate, to sms, to instant messaging, especially with my Blackberry Messenger. However, there is a secret I have that I do with talking, sometimes people caught me off guard doing this, and I have to sheepishly admit that I actually did it.

I talk to myself, by myself, against myself or have a complete monologue with myself. I do this everywhere I go, usually I think people don't noticed it, but sometimes people caught me off guard mumbling to myself. My lab mates and staff all have caught me talking in serious tone or laughing out loud to myself. All them had this bewildered look, whether Budlee has gone off the deep end or something. Well to late, I have gone off the deep end, fell down and now in the valley of insanity.

Its something I do to calm myself or to make things more clearly to myself. There are times where my friends are not available to me, so I had to talk to someone, so I ended up talking to myself. Sometimes I pretend the person I wanted to talk too was there too. I make a perfect audience to myself, someone who listen, give feedback and don't ask question that I could not ask. I am doing a lot of that know, even more, probably because I am beginning to start a new relationship and I am freaked out that I might freak this new person out with my freakish behaviour, now doesn't that sound freaky.

Well we all have our own ways to escape from the real world now and then. That is my why, how yours? how do you escape your reality?

Monday, November 30, 2009

Oily Skin

Oily skin, is when you face is shiny, greasy, with large pores and can accompany with pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. I know this problem very well, my skin is very oily, sometimes its so oily I could have shiny skin in an air condition room. Its not visually attractive to have a shiny face when taking a picture. So why does it happen?

  • Over active

Oily skin is caused by over active sebaceous glands. This glands produces sebum, a natural lubricant for the skin. This keeps the top layer of the skin, soft and supple. People with dry skin are lacking with this substance. However too much of a good thing can be bad. Too much of the sebum causes the skin to be shiny and greasy.

  • Causes

It could be a family trait, if your relatives have greasy skin, you could too. Food can be a factor, especially the greasy, over processed food. External factors such as humidity or heat can cause skin to produce excess oil. The human body is all about balance, if your skin is over dried to due harsh skin care products, your skin will produce excess oil to compensate to dryness of the skin.

  • Treatment

The way to treat oily skin is not by scrubbing the oil away or using harsh soaps to dry the skin, but is to treat it gently and making sure there is balance of oil on the skin. You can use cleanser made for oily skin. A general guide on cleanser suitable for oily skin is that, it could be in a gel form, it has clay ingredients to absorb oil, or its not oily. These cleanser with leave your skin feeling very matte and fresh. Then afterward you need a bit of moisturizer to balance the skin oil. An alcohol free toner is actually a very good moisturizer for oily skin, and it will help the skin to be less oily, since the skin is already moisturized the skin will not produce excess sebum anymore. Another route to go is to you a gentle cleanser that cleans the skin gently, but this is not enough to get rid all of the oil, so a toner with alcohol in it can really help clearing up the oil. Our main mission is to create balance in the skin, to reduce the oil at a certain level to reduce greasiness but at the same time leaving a bit on so that it will stay moisturized without being greasy. Another product that is very good for oily skin is benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide is great since is absorb excess oil from the skin while being the best product to treat mild to moderate acne. There are many studies that has shown the effectiveness of benzoyl peroxide to treat oily and acne prone skin. If you do find it over drying or causes your skin to peel, find a product with 2.5% benzoyl peroxide concentration, this low concentration is mild enough for most skin, unless you are allergic to it.

  • Conclusion

Your skin will always be oily no matter what you do, you can't really help it, however with the right care, your skin will be dewy and moisturized without being greasy. If it does get greasy during the day, all you need is just tissue paper to blot the oil away or just wash your face with plain water. One bonus thing of having oily skin, is that it does not get wrinkled easily or photo ages, so you don't need all that expensive creams to reduce wrinkles, your skin produces enough of it, to keep your skin soft and supple.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Twiligh Saga - New Moon (My review)

Do you remember your first heartbreak? Remember how it felt, how it incapacitated you. How you felt like a zombie, how you felt incredibly numb. You felt so numb you are willing to try everything, and anyone just to feel something. Its a terrible feeling to have a huge hole in your heart that is just unbearable to some. How about suddenly you found someone to fill that hole, and suddenly you felt whole again, but most important of all, you felt something again. Once you reached this high peak, suddenly this person left you how do you deal with it? Basic is what New Moon is really all about. Sure there are vampires with super powers such as emphatic reading via hearing voices of what others are thinking, knowing every thought you had by a single touch, predicting the future, sensing relationships, being able to control people's emotion, causing another person pain without even touching them or being able to protect your mind from being invaded from others. This story is really about a girl's point of view on relationships. Unless you are a girl, or you could be empathetic as a girl, this movie could be insanely boring to you. I read the books, I am about to finish the New Moon book, so yes, its very girl oriented. However I really like a story that involves people with some type of super power. I guess that is why I could actually stand reading the book and watching the movie. A recommended film for those who like chick flicks. I am those people :p

Friday, November 27, 2009

Twilight Saga - New Moon (How to become one)

First of all, I have to say, the crowd at Pavillion on the Eve of Aidil Adha/Raya Haji was INSANE. There were so many people, like I have never seen this much crowd before. It helps that Friday was a public holiday and Thursday was the premier of the New Moon movie in Malaysia, although some had watched on Wednesday night. It was packed to the brim.

The twilight series had a strong following, some even called it a cult (Miley Cyrus apparently hates Twilight and calls its fans a cult, wait.. so doesn't she have die hard fans who worship her totally..hmm I sense jealousy). Girls are practically worshipping Edward and now Jacob. Most guys in Malaysia can look like Jacob. You just have to cut your hair short like Jacobs, his already black, and you just need a bit of gel to shine it up a bit. Make sure you are clean shaven, and oh yes. get a trainer, hit the gym and diet like crazy. It took Taylor Lautner less than a year, to transform himself from slim to ripped. He has the same problems most skinny guys have, which was not being able to gain enough weight. (Bastards...). However with lost of weight training and kilos worth of protein shake, now you can have that same oooh, ahhh and giggles that girls and some guys (regardless of sexual orientation, most guys are amazed with another man's incredibly buff body). You can also be like Edward, just stay out of the sun or use Loreal Mens Expert White Activ range, to be as fair as you can be, then dye your head in a bronze colour, and use pomade for the messy look. You also must have the car, you can either get the Volvo C40 like what Edward had in the first film or get the Volvo XC60.

Whiter skin with Loreal Men's Expert White Activ

Freshlook Colourblends in Honey for that I just drank a whole cow's blood look.

Volvo C30 that retails at RM 215,500.00

Volvo XC60 T6 LE that retails at RM 360,000.00

No wonder girls love him so much. He has great skin, great eyes, very protective, very loving, has a nice car, and loyal to you for the rest of eternity. Gee.. you can get all of that except for the last part..

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Banking Online

Banking made easy. Everything is online, heck you can even download an icon and do your banking using your phone. Even easier to know how much you have spend over the month. Tak sanggup tgk berapa duit dah burn

Pisau Bulan

New Moon is coming out on the 26th in Malaysia. Darn, I haven't read the second book yet, and we have all 4 of the book in our house courtesy of my sisters. The book is much better of course since it has much more details that had to be left out in the movie. Perhaps I will pick up the book later.

The Nicole and Paris of Malaysia. Panass, (That's hot). Oh my Dior, its a fun movie to watch, a bit slapstick because you laugh at their characters. Its a good looking movie since most of the actor and actress are models. A worthy Malay movie to watch, that is different from what is out there now, but one does wonder if they were planning to do a sequel with the same airheadness that is portrayed here.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Making a bad decision is better than not making any decision at all.
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Sometimes, the more you look at the time the slower you get.
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Perodua Alza

Wah, Alza, sedap nama, boleh bagi nama anak nih. Ia dikatakan telah di ambil dari perkataan Sepanyol iaitu Alza, yang bermaksud naik (boleh check kat google translate tau). Oleh itu, nama sebenar MPV Perodua ini adalahm Perodua Naik, jadi marilah kita naik Perodua Naik :D. Buat masa ini saya masih tidak dapat melihat MPV ini dengan lebih dekat, oleh itu saya akan menyenaraikan ciri-ciri yang terdapat di MPV ini.

  • Engin yang di gunakan sama jenis dengan Perodua Nautica, Toyota Avanza, dan Toyota Rush, tetapi engin Alza di buat di Malaysia.
  • Memuat 7 orang penumpang, tetapi seperti kebanyakkan MPV, 2 tempat duduk di belakang sesuai untuk mereka yang 163cm ke bawah.
  • Ada versi manual dan automatik untuk versi standard dan premium.
  • 6 warna pilihan, termasuk 3 warna metalik istimewa.
  • Di lengkapkan dengan 2 beg udara berkembar, ABS, BA dan EBD. Tempat duduk barisan kedua boleh di gerakkan ke depan atau kebelakang untuk memudahkan keluar masuk serta memberi tempat duduk kedua atau ketiga ruang kaki yang secukupnya. (Exora takde)
  • Harga dari RM 55,490 hingga RM 64,190

Serba sedikit perbandingan dengan Exora


  • Engin 1.6 liter Campro CPS/Engine 1.5 liter DVVT
  • 125 bhp pada 6500 RPM, 150 nm pada 4500 RPM/104 bhp pada 6000 RPM, 136 nm pada 4400 RPM
  • Besar/Kecil
  • 1442kg/1115kg
  • Di cipta mengunakan rangka baru yang menjadi asas pada model2 akan datang/Di cipta berdasarkan rangka sedia ada iaitu Myvi.
  • Original/Di ambil dari Daihatsu tetapi di reka semula di Malaysia
  • Ada saluran penghawa dingin ke tempat duduk belakang/Tiada saluran penghawa dingin ke tempat duduk belakang


Alza akan melebihi jualan Exora kerana ramai percaya quality Perodua lebih baik dari Proton, akan tetapi Exora lebih besar oleh itu lebih selesa di naiki 7 orang. Tetapi jualan Perodua secara umum lebih tinggi dari Proton. Myvi mengalahkan semua kenderaan Proton. Tetapi Saga secara umum jual lebih banyak dari Viva, tetapi Viva jual lebih banyak berbanding kereta Proton yang lain. Tetapi yang menjadi mangsa pastinya, Naza Citra, Toyota Avanza, dan Nissan Grand Livina, kerana sekarang mereka mepunyai lebih banyak persaing.

*nota kaki

pegi la test sendiri, dari dok mengutuk2 kan, dah test, nanti baru leh kutuk. okeh..

Perodua MPV Dah Keluar

I been getting an insane amount of hits on my blog because of that one post of the new Perodua MPV. I am on the number 3 list of the google search engine. CRAZY!!. The MPV is out now today, and most online websites are putting the story in at 5 pm. I think I will go camera snappy at the next Perodua outlet that shows the car. Terima kasih kerana sudi klik kat website yang penuh meroyan ini. Nanti saya tulis satu entry dalam bahasa Melayu, supaya semua orang boleh faham :D.... Nantikan nyaaaaa...


Go figure, I have the advatages of blogging mobile but haven' taken full advantage of it. Sometimes you do take things for granted and these things do happen. I did everything I wanted to do that I plan on Friday except ironing. I hate ironing I want that steamer to erase wrinkles. That would be easy.
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Extended Wear

Another love hate relationship that I have is with contact lenses. They are god send creation for spectacles/glasses wearing individual. Contact lenses allow us to be free from the constraints of specs/glasses. No more wiping the lenses if you hands touches it, no more condensation forming on your lenses if you went out of a cold room, when you perspire the sweat won't drip into your eyes, when playing sports you can now have clear vision with out the frames cutting into your view, no worries about being knocked it the head and have your glasses flung out. Sometime specs/glasses wearers look are compromised by the thick frame or lenses. Yes they're lenses and frames that are thin, but these are incredibly expensive. Other contact lenses advantages is that some have UV coating in it to protect your eyes, some contact lenses now are made for people with astigmatism, while some are bifocals, meaning that those both far and near sighted, can also wear lenses. There are even lenses that acts a reading lenses to help those over 40 to read things more clearly. Another interesting thing with contact lenses, is that the ability for you to enhanced or change you eye color, with tinted or opaque lenses. Its a great way to update a look, look totally different, or just want something that only you can noticed. It beats coloring your hair since, coloring your hair just brings out the debate table on religious views on coloring (I am pro color).

However when you put it contact lenses, you must take them out. The eye are unique since it does not have a lymphatic vessel like the rest of the organ to send in white blood cells which are responsible to fight off infection. This means the eyes are very susceptible to infection. A soft, water permeable object that is placed on top of the cornea is a good breeding place for bacteria, fungus and parasites. Yes, that is what a contact lenses can do, a free hotel for breeding organisms.

There are days where you feel like you don't want or could wear contacts. Those include lazy days, or busy days. Lazy days are self explanatory, busy days means that you might have to wear contacts from 6.45am to 1.00am. That is almost 20 hours of wearing time, which double the recommendation time of wearing contact lenses. These are the days where you either not wear contacts at all, or you put it on later in the day, so that you could wear it through the rest of the night and morning fall.

However, each individual is different. Some people can wear their lenses at extended interval, and some can't. That is why the company will tell us, the lenses wearing time is based on your opthamologist (eye doctor) recommendation. One brand might work very well for you, but will not work as well for others.

This are just some of Extended Wear lenses that are available in Malaysia. These are extended based on the leaf inserts of the products that is available online

These are just some of the extended wear lenses that are available to us in Malaysia. Most of it is similar in features. They are tinted in blue, so that its easier to see it in contact lenses cases or if it falls to the ground. They have unique labels that show you if the lenses are inverted or inside out, if you find it hard to see whether the lenses curved inside or curved out (curve inside correct, curve out wrong side). All the lenses have oxygen permeability of at least 97% except for the Acuvue 2 which has oxygen permeability of 88%. The Acuvue range also has UV protection. Acuvue range are made to be disposed every 2 weeks, Air Optix and Soflens 38 are made to be worn for 1 months. All of these lenses are approved by the FDA to be worn overnight for up to 7 days. They allow such wearing time, because these are disposable lenses, meaning before anything to grow on the lenses, the lenses are thrown out, thus reducing the risk of infection. However it all depends on your personal eye doctor advice and your own comfort. For me, I like to take it out each night, but sometimes if you are out, you just don't have the convenience of taking them out and wearing glasses so, the option of wearing it overnight every now and then is very appealing

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Things that happen :-
2012 the movie is great,
Pisau Cukur is great,
Lab result is great,
Cool weather is great,
New shirt is great,
Friends are great.

Brother is the most rotten piece of shit god has ever created in order to put in perspective that bitchy sister and moody dad are actually a blessing compared to that dumb fuck.
Labwork is not done yet
Thesis is not done yet
Still feeling moody
Rarely blog anymore

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Sunday, November 15, 2009


You should never been born. Heck, why the heck were you in the family anyway, maybe you should be dead, and our other brother was alive. You do nothing, you produce nothing, just you and your sucky band, that pathetic pseudo emo kids listen. You pathethic shit head. You have this protective Halo, that I am more happy to burst, when the time comes. Baru kau tahu tinggi langit dan bumi kan, celaka...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Got The Band

Finally, I got the wanted DNA band, which means the restriction enzymes has done its job, which means the DNA that I needed has been cut from the plasmid that I have inserted it in. If all goes well, I will cut that 789 band and then move on to the next step. If I am not mistaken I will transformed into into pCDNA + plasmid/vector.

Extended Wear Lenses

I want these lenses. Why? because these are extended wear lenses that is certified by the FDA. These lenses are made from a material that allows you to sleep in them for up to 30 nights. How great is that, to be free from putting it in and taking it off each day, or to be able to just sleep anytime you want with out fear of going blind. However it is recommended that you take it out at least once a week or whenever your eyes feels uncomfortable. This is the next best thing than LASIK surgery. Its cheaper on the short run but LASIK is cheaper for the long run. If you have large sum of money upfront, you can go LASIK, if you don't, these lenses are good. Hmm to be able to sleep in them, and not worry at all. WHOA!! This is my must list to buy. Too bad they don't do much advertisement on it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hmm well, this is the gel, that I told people that I was running. The gel itself is made from agarose, almost similar to the one we made kuih at kenduri (the red rose syrup flavoured). When I say running the gel, I meant running electricity through at a desired voltage. I am checking on my DNA to see if it has been cut properly. We used enzymes that is sourced from bacteria to cut the DNA. The first and last lane are the marker to show us the weight of the DNA. The DNA that was cut, and separated is the one that weigh the less or the one that travelled down the most. As you can see, there is band down on the lanes, which means the DNA has been successfully cut. Sorry for being so slow, but I think this turned out okay, despite the marker band lanes are not separated nicely. So far the weight of the DNA is close to what I need. I think this is what Wendy and Dr Syahril wants, I am still bit worried about the DNA marker though.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


There is always a music for every feeling right. Instead of writing many emo crap, let the music tell you how I feel

Kelly Clarkson - Behind These Hazel Eyes.

One of my favourite Kelly Clarkson songs. I loved it the first time I heard it. It had a very rockish vibe to it. something, great to listen when feeling down. I love the chorus.

I told you everything
Opened up and let you in
You made me feel alright
For once in my life
Now all that's left of me
Is what I pretend to be
So together, but so broken up inside


Mika, its not an artist I usually here on a daily basis, but his song "Happy Ending" is like a sarcastic view of an ending relationship. I am not into his crazy falseto thing but it works nicely here

This is the way you left me,
I'm not pretending.
No hope, no love, no glory,
No Happy Ending.


How about, being sick of it, and saying its not all that pretty anymore, and that you seen it coming already. It shows that you had to much of a good thing, and you are not hungover. Boys Like Girls - Love Drunk, says it so well


Sometimes I feel so stupid, so I fake being smart. Sometimes I feel so unloved, so I fake being lovable. Sometimes I feel ugly, so I fake being damn good looking. Sometimes I feel fat, I fake there is more to love. Sometimes I feel so insecure but I fake being confident. Sounds like my life is a fake, but then if you fake it often enough it becomes real, so its good enough for me. However sometimes it feels not good enough.
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Friday, November 6, 2009

Just right

I hate having to groom. Even though I been writing about lotions and stuff, no one really knows if you have put on any. Things that people usually see are the things I just feel so lazy to do. Shaving the so called facial hair, getting haircuts every months, washing my scalp everyday, ironing clothes, altering clothes, shining shoes, washing shoes. Everything that people see, things that people judge you thr first minute they see you. In my perfect world, everybody will wear big wrinkled clothes, unkept hair, thick plastic glasses, unshaven face, ugly shoes but they will smell incredibly nice.
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yes It Is

Yes boys and girls, its one of those emo, luahan hati post yet again.. This has to be a record of some sort. Eh, how can I help it. Thing are going crazy all at once. We are bound to be emo right. Good thing this blog is not solely to generate money. hohoh, beside that was never the point anyway. Just a place for me to let off some steam or share whatever I feel is interesting to you. I had some informative post up, but the emo part of me got the best of me. Fret not, just bare with me for a few post yeah.

Late Again

I use to think that coming to the lab late benefits me because I get more zzz time. However it ends up that my mother benefits its the most. More talk time for her to talk about anything, easier for her to ask me to go an errand, pay the bills, pay the credit cards etc. It does not happen each day, but it sure helps her release her burden every now and then. I am not slackin off guys, its all about the family. Only if you don't treat your house like a hotel and your mum like a maid. Try living with your parents, and you will know what I mean.
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Monday, November 2, 2009


My parents are getting old. Even though they look pretty same to me, especially with my mothers darken and rebonded hair. I see my mother is getting slower and less fussy. Sometimes the house is not as clean as I known for years. Things grow, animals comes in. My dad get crabbier and more easily irritated. He gets tired and his whole body aches which makes them more irritated. I feel I am the only one that sees this. My sisters is busy with work, the other sister is at perak, the other is too young. My other brother is busy with with his music soul searching thing. Even now, they are going to the hospital yet again. My mother has numbness in her hands now whic I hope she goes and check. Sigh. Life is now on some weird shifting mode. Here I am now at the workshop waiting for my turn to get the car repaired. These are the days that I am happier riding my bike. Its more dangerous, and you are exposed to the sun but at least it cost peanuts to maintain. Perhaps a Saga B line or Viva 850 cc is much cheaper to pay each month. I love cars but only if it does not take this much time to maintain. The car is like my parents, its old, its comfortable, nostalgic, slow sometimes, temperamental, hard to find spare parts, needs check up each months. Sigh I need to finish my thesis. Since I am running out of funds, time and sanity.
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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bad Choice

Lately people have been saying my faced looked swollen or tired. I wonder if its a bad choice of skin care product or poor emotional handling. Hmm, it seems like its a combination of both. I guess its time to get a new skin care product. To Watson/Guardian/Caring we go...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Its Okay

Its okay that you will never understand me. Its okay I can never undestand you. Its okay that no one will know how I feel. Its okay if people find it hard to relate to this. Its okay, that I given up all hope. Its okay, I will no longer talk this to you. Its okay, that I will never listen to you. Its okay, that I don't believe the reason "because he is older". Its okay that you know, I will dissapear if you leave soon. Its okay, I have given up. Its okay, for me to not mention this to you anymore. Its okay, that I accepted my own fate. Its okay, that I will never agree with you. Its okay.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Ergh.. I feel my digestion system is going hay wire, it does not help that I drank more soft drinks than usual and had less veggies and fruit. I feel very lagged and bogged down. I need something get me moving again. I used to drink coffee and herbal teas a lot. Coffee is very good actually, despite the corny and kinda false information given by Maya Karin. Yes, coffee beans does have antioxidants, but how much of it really survived the roasting process anyway. Caffeine is a good stimulant. According to my pharmacology book, its great to treat boredom, increased alertness and increase overall happiness. It also aids in improving bowel movements in the intestines, which makes doing number two in the john, so much more easier. I guess that is why so many people are happy in Starbucks, Coffeebeans and Kopitiams. However, caffeine dose in human beings varied irradically among people. Some can drink 4 cups with out any effect, some take a sip and then either break out in pimples, goes on a diarrhea marathon, or fall asleep. Yes, fall asleep, too much caffeine actually causes you to fall asleep more. Tea is also good, with so many variety of it, you so many choices. The most popular tea is the black tea, which is the fermented tea, while green tea is now the thing to drink among health conscious individuals. Most people thought green tea and black tea comes from a different plant, but actually its from the same plant, Camellia sinensis. Green tea is the wilted and unoxidized tea leaf. We also have white tea, which is unwilted and unoxidize, yellow tea, unwilted, unoxidized, but allowed to yellow, and oolong tea, wilted, partly oxidized and bruised . All from the same plant but processed differently. The teh tarik that we drink is the black tea, which is the most processed. There is also these herbal teas. Most of the time they don't contain the same plant that we produce teas, but made from flowers or fruits.

Herbal teas from Cambodia, I only managed to drink one bag of the 4 that was given to me. Love it.. very different from regular tea. Its feels like diet tea, since it warms you up inside, and makes you go to the toilet often. I stopped drinking it, and now I feel huge again. Back to drinking these things again..

Friday, October 23, 2009

Smooth and Soft

I have a love hate relationships with lotions and creams. I love when used on my face to treat acne, to even out the colours of the skin, to prevent skin darkening, to prevent burning and to prevent skin cancer depending of the type of cream and lotion you buy. Its something I do religiously after every time I take a shower since I was 12. Lotion on other parts of the body is the hate part of the relationships. I just like to put it on my hands, feet and body. Lotions and creams as you know are greasy, even though they say its not greasy, its going to be greasy the first 15 minutes, and if you do sweat, or get contact with water, you can feel the lotion seeping out of your skin and making it more greasy. I feel I do get 8 glasses of water each day but certain parts of my body looks like the dessert. On my hands, the sides of the nails gets chapped and dry, which will puncture and rip the latex glove that I need to use everyday. The sole of my feet dry so badly, it becomes hard, chapped and thick, sometimes its so chapped its like an open wound, and it hurts when I walk. It also traps dirt which worsen the condition. My elbows, knees, knuckles and ankles, are black due to accumulation of melanin and dry because of I don't know why. Since I washed my hands more frequently now, since I work in the lab, the sides of the nails gets chapped even more, which requires me to carry a bottle of lotion with me to the lab. I have to apply cream to the sole of my feet or it would cracked up to a wound. I feel like the Tin Man, from Wizard of OZ from having to grease my joints. Putting lotion on your face is different, because once you put it on, you don't touch your face nor do you pressed your face on objects. If I put lotion on my hands and feet, I need at least 10 minutes for myself, to not touch anythings, or it will leave a greasy mark and at least 1 hour before I can touch liquids. Ergh.. the results are nice with smooth soft skin, but the treatment is so bad and its for the rest of my life. I just can't see my skin getting oily as my face and scalp. I guess all the moisture from my hands, feet and joints goes to my face and scalp, because the face and scalp are the two things that get oily easily.

Quality ingredients has its price, the white bottle, Paula's Choice Body Lotion with 10% alpha hydroxy is RM90 for a 237 ml bottle, packed with antioxidants and soothing ingredients, while the Nivea Body Intensive Milk retails at RM 2.90 for 75ml bottle, is a basic moisturizer that, well does a basic job. As I am writing this, I am waiting for the lotion to fully absorb. Now I have baby smooth hands, but greasy...


Kalau tgh mlm lapor, ertinya bdn tgh bkr calori kan. Resist to mkn, resist gi dapur dgn gigihnya buat cupcake dan buttercream frosting walaupun bhn semua ada. Resist!!
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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Where is the band? Yes, there seem to be band, but only the marker band on the first lane on the left and other genomic band on the left. Plasmid band? Where got? Why? because we did not used a plasmid DNA extraction kit. At least the marker works, there is genomic DNA, but the plasmid that we need is not. Hmm... we have to start culturing it in LB broth then extract it using a plasmid kit. All this is done by today and tomorrow. See, I am not that slow you know, I can go fast if I choose to...

Jelak kan membaca post2 org tgh emo. Nak wat mcm mn. Emo season dtg! Harap abaikan posting ini yeay.
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shift The Future

I love cars, but most of it its out of reach, even if I sold one of each paired organs, I still wont be able to get it. However an Impuls tuned Nissan Latio, is something achievable. I seen one up close at Giant. Damn.. I want one.. It sooo, nice looking, but I want a silver sport rim. I can't stand my mother laughing because she said gold rims, remind her of yellow teeth or gold tooth.. EEkk..


Crap.. I thought I would finish today's work and show it to Wendy. I was dilligent today, I only spend time online and to my lab tech room's only during time the experiment allowed me to do so. Alas.. one can only wish well, sometimes you can't predict the crappy things that can happened during an experiment. Sigh... wait ah.. everyone, just wait a little longer..

I promise, I will finish soon, please hold on just wee bit longer okay...

3 Tips For Less Cluttered Room

Yes, less cluttered but never clean, because I know I can never or try to make it clean, just less cluttered. There was a show on Oprah, about cleaning up your mess. I only managed to watch the last 30 minutes of it, but it was worth it, because it thought me a few simple rules to keep my room "less cluttered"

1.Keep Flat Surface Clear

I absolutely love this one, and its the first thing that I do. It means anything that has a flat surface, should be clear. These include desk and beds. They are made to work and sleep on (desk or bed, you choice ;) ). They are not storage units that you can dumped all your stuff. This makes the biggest impact in my room. I can lay on my bed anytime now, and have a clear desk now.

2. Assign Areas

This means we should assign each area to do a particular task. Bed = sleeping, Desk = laptop, Closet = clothes etc. We should never put our stuff on a place not assigned to it.

3. One In Out

This is a rather tough one, since what ever one thing you have placed in your room, you must take one out. Oooh its tough, because I am a hoarder myself and like to keep stuff. However I try to throw out whatever I can now. Since none of it is worth donating anyways.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Simple As That

How many seconds are there in 16 hours. 960…. Yep… that was what I inserted in the thermocyler machine on how long I want it to reheat my PCR tubes. If you are the type that gets math quite fast, then you know off the bat, that is WRONG!!!!! Well some how when I wrote it down on paper, I forgotten that there is 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minute in an hour. I skiped one of the 60s number in my calculation. So instead of happily waiting for the reaction to finish at 11.30, since I started it around 8.30. I came to the lab at 10.30 to see the reaction has already finished. I sensed something was wrong, but I brushed it off, only when I wanted to start my second experiment on the same machine but with a different time spand, it dawn on me.. hmm 5 minutes in seconds is 300… wait.. but I inserted 960 yesterday for the other reaction.. CRAP!!!! 960 is only 16 min..so I waited all night (not wait la kan) slept all morning (that I did) but only to find out, nothing had happened..OUCH!!!! that stinks really bad.. So I got 4 reactions that has not reacted fully, my supervisor told me, test it first, but don’t rush into it. How ironic… I know I sense other people are telling me to go faster underneath their breath when they speak to me, but to have someone to tell me to slow down.. ooooooh.. Irony is cruel…

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dear U

This is an open letter to U. U is not someone, or something. It’s abstract, a manifestation of recent events that crowded my mind. Before all of you judge it, trust me, U will not be reading this, I don’t think U know the existence of my own personal space on the internet. U is not a person but a recollection of feelings, rants and rage. An epitome of this blog of the things that can manifest in me. Instead of guessing who or what U is, just read, perhaps it brings your own rage and problems that you have solved or have put it behind you.

Dear U

We grow weary of your tantrums. We understand you are under pressure, but we are not a cushion that you can yell and get upset to release the frustration you have from missing a turn to the airport. You never told us you could not see well in the night anymore. Remember some of us have valid license too, we all can drive you to the air port too. Probably not 20 minutes but 35 minutes. You should stop getting mad on the road, not every body drives 150km like you do. Just slow down, wait for a gap and leave them behind, and don’t get irritated just because some other car is faster than you. U, you really need to stop and see what you are really doing to the people around you. Some people will push you away, and some have left you already in spirit, all that is left is the punching bag that you mold them into. Just because we share the same genes, does not make you more superior. Even though religion and culture inclines you to have the upper hand, how much before it turns you into a joke to us. We given up already U, you have gotten worser as you age, unlike cheese that grows nice by the age, you became a fungus on a wall that becomes uglier as time go by. U, if people know who you really are, our thoughts, feelings and hurt will probably not be accounted for, just because of your status in life. Congrats you found away to change people into a doormat, but surely enough we will leave you someday, and they day you wonder what went wrong, it will be too late.

U, what happened to us? We used to be so close, so together, so in love. What happened? It is because of distance? Age difference? Social status? Education? It has been two months since we last met. You said would see us, but you had no time. We understand if you have to spend time with your family, family as in your family that can give you an organ in case you needed a new one, but your god family/adopted family. You would go all the way to meet them but not us? Are we not family too? We thought that since you had to take care of your brother, we given you space to breath, but who knows, you would still have time to ditched your brother at your sibling house to help a friend out in a location just 15 minutes away from me? We thought by given you an actually space so that you don’t have to travel, yet somehow you managed to do it so. You lost your phone for days, we thought you got run over by a lorry, you just did not have the time to sms us you lost your phone. We felt so unworthy of your attention that we did not even want to see you. We did try, but you gave that golden word “We’ll see how”. That is the word we use to ditched people we don’t like who asked us out. We listened to our friends and looked backed at our past experienced. We are not sure anymore about you. Perhaps it is the beginning of the end.

U, why is it so hard to work with you? Its almost 3 years already, we been together. Aren’t you tired of us already. Do we even have enough reasons to stay together. Why is it we never looked forward to see you. Why is it, we rather lay in bed than to see you each morning. We are not sure anymore. Perhaps we are masochist who likes to inflict pain on ourselves for pleasure. We have everything to complete you, but somehow you never seem to be completed. We are tired with dealing with other people who compared us with other people. However, with you, its something that can be dealt. I know you want to be finished too. U, lets work together, we can move on after this. I know you can’t wait for your next transformation, so why not. We can do it U.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


We had a karaoke machine at home. I think many homes had these old VCD player with karaoke function. My dad even bought microphones and all the other equipments. He did try to have like a singing session with the family, but somehow the idea escapes us all, especially my mother. It was just not something that we as a family would do. As a result, the karaoke system got covered with dust overtime, and in the end, we totally forgotten that we had it. However, on my dad's side, karaoke was the thing to do. It was a family event that is commonly done during weddings, open houses or just for plain fun. I kinda wondered maybe the karaoke gene skipped our family or did it. Slowly as sure, each of the sibling seemed to pick up the karaoke fever at around the same time at different ages. We all seemed to be picking on karaoke or some form of music. My brother is in a Scremo band, going here and there, promoting their music in gigs and stuff, my youngest sister, is the queen of mp3 downloads and lyrics. My other sisters and I, now enjoy our karaoke sessions together or with our own friends often. Its kinda funny to me how the transition from being completely adverse to idea of holding a mic, to a weekly activity. Now only if my mother would like to join a session, then we could have like a family outing at the karaoke centre with the buffet. Yum!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Why can't I remember peoples names? This has never given me a major problem until now. I could carry on a conversation for hours without knowing the person's name. I met a good old friend at a gathering today. It was such a surprised because the last time, I talked to him it was 7 years ago, when we were in 3rd or 4th semester and he was moving to the main campus. He was just one of the few people that I clicked with the first time we met. You know how suddenly we could hang out with people whom had similar interest with us. So I considered him one of my closest friends during my diploma. So far I kept in contact with most of my friends. However I KNOW THEIR NAMES !!!!! So its easy to find them on various social networks. Argh!!!!!! Tension!
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Thursday, October 15, 2009


No no, not those kind of Abs, but A.B.S which stands for anti lock braking system. ABS was first developed for airplanes in 1929. This is important because when the plane lands, the last thing we want is the wheel to lock up and the plain skids to its doom. We all learned threshold braking in driving school, which basically not to press the brake pedals too hard that it will lock up the wheels. Somehow during panic and emergency situation, all you want to do is step on the pedal and pray for dear life. Chrysler and Bendix cooperation introduced a rear ABS (works only on the rear wheel, since rear wheel usually lock up first than the front wheels) on 1971 Imperial. Bosch and Mercedes Benz fitted 4 wheel (front and rear wheel) multi channel ABS for its 1978 Mercedes S Class.
ABS basically works by rapidly pulsating (applying brake and then release it) up to 20 times per second, so the wheel never locks up but will slow down. It will do this until the vehicle reaches 5km/h before it performs like a normal brake.
This is particulary important on wet road where tires will lock up easily thus looses it ability to grip the road which in turn causes us to loose control of our cars, which can be deadly. However on loose soil, gravel or sand, ABS increases the distance. The reason for is that normal braking system will lock the wheel, and accumulation of soil, gravel and sand will form in front of the tires which will help stop the vehicle. Modern cars that actually go off road (SUV, Trucks, etc) have sensors that can lock the wheel up to allow build up of dirt in front of the tires to shorted stopping distance.
Many modern cars now offer ABS as an option or standard equipment. The Viva, Myvi, Kembara, Nautica, Persona, Gen2, Waja, Satria Neo, Satria Gti, Perdana and Exora offers this on their higher end models. Kancil, Kelisa, Kenari, Rusa, Saga Iswara, Saga, Satria, Arena, and Wira does not. Most of the imported car in Malaysia have this as a standard feature.

Change It

Boy did I woke up on the wrong side of bed today. Everything was wrong and everything sucked. I figured maybe I need to do something out of the ordinary, I calmed down, clean up my room, well most of it, had a good breakfast without adding too much oil and this goat coffee mix my dad bought by the board. I definetly feels refreshed. It also helps that I could finally do something that I wanted for a long time, which is to blog at anytime of the day , anywhere I choose to be. Thank you Celcom Blackberry prepaid for allowing me to do this.

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True Intention

What is my true intention anyway? What do I really want in life? What do I plan to do? This are the question that we all have in ourselves. I am afraid I am reverting back to that clueless stage and its scaring me. I am my greatest enemy and I am afraid of the clueless side will win. I can't even get out of bed early. Things have getting out of hand. Perhaps one thinks too much of it or perhaps one have lost focus. Someone dear to me said you need to make mistakes to learn or hit rock bottom. I think I am still falling and haven't reached the bottom.
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Block, Random. Free

I can't believe I have writers block. I used to be able to write stuff in my blog. When there are boundaries and stuff that I put it. I became stuck.. Ergh.. I hate being stuck. I think I almost forgotten the main reason I have a blog. Just like my title desription, its about my rants and raves and the many personality that can manifest in me. When it comes to writing, if you write it, people will read it. Bad, good, nerdy, emo.. if people complained or talked about it, then it means your doing something right eh.. :D

Speaking of being emo, yes I do feel a bit emo now. I was really off today, probably a conversation hit a nerve somewhere that caused me to be a bit off. Well I do feel a bit better after a bit of snacking, a bit of music, huge quantity of water, which I will regret later in morning. So far, I think its okay right.. The only thing not right, is the amount of mess that accumulates in my room. Hate cleaning up, but how am I supposed to have that IKEAish home I dream, if I can't keep my room clean first.. :D

Nanaodrop Machine. So cool, can measure practically anything as long as its in a liquid form.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Call Me

It was a nice morning in campus. I was having breakfast at this stall while surfing the net on my laptop. It was indeed a cool morning. Then a phone rang, the stall owner who resembles my Lab Techologist, gave me her phone, it was my Professor. He called me to asked me about my protein work. I said to him it was in the process. Then I realised, it was a dream. My advisor called me through my dream? How scary is that really..

The orange model was the phone used in the dream..Ergh..

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tips To Lower The Cost Of Servicing Your Car

I just typed something long and detailed but I know no one has time to read it so this is my compressed tips.

1. Read the Warranty

Read it so you know, when to service your car and what parts are covered. It tells you things that will void/cancel the warranty. Its nice to be worry free for the first few years of owning the car.

2. Say No to Additives

If they offer you any kind of additives, say no. No car manufacturers recommend additives to their engine. Its waste of money. Reject it and smile back the sniving mechanic/

3. Read the Car Manual

If the Warranty Card does not tell you the service interval, refer to the car manual. Most service centre will tell you, that you need to service every 3 months or 5000km. Unless your car manual states that, don't believe them. Go with the recommended interval by the manual. Now most cars can be service at every 10,000km or 6 months, or 20,000km or 12 months.

4. Severe or Normal Driving

Severe drivings includes:
  • Driving high speed with temperatures exceeding 37 degrees Celsius
  • Excessive stop and go driving or idling
  • Driving in mountains
  • Driving in salt air
  • Car used as a taxi or rental
  • Towing trailers.

If you have more than one of these conditions your car, stick to the severe schedule, even the severe schedule sometimes never go low as 3 months or 5000km

5. Lubricants

Back in the old days when cars were invented, we only have mineral based lubricants. So its not surprising for the 3 months/5000km service interval. However over the years, say 100 years, technology in car lubricants has improved, so please chuck that 3 months/5000km interval out of the windows. Car manuals only states the viscosity of the oil, now whether it should be mineral, semi synthetic or fully synthetic. However please refer back if they do recommend any, but in my 6 cars experience, only the 190e, with the car manual sponsored by oil company had brand recommendation (guess by whom?)

Rule Of Thumb To Choose a Lubricant

  • Mineral Oil

Comes in 20w-50 viscosity. Its the cheapest oil. It basically means the oil is thicker and mineral based. Used for older engine whose parts are looser over the years, so you need the thicker oil to cover it.

  • Semi Synthetic Oil

Comes in 10w-30, 10w-40 or 15w-45, and 15w-50. Combination of mineral and synthetic oil. Most common use oil for current engines.

  • Fully Synthetic

Comes in 0w-30, or 5w-30. 100% man made/ synthetic. Used in high performance engines or those who extends their service interval

6. Service Interval

Modern cars can last more than 5000km or 3 months before its next service. Open your manual and you will find that for normal driving it will be 10,000km or 6 months.

Rule of Thumb Interval

Mineral - old engines interval can be extended up to 6 months, but the distance between the changes can vary between a few hundreds kilometers to 10.000km. A well kept engine can be extended up to 10,000km. Modern mineral oils have their own additives to protect your engine.

Semi- Most commonly used. 6 months/10,000km is the norm for this lubricant and for new cars.

Fully synthetic - Used in engines that has long interval change 12 months or 20,000km or high performance engines.

Well that is all for my tips, based on my experienced. My mechanic said, my old 190e Mercedes has no sludge built up, which is the result of my care when servicing engine. The only problems we have now, is that the car is old and most parts are at the end of their service life. Most important is to trust the manual and then get a mechanic that you can trust.

Celcom blackberry

I love celcom blackberry prepaid plan. Now I can email anywhere which means blog anywhere. Cool.
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Perodua MPV Terbaru

The latest offering from Perodua, the Perodua MPV. The real name, I have no idea, but these are the pictures of it. The side view looks like a Viva, the rear view looks like a Myvi, the front view looks like the child of Viva and Myvi. Its a bit wider than the Myvi, but not that much. It has a 1.5 litre engine similar to the Avanza. Its not home made or home grown like the Proton Exora but a shared car between Toyota and Daihatsu. Don't fret so much about originality, sharing is caring after all and most car company does it. Its part of a global thing. Well, you should expect acceleration similar to the Myvi even though it has a bigger engine but its also heavier. Also expect luggage space comparable to a Viva or Avanza for that matter with all the seats up. Expect it to have the good ol Perodua quality. It may look small, but in my theory, just like Viva, people will be surprised of how much space is inside of it. Although the Exora is larger, the Perodua MPV withs its lighter weight will have more pep that the Exora, in theory. Exora may be bigger, but so is all the other cars in the Proton range compared with Perodua, but Myvi and Viva tops its sales chart in its respected classes. So book now :p if you need that MPV space for your growing family

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Its a story about a plate size papadom, not those bites size or palm size, but 10 inch in diameter size papadom. I want a papadom that big too!!

Its a story the origins of a fictionous (is it?) Nasi Kandar stall that grew for a small stall beside a building to a franchise business.

Its a story about a caring dad, a loving mother, and a sweet daughter.

Its a story about friends and how they stick with each other through thick and thin.

It's a story about a father never wanting to stop being a father, and a daughter who wants to grow up.
It's another story by a our beloved director Afdlin Shauki. He told us in his blog, this story is very relateable to him, how he as a husband and father feels when going through his own life. How to balance money, love and responsibility. Its a story that strikes the core of every man who chooses to be a father, husband or both (hey some people choose to adopt only..). Its a comedy, a family comedy, that deserves to be shared with the whole family (its rated PG13.. so I guess you need to bring the whole family). This film won Best Film, Best Actor (Afdlin), Best Actress (Liyana Jasmay, who played the daughter of Aflidin), Best Musical Score (Music in film and Best Original Story. I agree, it sounds like a simple plot, but the story line is defiantly some I did not expect. I hope people watch this film with their family and friends. and see for yourself the hidden message you can find or understand in the film.
This film reminds me of Q&A in a Reader Digest issue. This is how I remember the Q&A went..
Dear Aunty
I have two daughters, Sarah 15 and Amanda 11. I gave Sarah lots of Independence and trust when she was 11 because she showed traits of maturity and responsibility that lets me be at ease. Amanda has just turned 11 and I am not sure about dealing a child favourite argument "you let her do it at that age, so why won't you let me?" I want to be fair to my children but I am not sure how to deal with this predicament.
Fair Parent
Dear Fair Parent
Each morning, look at your reflection in the mirror and tell yourself " I am the parent, I make the rules, I am the parent, I make the rules, I am the parent, I make the rules". If your child does bring that favourite argument to you just say "Yes I let Sarah do it when I feel she is capable of doing it, so I will let you do it too when I feel you are capable of doing it"
Ouch... that certainly stings to the child that hears it and definitely THE answer to give. It kinda explains why my mother treats us all a bit differently, different child, different parenting.....
Just like papadom... ;)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I remember watching this commercial on television years back, I am not sure if it was on Astro or the now defunct Mega TV. It was a man voice in a commercial. It was telling us all the senses that we have (sight, hearing, taste, etc) but at the end the most important sense he told us, was the sense of style...It amuses me a bit in the end when he said that, its like being blind or deaf is okay as long as you look good. That brings a whole new meaning to a malay saying "biar papa kedana asalkan bergaya" (being poor is okay as long as you look good). Its not THE MOST IMPORTANT thing but being in style or having a personal style is important. Some people seem to just walk out of a magazine while some looked like walk out of a laundry basket. It is intuative, that the well dressed people seemed to immitate and do it even better than the people they are copying. Is it something they were born with, they have this amazing eye, hand, and pose coordination that they can whip out anything in their closet and still look right. It helps nothing is wrong in their closet. Could it be something that you learn over the years after looking like sack of potatoes then somehow you learn to find stuff that looks nice while still feeling comfortable. It could be something else. Who knows what is in the minds of designers, stylist, and models, which they make thing seem effortless. Perhaps it is, since the more you tried, the more likely you look like "you are trying too hard". Why am I writing this? Well yesterday I moved our computer out of my dad office. What is the connection you ask? I think yesterday was the longest time I ever spent in her room in like 5 years after our house got renovated. My sister does dress well and 99% of the time she gets it write. She is a personal shopper to her friends and to the family. Kinda makes you wonder what makes her tick. After a long look in her room while setting up the wireless network again at our house.

Even those with a natural sense of style need updates and new knowledge from those who are experts in it. I never knew she had so many of these books.

This is just something for my friends, those who loves shoes and have lots of the. My mother got fed up with my sister's shoe collection taking up space in the family shoe cabinet, so she made my sister get a custom made shoe closet to store about 3/4 of her shoes. The other 1/4 is still in the family shoe cabinet.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Shoe In

Its nice to be wearing an good pair of shoes (expensive). I forgotten how cushy a good shoe feels. Instead of those cheap pairs that allowed me feel the surface I am walking on. They say a nice looking shoes tend to have nice looking humans wearing it, or at least well dressed. I still don't know if this is leather or something else. It supposed to be a limitted edition shoe. I have no idea, I am just starting to warm up to spend money on a great pair of shoes.

To Remember What Is Worth

Is good to remember the things you almost forget. Time you enjoy with friends, time that you enjoy with your loved ones. Its not always smooth sailing all the ways, there will be bumps along the way. Which how life supposed to be right? Nothing wrong with being emo now and then, just as long you remember to snap out of it

On other notes, I do hope these are positive clones of DNA insert. I forgot to read, on how long my culture could last in the LB broth.... Ouch, I managed to do DNA extraction on two LB broth. I got 6 more, in the fridge.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Believe it or not/

Gullible, from what I understand, it means too trusting, naive or easily conned. I can be gullible sometimes, when I take people words without really researching about it, or reconfirming with them twice. Could it be the same as breaking promises? Its definition is a bit far apart but it sure feels the same though. A friend told, broken promises are something to be faced a lot as we get older. Just as I let my guard down, it happened again. Time to get the guard up back up and running again.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Take these vehicles
Along with these

Park them outside.

For what? For the raya feast lah.. or anytime time porch needs cleaning. The driver? Me lah, of course. If my cloning does not work, a car jockey seemed to be a promising work for me, I just need a manual car to polish my clutching skills

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Enough Not Enough

Isn't ironic, don't you think.. When you feel like you don't have enough, its actually enough, like the time I did my seminar proposal, I feel like I don't have enough ideas and materials to present but it end up quite good or that when you feel it is enough but actually its not, like the time I handed in my first draft to my co supervisor. It turns out I was lacking in many key areas of the thesis. Ouch.. Very ironic... I hope I always feel like there is not enough in life so that ironically, I do have enough.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wak? Bi? Awak?

I went to visit my uncle's house during raya. I saw this cage and automatically, I meowed at it, thinking there would be a cat, to my surprise it was a large lizard (an iguana I was told) that was chilling in there. So much for meowing at it. :p

A Little Color in Your Eyes

Contact lenses are great if you don't like to wear glasses/spectacles if you feel its uncomfortable or it compromises your looks. They are great to wear during sports or any strenuous activity because the sweat won't travel from your frame into your eyes. Some contact lenses have UV filter built in them to protect your eyes. Another feature on some contact lenses, is the ability to change your iris color. Its fun to just sometimes change it a little. Since you can take them out anytime or wear them whenever it is suitable, its quite convenient.

Freshlook Colorblends Brown. A shade for those who wants a subtle change or who to warm up their dark eyes with tinge of color.
Freshlook Colorblends Pure Hazel. A subtle blend of brown and green that seem to change with the environment. Another subtle color that works perfectly with Asian skin.

Freshlook Colorblends Sterling Grey. One of 3 new Freshlook Colorblends shade that includes, Gemstone Green and Brilliant Blue. These new shades are much more dramatic and invites people to look into your eyes. My sisters found out, with this shade, all you need is black mascara and black or brown eyeliners with this lens, since the lens itself already makes your eye pop out. Not for the weak hearted since people will stare into your eyes.

Freshkon Alluring Eyes in Mystical Black. A black colored lenses, for that big beautiful baby like eyes. If I am not mistaken, the iris is one the parts of the human body that is the same from birth. I could be wrong but noticed how the iris of baby seem to be big, perhaps to due their small bodies and big head. It makes your look very anime with your big black eyes. As the lenses say, very alluring.