Sunday, November 29, 2009

Twiligh Saga - New Moon (My review)

Do you remember your first heartbreak? Remember how it felt, how it incapacitated you. How you felt like a zombie, how you felt incredibly numb. You felt so numb you are willing to try everything, and anyone just to feel something. Its a terrible feeling to have a huge hole in your heart that is just unbearable to some. How about suddenly you found someone to fill that hole, and suddenly you felt whole again, but most important of all, you felt something again. Once you reached this high peak, suddenly this person left you how do you deal with it? Basic is what New Moon is really all about. Sure there are vampires with super powers such as emphatic reading via hearing voices of what others are thinking, knowing every thought you had by a single touch, predicting the future, sensing relationships, being able to control people's emotion, causing another person pain without even touching them or being able to protect your mind from being invaded from others. This story is really about a girl's point of view on relationships. Unless you are a girl, or you could be empathetic as a girl, this movie could be insanely boring to you. I read the books, I am about to finish the New Moon book, so yes, its very girl oriented. However I really like a story that involves people with some type of super power. I guess that is why I could actually stand reading the book and watching the movie. A recommended film for those who like chick flicks. I am those people :p
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