Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hmm well, this is the gel, that I told people that I was running. The gel itself is made from agarose, almost similar to the one we made kuih at kenduri (the red rose syrup flavoured). When I say running the gel, I meant running electricity through at a desired voltage. I am checking on my DNA to see if it has been cut properly. We used enzymes that is sourced from bacteria to cut the DNA. The first and last lane are the marker to show us the weight of the DNA. The DNA that was cut, and separated is the one that weigh the less or the one that travelled down the most. As you can see, there is band down on the lanes, which means the DNA has been successfully cut. Sorry for being so slow, but I think this turned out okay, despite the marker band lanes are not separated nicely. So far the weight of the DNA is close to what I need. I think this is what Wendy and Dr Syahril wants, I am still bit worried about the DNA marker though.
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