Monday, November 30, 2015

My Adipex experience, a journey with Premier Clinic Bangsar

A Duromine Journey with Premier Clinic

So I got invited again to try some treatments at Premier Clinic. This time, the branch of choice is at the Bangsar branch. I took a komuter train from Kajang to KL Sentral and then took an LRT to Bangsar. You can take a taxi from KL Sentral but it’s cheaper to take from the Bangsar LRT station. Since I fear rejection from taxi drivers, I decided to take an Uber.

The fare should roughly be like this, if you took a metered taxi, it should be slightly over this price. If you like, you can always walk……. *you are so hardcore, but better not la, for your safety just take the damn taxi, grab car or Uber la. You can also drive there, but it is Bangsar, so good luck with parking though.

This is the waiting area in front of the counter

However they do have a private room if you feel like you need your privacy.

I was actually curious with the oral weight loss medicine that they offer in their clinic. After the consultation with Dr Elaine, she recommends me Adipex. It is a drug containing an ingredient called Phentermine which is a common weight loss pill that is available globally and is approved by the Food and Drug Authority (FDA). The drug works by reducing appetite which in turn reduces cravings and this ensures that you will be eating less. It blocks the hormone cortisol production in the brain for this to happen.

A pill to lose weight, sign me up! Whoa there, hold up. This is a drug, to be more specific it is a drug that can only be prescribed by a doctor. That ended the excitement incredibly quickly. The reason why is that since it is affecting your hormones, it does come with a few side effects. Common one includes hypertension, palpitation, tremors, anxiety and mood swings. Basically it means higher blood pressure, increased heart beat when you are resting, shaking of the hand, worrying and being a bitch for no reason. As you can see, I was concerned. Dr Elaine told me, that some people experience it and some don’t. This is not a drug you can take for a long time because your body will get used to it. It is only prescribed up to 3 months and the dosage will be regulated by the doctor based on how each person reacts. I was given the regular 30mg dosage, which is 2 Adipex pills to achieve the best effect.

Before we started, nurse Nisya, took my measurements which includes weight, height, body fat percentage, and blood pressure. Yes the picture above is blurred intentionally but if you really squinted you would know the numbers.  My blood pressure is already high, so Dr Elaine suggested me to check up on my blood pressure regularly. I could do it at the clinic, or pharmacy. Since my mother has the machine, I could check in on my own.

 How I felt after taking the pills.

Well the first few days I could feel the change. I did not feel like eating. I am still hungry but I don’t need to eat. I still eat though, because my stomach felt empty. I could always just keep drinking sugary drinks because you become thirstier when you are on Adipex. Since I was at home, the anxiety and mood swings is relatively under control. However when we are at work. That is a different story.

There was a big change at work. A drastic change that will change the way I work. I did not response well. It was horrific to say the least. In fact the morning before the announcement, I got into an accident because I was so worried.

Luckily this was the only injury that I got.

Then BAMMED! I got hit by the announcement at work. It was so bad. I did not know what to do. I was so upset that I kept on eating even though I felt full. This is definitely one of the way the medicine will not work, if you make a conscious effort to still eat. The next few days was terrible. I was lucky I had a two day leave so I could go through all the emotions.

So basically this was my playlist of Spotify, which sums up my feelings during that time. This is the anxiety and mood swing working at full swing *pun intended. My stress level was so high, when I check at my local doctor office, my blood pressure was higher compared to before I took Adipex, which is the common side effect that Dr Elaine had previously mentioned. I had to calm down, after going back to work, I sorted out my issues and I managed to calm down. I had to, I wanted to live long enough for the Adipex to work and I had a vacation planned in a few days after that.
You know what happened?

I enjoyed my vacation. I had my ups and down, but that is life, but I love it. I did feel I already lost a bit of weight because I was able to buy a jacket from Uniqlo and it actually fit, albeit snug.

So I think Adipex is definitely one way for you to manage your weight. Remember all that time in the gym will mean nothing if you don’t control your food. I think it’s like 80% food and 20% gym. So let me control my food intake first and let me develop my healthy habits before I journey off into gym world. I did skip a few days of Adipex and yes somehow the food cravings came back. Nevertheless I stuck to my guns, I did have a nibble and a nibble only just to ensure I won’t go broke by eating everything in sight.

My next appointment with Dr Elaine will discover how much I really lost after taking Adipex. Depending on my budget, I might continue for another 2 months, just to ensure that I will get the best results. Besides, that Uniqlo jacket must fit me for the next trip I make to another cold climate.

If you are interested in taking Adipex, prescribed by a qualified practitioner, you can visit them at:-

Premier Clinic Bangsar
40, Jalan Telawi,
 Bangsar Baru,
59100 WP
Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +6012-662 5552 (contactable 7 days a week from 8am- 10pm)
Fax: +603 2282 1120

If you need more information or you need to chat with them online you can always visit them at

Friday, November 6, 2015

No one wants a sad blog, Pokèmon store it is!

Like for real.

Our lives are sad enough as it is, and we do not need to read other people's sadness.

K fine.

They already released the last online Pokèmon competition, The Spooky Cup result and this is my ranking from 50,000 registered players.

So I am at number 5,368. Not bad at all. It was definitely very challenging but fun. The next online competition is happening next week. All you have to do is register online and you are set

I have Pokèmon competition coming up. I am excited because it would be my second official contest. It's gonna be exciting, and again I will be the oldest one, but it's cool. I mean studies has shown that when you invest in experiences, the effect will last much longer than say a fancy phone. However a fancy phone is something you use everyday,so I might take that fact with a grain of salt but then experiences last much longer than your average phone. So that fact is true then

Another competition, another round of experiences and I still have one more Pokèmon that I haven't prepared yet to make my team balanced.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Just a Rant, Pokèmon Spooky Cup

Wow, no time for blogging is it?

Well, I was busy a bit.

Busy for what you say?

Another online tournament for Pokèmon. They do this quite regularly and it helps you to hone your skill. So for this tournament they have a set of Pokèmon that we can only use because it is deemed the scariest. It is nearing Halloween, so its quite fitting actually.

As I am typing this, the competition is under going. 

How am I doing? I lost 8 out of 10 battles). It is intense!. I spend the whole week breeding the perfect one only to find out it just does not synergize well or that I don't have a backup plan for certain matches.

It's tiring, that I feel I need to rant.

What's more interesting?
There would be 2 more Pokèmon Video Game Championship, happening later this year, and all of it occurs during my off day. How awesome is that. Its both fun and frustrating to play. I guess that is the game.

Too bad I never entered any competition when I was younger, I was a very sore loser. If I decided to have children in the future, I would want them to feel the joy of winning and the pain of losing but not until you get all crazy mad. Just sad is good enough and brings enough drive to improve yourself.

Pokèmon. It's a kid's same but also an adult game where you have to know strategies and techniques. Did I mention there is more than 700 Pokèmon to be memorize.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Wander lust

Wander lust

I gotta love that word. It's like a combination of two things that I like. Wandering around and lust. Evil, very evil.

My birthday is coming up soon and I decided to give myself a treat. A treat of travel. Last year I bought a PS3 and I love it. I don't play it as often as I should, but I still love it. (I play my 3DS more often, as you would notice)

I would like to visit either two countries that I have visited before, Korea and Japan.

Why would I visit countries I visited before, why not try other places.


Well, yes, the statement above is true, but both countries is special to me.

Korea is fantastic, I love Korean food. I love their cosmetic line. I love how very friendly they are to Malaysians. I mean, we do go there a lot. However I just like to be aloof there and just chill out at the nearest cafe while watching the people go by.

Japan hit's close to home. It's the land of Pokèmon and sushi. Both are incredibly awesome there. I would not mind to take a cheap flight there with a ridiculous long transfer time and stay a share house just because I love it there. However I just went there like 2 weeks ago.


I could buy a new phone and just chill out in Langkawi or something right..


This ability of not making any decision is costly. Since all of the promotion ticket has ran out and that promotion with the new Galaxy Note 5 with free powerbank and wireless charger from Celcom is over. I feel like kicking myself, but at the same time, I wanted to take risk and see where it would lead me.

Why not right? Might as well take a few risk.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Blogging Class

A class for blogging?

Yeah, sure why not. It's a dying art. Well at least from my experience. Remember my last post, yeah that one.

However this is a new class for mostly newbie. However its funny to find out some people actually have blogs, but they forgotten about it. LMAO!

I guess it's good to find new blood to read. However, little do they know about trying to blog. If you see from my post, most of it was published well after midnight. Lately that is the only time that I could get actually any inspiration to write,
This has nothing to do with the blog, but this to show who I am.  Gadgets, Pokèmon, skin and messy

My first Pokèmon Video Game Championship (Pokèmon VG Malaysia Sceptile Series)

I look happy right, she did beat me. She is a seasoned pro and I just started to get serious. It's all good.

So what did we play?

We played Pokèmon. Yes we played Pikachu

Yes, that yellow cartoon character that was supposedly banned because of Jewish Zionist influence. I am not kidding, it was spread way back in the 90s and sometimes the story pops up now and then in social media. 

This was held in KDU Damansara Jaya. It was held by its own club called "KDU Gaming Club". I find it interesting and awesome because KDU itself offered a Bachelor in Gaming Development. Seems pretty sweet to promote their course and we get to have fun. 

So my first battle, number one of out 6 rounds, is against a pro with a 3ds video capture card. Which means, the whole world, or at least those who watched the online stream, managed to see me get beaten miserably. Although if I had played my cards right, I could be better because I used a few rare Pokèmons. It's all good.

As I suspected, I felt old. Seriously old. Most of the participants are still students. Well thank goodness for these frame-less glasses that made me seem young? Maybe not.

I came along, aloof here and there. Then suddenly out of nowhere, a wild friend appeared. Made 2 friends actually. Both are still students but we have a bit more in common other than Pokèmon. One guy came from the same kampung as I am, while the other was a student in UTP, which is home to a lot of my volunteers.


The battle was intense as hell! It was fantastic because the pros gave me tips on how to improve my team. Since I am in love with Ampharos, there were suggestions on how to make him better for VGC which includes make his slow speed work and increase his defenses.


It was fun and maybe I will start to join the rest of the gathering, if and only if it happened during the day that I actually have the day off. 10 October was a lucky one for me.

It felt awkward and uncomfortable, which mean it is the right thing to do and it will help you grow.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Just Keep Writing

Just keep writing.

It's just one of the ways or steps that you learn when you want to become a writer. It kinda makes sense though. Writing is practicing.

When we had a drama class, the adviser swore on pen and paper. He meant that certain studies has shown when you write on a piece of paper using pens, you will developed better mental health? or something. I don't know. I am too lazy to provide the source.

He is right though. Think about it, first you think of what you what to write. Secondly you move the pen into letters, that form words and becomes sentences. As you write, you read and you review. So it makes one hell of a party in your head. Its better than slamming your fingers on the keyboard.

Hmm, I don't know, what about those who can type without looking at the keyboard. I am doing it pretty well. I wrote most of the sentences above without actually looking at the keyboard. Yes, I do make mistakes but I did correct it.

So the words from my head, goes into my fingers and my fingers press the appropriate keys to form letters, that form words and turn into sentences. Which will then tell a story.

Was he wrong, my drama class adviser? Am I right? Who knows. If you type to much, you will loose the art of hand writing. However as we digitized, typing is something we do naturally. Samsung has been doing it for years with its Note series, while Apple being Apple, says it revolutionilized the pencil by making the iPencil. *facepalm. Hey whatever rocks your boat right.

I think it is important for children to diversify their motor skills, a bit of writing, painting and typing. This shit ain't easy to do okay, the typing without looking. For me it's like playing a musical intsrument and the words are my notes and the song is my story.

Ah well, whatever it is, if it helps to write, why not?

Friday, October 9, 2015

Original content

You know what worries me now? Not having enough original content. Yes, me blabbing on a blog and you accidentally clicking on it, is considered original content.

Whenever I see a Vine, YouTube, Instagram or Twitter, those are original content. Well at least those who do make them. We do have those who simply re post and it just pisses me off really. Those that post original content and have a strong followers, now that is even crazier.

What can I do? Well definitely most of these people has a rather humble beginnings and I was happy to be a part of the group that watches them grow.

Do I have a group of people watching me grow? Hmm, well maybe during my active days. Now? Eh, who knows. It's crazy that I actually have more content but I refuse to upload them

Lazy Fuck...

That is soo not how rich successful people get rich and success.


You gotta work with what you have eh?

Me and my Pokemon, if you know Pokemon were real and this picture has nothing to do with the blog, I just figured all of you deserves a picture.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Normal Type

What is normal? Well the picture above is Lopunny, a Normal type Pokemon. It may look like a female character, but it can be male or female. It's also one of the Pokemon than tends to get over sexualized by horny Otaku perverts. Eh, watcha gonna do right.

I don't feel normal. Never had a normal childhood, normal school life, not normal anything. In fact I tend to be attracted to abnormal things. Erghh, it seem some of it is just bad choices. We are so not getting into that mode.

Normal mode for now means going back to work after a 2 day travel, 3 workshop, 2 daytime work travels and 2 night time visits in a different country.

Now I am going back to the real world, which is my museum world and back to the place that gave me the opportunity to break from the normal. I must keep in mind the one year promise I made to the. It's actually in contract so I am screwed if I don't follow it. Meh.

However yeah, it is fun. Remember all that talk about social media. Damn, it is much harder than it seems. Its even harder when you don't have a reliable equipment to use. Thank goodness I bought a good laptop. I mean the old one can still be used normally but really if you can't YouTube then what it the point of paying RM 243 a month for 20Mbs Internet.

Ah well, I guess there is nothing wrong about not being normal. When they say normal is boring, they can't really put what is normal. What is normal to you, seems so abnormal to me and vice versa.

I feel better now. Maybe because I writing more, maybe because I have a hot cocoa, maybe because I have the AC on to just chill me until bedtime.

I really should upload all my photos of my trip. People like that kinda thing. It helps them to plan.

Who am I? A question about branding

Who am I? Well in life I got a relatively well understanding of who I am, but online? Who am I? For most people it probably does not matter since the real world is where the action is, but what about those who work closely with media and public. Who you are online will say what you are and what you do.

In my line of work which involves me working in a museum, I don't really have any related work outside the museum field. All those demonstration and random science facts don't really add up outside the museum world. A talk with my sister who is a recruiter confirms that. If she can't understand what I do, will the rest of the world do?

So I am nearing my 5 year plan. Who am? This just made me a bit confused. Am I a nerd? Am I a foodie? Am I a wanderlust traveler? Am I an emotional person? Am I a story teller? Am I a blogger? Am I a gamer? 

I think I am all of it. If you remember the saying "Jack of All Trades" this seems like it but there is actually a continuity of it which is "Master of None". Oooh that just really pull down the saying into the negative zone.

Well, people call Bazli. I love Pokemon and I plan to play it competitively. Hence the ID card you see above. It is a legit thing that the whole world has and involve and it does actually provide you with a lot of opportunities. Not bad for a thing that was supposedly banned in Malaysia sometime ago but never enforce, just like smoking. 

I do play other games on other system which includes Android, Sony PlayStation and PC. If I had the money, I would also get the Wii U.

I love to travel and have been doing it extensively. I am lazy to upload pictures though, but that has to change.

I love food and I love making them. I do believe I helped my younger sister jump start her online baking business (she still uses my Pavlova recipe that I took from the Internet).

I definitely enjoy working in the museum and I love the various demonstration that we are able to do and show off to people. 

I did enjoy blogging sometime ago because my masters was so hard to do and the work itself was very lonely, so I had to vent out one way or another. 

So I guess I am more than just one thing.

However, branding requires you to focus. So which one is it?

Monday, October 5, 2015

Oh Apple, you sneaky ....

Lately Apple has been messing with my mind. Not the fruit but the tech company that swept the world by storm. Apple churns out pretty good products that EVERYBODY (that has money) seem to have. Iphones, Ipads and Macbooks. The amount of customer loyalty is insanely high in my opinion but Apple must have been doing something well enough to make people that loyal.

I like my Android and I like my PC but lately people seem to push me around in another direction and it is driving me of the wall. I like Androids with the games they offer and the freedom to choose a variety of phones. It is also a lot cheaper. I like my PC because it runs a lot of games that I like, besides who plays games with a Mac? Maybe those simple games maybe, but not those high definition games.

However Apple has been tugging my soul. Yeah, my soul, not my wallet, not my heart, not my mind but my soul. It is scaring me a bit. If I did not have a good head on my shoulder. I would just probably swipe my credit card now and just get that Apple product that I want, right this instant. I even have the Apple website open in one of my windows.

I would get the Iphone because it seems to have a lot of cool features now like 4k recording, live pictures and just a sleek exterior. It also has this pastel metallic pink that they called Rose Gold and I felt the gentle color SCREAMING at me. What the hell Apple. When I was in Japan and they already launched Iphone 6s, I was watching their commercial in Japanese and was hook on it, even though it did not make any sense. Once I switched it to English, I hate it that the voice in the  commercial was being self depreciating ish about the phone features and I love self depreciating humor. God Dammit.

When I went to Japan for a workshop, a god damn spokesperson from Apple came and presented a video on how Ipads and Macbook can be used to make Ebooks that is simple to use and yet very detailed. Aaaarggh, Apple has definitely gotten it hook on education a LONG time ago. I am in the education sector and I want to create my own brand, so I feel like I need an Ipad and Macbook now because in order to create a better future for myself.

It all cost money though, but I feel like I could used that money for my personal trip to Japan because I have so many things to see, but you know what would suck though? More than half of the people there uses Iphones. WTF! Those waterproof Japanese phones are rare to see now. Using an Android seems to be the hipster thing to do.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Yup, I finally made it here to Tokyo Japan. Actually it was already in my plans to travel to Tokyo for my 31st birthday, but as fate would see it, I was sent here for training.

The gist for the 3 days training is

  • This is a one year commitment project
  • I am screwed
  • I get to learn new skills that will help me in the future
  • I got to meet cool new people
  • I am soo screwed
  • I get to see bits and pieces of Japan, although Odaiba does not feel like Japan at all
  • I feel nervous with the responsibilities that handed upon me
  • I am not sure how will my bosses react to the plans
  • Can I handle this amount of power again?
  • Euww Apple's marketing managed to get to me.
So many questions, but this is wonderful because I would be out of my comfort zone. There is no better way to learn and grow than to be thrown into something you feel uncomfortable in.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bites and Fights

Baby carrots for crunch and home made garlic basil dip (a friend made it, I bought it) for a snack. Definitely a snack because I ate it for dinner and now I am definitely hungry. Supposedly it a healthy snack since it combines flavour, texture and some fat together. However I ate the whole bag of carrots. Sure it's a vegetables, but it is a starchy one, so it's kinda dense it energy. Let's hope the fibre helps to reduce those calories a bit. I did go heavy on the dip though, I think about 2 tablespoon was already gone. Eh, what can you do.

These midnight post, will never have any readers. Heck, blogging is thing in the past? Unless it's porn, celebrity porn or political figure porn, not many people would read it right?

Meh, what to do, that means I can write more stuff without fear of people finding out. Malaysian's don't read that much outside the gossip blogs. I am safe. Maybe, vaguely.

When you become a grown adult supposedly one should settle a fight in a civil way. LOL, it feels more like Civil War where everybody is killing each other or the Cold War, where passive aggressiveness or refusal to cooperate is the tools.

Meh, all you can do just walk away and let it blow over. I have worst fights before where we ignored each other pretty much for a few years. That was in our 20s though, still young, still a kid. Who knows right?

All I want to do now ,it to flex my blogging and social media skills. I will need this in the future.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Stressful future

Suddenly it hit me, that I am so worried what will happen in the future.

My company seems so secure but who knows, what if it went bankrupt and I am out of a job.

What will I do?

I was thinking of Uber and renting out my house.

Now the sudden out burst of social media, almost every night.

When I say social media, I am mind vomitting on everything.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Blogger, Tumblr and Dayre.

It's like built up pressure just exploding out. As fun it was to read about it. Now it's time to make some content out of it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Social Media Barf


All this talk about social media, has made me socially ill.

I kinda hate people now. I think that is what happened when you overdose. However when you do get around to it, and analyzing each famous people there is a formula to it.

You have to be easy on the eyes. As much as beauty is subjective, most people who are popular on social media are fit beautiful people. We love pretty things so we follow them like bees.

However a pretty face can only go so far. These people have content. Whatever they do, they seem do it well that people like them.

Next, these people seem to have one tag line or one thing that made them memorable.

Natalie Tran from Community channel has the infamous "Your mum rates me" or "porno music slash comment time"

Pew Di Pie, Jackseptieye, and Markiplier has their signature opening remarks.

Yes, most of them are Youtuber, but videos are really the ones that can show their personality or at least their online persona.

Its sweet, since I stop blogging for a long time,the only people that actually made me remember them is Red Mummy, because she likes the color red, hence the name. While Hanis Zalika, with her cutesy inbelogsaya blog name, which does in sync with her writing, made me remember her, although she stopped blogging once she got famous.

Ah well, maybe its the league of silent readers that support these blog. The rest just went on Facebook.

Now however I am trying to get into Tumblr, Dayre, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. The last two seems mainstream, but Tumblr is quite young, while Dayre is something that Nuffnang requires us to do.

Damn, I have dug a hole so deep I can't get out

Monday, September 21, 2015


Ah, hashtag. The little things that make us know, it's the modern times. If you do not know, what "hashtag" or "#" means you are outdated.

If you use it wrongly, you are definitely lame.

#sorrynotsorry, what does it mean?

Well urban dictionary says it's how bitchy girls get their way if they feel they are right regardless of any situation.

A bit more surfing blew my mind, sorry not sorry is apparently is a real thing and people used it to defend themselves in court or in any accusation.

Mind blown!

It is a away to avoid litigation (getting sued or punished) that is the result from admitting guilt or responsibility. Other than the silly hashtag, you can either reword it to say "mistake are made" or " I'm sorry if your offended"

Oooh snap!

Sorrynotsorry indeed.

Other than winning arguments, I think it's used to make decision or actions that seemed unpopular. Yes, you maybe the bad guy, but shit has to be done so fuck them all. Besides, being an adult means, taking care of shit, and not pass it on to other people. Defending your rights and decisions while jumping hoops and fences.

Damn, I love this word. Time bulldoze everything out of my way.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Death of Blogging

Who knew, that once upon a time ago. Blogging was a hip thing to do. It seemed everyone was doing it. Uploading pictures, telling stories and making money.

Now most people have moved on to other social medias such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The younger or hipper crowd will go on to Tumblr, Snapchat, and Periscope. The gorgeous ones will have a Vine, Youtube or Keek.

You can't really make money with Facebook unless you are ultra popular or something. Even the likes and post are skewed so that YOU had to pay to Facebook.

That left us with other social medias. I am thinking if you are popular enough companies would recruit you to promote their products.

Sounds fancy.

However, in the end, a personal blog, is personal. It's your life story, your problems, but shared to world. I guess Facebook and other social media has taken that part right now.

It was nice knowing all of you. Some of you I have met in real life and linked together with other forms of social media. In the few years of your word vomits, I felt happy, sad and menyampah. Thanks for sharing. I am going to start my journey again, and if we managed to meet again. We would.

Once upon a time

Once upon a time. I was a fairly active mediocre blogger, with a mediocre number of readers. I was able to join a lot of blog related promotion which mean a good number of free tickets to certain movies. My favorite was definitely Sucker Punch and Rapunzel.

Anyhow, that was during my post grad year. Where I was in the lab all day and felt incredibly lonely. However when I started working, the post kept getting less and less. Maybe because I am starting to feel happy. I have money, I can buy stuff and I had a lot of new things to do!

So little by little, there were no more post. It was just not me. A few of my friends whom I met through blogging has also stopped. Maybe because they moved on to other social medias such as Facebook and Instagram, with the latter being the default.

Why am I starting now? Do I feel sad again?. In a way, yes, I do feel sad again. So it's time to write. However it seems that my future is linked closely to my blogs.

How I write, how I feel, how I observed and how I analysed is actually something a future company might be interested in. They don't teach you to become Science Communicators in museum nor do they teach you how to make content on blogs.

When I clicked back at some of the more popular bloggers on my list. It was amazing where they are now. Some are actresses, some a famous business owner, some has published their first book, some joined the ultra marathon. I am happy that they have moved on. Am I sad?

I love most of the days in my job, I have travelled to countries I always wanted to visit, I went back to America, I bought a house and there is just so many things, that I have done in the post blogging days, just like the rest of the bloggers I read.

It fun now to actually go back to read all of their past adventure that they have done since I stopped. Now I should write all the adventure that I have been on, and I hope you would enjoy it too. Whoever you are.

Time changes, and so have I

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

About a blogger and science communicator

I should restart in this blogging thing. My blog has collected spiderwebs from neglect. Probably because I was busy with work. I used to blog all the time, well almost, and managed to collect money from ads. I was placed in the non popular categories, so I was able to join a few of their free movie and other stuff.

It was quite awesome really. I used to have readers, but all of them tapered out, because I don't post anymore and it is really sad to see that. However after a talk with my sister, blogging is more important now than ever before.

I found out that I don't have a particular set of skills, but a mash up of random things. That is basically what a Science Communicator is. You can't really place us in a normal office setting and you can't really pick us up from the Universities and expect us to work just like that.

Even the training is slightly weird. Go into one and you come out reborn, like really, reborn.

Anyhow, here is to the future and here is to a new blog, separate from this, which is has a theme that I can follow and people can relate.

It will be a science ish blog. Science ish, because it won't be real science with charts, references, and p value. but more to a story about random shit.

And yes, lot's of cursing, but maybe I have to edit out the curse if I want this to be public, but then maybe I should create my own image of the world to see.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Random thoughts using "Status updates" format

It's very funny. One day your are feeling fine, another day, everything feels thrown out the window. In this modern world, instant gratification is all we want. It's what I want. It helps me feel stable. However it is like a drug. You will get addicted to it.

How do you know, you are leading, or you are working together. In my line of work, I get kinda confused. Do I listen to them or do I make them see my vision. I think I need to show the latter, but then they might see something that I have not seen before.

What happened to my passion of cars. I loved reading them as a teenager but once I started working, it seem like a thing in the pass. All I want now is a car that saves fuel and has low maintenance cost. However these cars get bullied very easily in the highways, but then I don't give a shit. Just overtake me la already.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

So many games, so little time

It's a problem that plagues all grown up gamers. When we were young, it's easy to justify spending hours in front of the TV or monitor to play games and only stopping to eat, shower and pray, with the latter two almost always skipped or held back as long as possible.

Now we are mature(?) adults, it's hard to justify that anymore. Other than grown up stuff such as jobs, bills and maybe family, there is also other things in life that we learn to do along the way. Perhaps a new hobby, more TV shows and so on.

Then some of us, got really into it and spend all of our waking moments in games, or be able to be free from parents support and spend all of our money in games. Either getting all the latest consoles, to built the perfect gaming rig.

I already have a PS3, PSP Go, DS and the 3DS. Not forgetting the various games I have in my tablet (that will not charge anymore) and the games I installed in my laptop.

It's a crazy thing

Gamer searching for a life partner who will either join me in my many adventures or be tolerant enough to let me play all day long

Sunday, April 5, 2015


I am in need of a big budget buy.

What? I just agreed to a 35 year mortgage that will take 1/3 of my salary.

I guess it's not instant enough, maybe after I manage to move in, I will get that big rush.

Right now, those mini rushes are nice, but wait I just bought a RM 1050 bag! (discounted to RM450) what, still no feels? Perhaps I should have worn it more frequently. You can actually still smell the leather, or perhaps this is how leather is supposed to smell anyway.

Sigh, see, these are all the signs that state, even if you spend a fortune, you will never gain happiness. If you want to spend money, or buy something, you should always buy experience.

Which is why I think I may need some mini vacation time by myself. Just me, the hotel and it's pool along it's buffet breakfast. It's actually simple. I check in the room at 2pm, sleep, play games or whatever till I feel like sunbathing at the pool. Then once children starts to fill up the pool, I'll drive out to eat, or, I will just buy some instant noodles or just buy an early dinner to eat at night.

Then spend all night just lounging on the bed while playing video games or surfing the net. Then I would wake up to scarf down breakfast before checking out the hotel.

It's a perfect plan!!

Besides, there are plenty of nearby 4 star hotels that will do this just fine, or I can just drive to PD for a quick getaway by the beach.

Although you will probably skip the Starbucks or the beach, because there is just too many people!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pent Up Anger

So angry today. Some jerk had the nerve to cut into line, so I shoved him for cutting in. Bastard shoved back. I wish the term killing in kindness actually meant some sort of weapon to bash his and his pretentious lady friend in the head. Morbid imagination, but that is why I am not granted any superpower. I will misused it indefinitely.

Ah well, I guess I have to imagine the bastard getting off at Masjid Jamek LRTstation and into his cubicle while staring at his 4 walls. Then he would imagine how tough his life his and how he wished it would change  which made him an asshole to other people.

Or he could be a successful business man living his dream but having a bad day. Pffttt....looks like any salary man to me.

I am doing okay. I like my job, I like the place I am, and I like the random things I could do. I love the museum. There are some bad days, but nothing like greeting a visitor and helping them out or guide a new batch of volunteer to be a better person.

If I was behaving a bit evil, then the volunteers would have to be on their tippy toes because I will scrutinize every single details of their movements and action.

Not bad really, I get to use the public transportation and save loads of money. The ugly ass uniform allows me to be sloppy, but nothing like a good pair of cardigans to make me look slightly professional. Now that I have a RM 1200 bag (before discount of course) I will look slightly more professional. It's a nice leather bag that hopefully will age quite well. However I still can't let go of my ugly canvas Quicksilver bag. At least I know that brand provides really high quality stuff at my size.

I think writing is a hell lot better than looking at Facebook. Facebook is really annoying at certain point, yet I can't stop looking at it. No matter that. I think it will do just find to do my own thing

No more going to people's places for whatever reason. I rather sit home and play games or watch TV. I should join the gym again. It's a bonus to have my day off during the weekday. Gym is relatively empty in the day.

Can't stand the machoness of these body builder ugghh their comradely just ticks me off.

Maybe I am destined to be alone, not lonely, lonely is pathetic, alone is having fun by myself and have the world at the tip of my fingers.

Will I change? Perhaps living all alone in a house would change me to find someone to settle down with. Or maybe not.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Housing Blues - How to buy a house

Home ownership

It's one of the most adult thing you can do, and one of the most expensive thing you can own. Buying one is such a pain in the ass which sometimes makes you just want to rent forever or live with your parents.

However some people based on their own calculation, prefer to just rent or in a long term lease compared to buying.

I never knew how hard it is to buy, or maybe I just got too excited and easily pushed by everyone.

This is my step on how to buy a house using plain old simple terms

  1. Check how much loan are you qualified. Go to a bank and discuss how much loan can you apply. Just provide what other loans you have and they might figure it out.
  2. Prepare yourself for the loan
      • Identification card
      • 3 months pay slip
      • EPF form
      • Staff ID
      • Letter from company saying you are a worker
      • 3 months bank slip
      • booking receipt after you paid the fee (this is the last step, just make sure you prepare everything else first)
  3. Go find a home! You can either choose a new home or a home that someone has lived in (called sublease)
  4. Make sure your bank actually supports the company that is selling you the house if you are buying something new, So ensure that you have applied to at least 3 banks. Your  real estate agent might do it for you, but it's good to do it yourself too so that you are in control of where your money goes.
  5. Then make sure you have 10% of the total price in your pocket as a down payment for your home. Some do offer lower down payment but 10% is the norm. You can either save, take up a loan or borrow from someone. I suggest you save up. Other options are very tricky to handle if something goes wrong with the deal.
  6. Other fees, yup there are other fees to pay such as legal and stamp fees for Sales and Purchase (S&P), legal and stamp fees for Loan Application, valuation fees and real estate agent fees. These would add up to about roughly 11% of the cost of the home. 
      • However it might change due to discounts by the bank or if you bought a new home it's a discount by the property company
      • It's better to just have the extra 11%, if it's less you can use the funds for something else.
  7. Don't let them fool you or rush you, They usually give you about 20 days after you paid the booking fees for you to settle your loan.
  8. Boom you have a home.
As much as I think it was that simple, it turned very stressful for me. I thought I was eligible for the 100% loan but  I was not. Too bad the news comes after I paid the 10% down payment. The blame is place on me apparently because I was not to sign the SPA without my loan being approved. However the loan improvement took longer than 20 days I had to pay the down payment or I would be penalized for paying it late.

This a big step for me. Perhaps I should just started with a cheap home and learn the basic of home ownership. Gosh, in 2 more years, there will even be more drama with the various fees that comes with owning a home.

Can't wait..... 


The story of a laptop


It replaces computers, well desktop computers that is. I mean, a laptop does what regular people do. Surf the Internet, watch porn and do work. It also adds the ability of being mobile. I am not talking about road warriors that take their work all over the world, but simply moving it one room in the house to another or having a laptop that you can hug on the bed while watching movies.

Anyhow, I replaced my old laptop a few months ago. So far, it does what I need it to do. I wanted a faster processor, a shit load of disk space and a full HD screen, but somehow one features erks me, that  I never thought I would need.

A back lit keyboard. 


I had a choice to buy another laptop with similar specs, but with better audio but less graphic power, but with a back lit keyboard. Who knew writing in the dark is something that I felt I need to do now.
Its a small matter though, I love the almost full size keyboard that my laptop has. I say it's almost full size, because it has a miniaturized  numerical keyboard to the left of it. I think its a standard feature for laptops with a 15.6 inch screen. 

Anyhow, what laptop am I using?

I am using the ASUS A550J laptop

Yup, not the picture of it, apparently the model I am using is a weird combination, that is interesting. It has a full HD screen which mean it projects a native 1080p display. It has a GTX 850m graphic and a i7 Processor. It rather weird combination of a laptop this price. (RM 2999)

Suddenly I found a picture of it on Mudah.

But the person was selling it WAY over the purchase price I got, and he is selling it used!! WTF!!

Too bad all I do is either watch Youtube and search random Internet stuff.

Maybe I should have gotten the Macbook Air

Long battery life, very light, and a back lit keyboard. Perfect for travelling and usage.

Then I forgotten that nearly cost RM4k, does not support full HD, and not really meant for gaming.
Hmm, I got too caught up with the back lit keyboard

However, I would still recommend a Macbook to any casual laptop users with money to burn.

Saturday, February 21, 2015



I can't believe how many times I would mumble I really hate everyone. I mean I do, but I don't. Get me? It's confusing to be inside my head, its even more confusing when it feels so incredibly hot. It's the dry season again as I write and the temperature is just too hot. It does not help that I just came back from Winter.

It's kinda sad though, that some parts of northern USA is experiencing a heavy blizzard to point that it is comical and life threatening. You seldom die due to hot weather because you can just open the window and have some water to keep dehydrated. In the cold, you will die!!! and even with all that padding, if your body temperature does not increased, or warm up, you probably die still.

Oh the horror.

I loved the dry cool Seoul weather, but the temperature dropped to a -12 Celsius and that is just bone chilling. I felt that I could withstand it, if I had a proper jacket. The one I had on seemed perfect for fall or something.

Maybe all this hate is due to that travel euphoria that just died. Ergh..Now I am getting ready to buy a house and already I felt the pinch. I guess I have to live in my parents home. I don't want to. It's time to spread my wings. There are just something I just don't want to be responsible too.

Really grown up right...


Who knows right, It's still to hot as I am typing and I think my wrist is busted or something

My final erghhh

Sunday, February 15, 2015

I plan to move into my own house soon, at least when I think I will be doing it. As of writing, I still haven't finished with the loan. I think I am going to list down things that needs to be buy for me to fully enjoy my home. It's kinda scary actually. I am buying a really expensive home relative to my pay. It's about MYR 255k. That seemed expensive but in reality it's the cheapest home among a group of colleagues that are buying houses at the same time too. So I like to fantasize a lot, so I am going to plan what are the things I think I need to have in my house when I plan to live there on my own. These are literally the basics. I plan to shop at two places which is SenQ and Ikea.SenQ is nice because there is a extra warranty of the products, so its a better piece of mind for me. Maybe Ikea won't be on my list because I do think the stuff there is relatively expensive, but we will see


Fridge RM 1,300
Stove RM 200
Microwave  RM 200
Oven Toaster RM 100
Rice Cooker RM 100
Washing machine RM 1300

Living room

TV RM 1000


Heater RM 500


AC RM 1600

Those are excluding fans, light fixtures and grills
Ceiling fans should cost me around RM 150 each, I suspect I will be needing at least 2. One for the master bedroom and the other one for the living room. Maybe I will add another one for the dining area, but who knows.
The grill to cover my windows and front doors should set me back around RM 5k. I'll think I will leave about RM 3k for lights or less. Just simple light fixtures. I plan to keep the house relatively basic. I might opt out for a basic kitchen top, but who knows, if I don';t have enough money, I won't do it, if the it annoys my eyes a lot I might just do

Now lets go to Ikea and find out how much I can spend. I might have trouble here, because Ikea dos not deliver to Nilai. So lets just pick up pieces that I know can't fit in my future car.


Bed RM 300
Mattress RM 1000
Sheets RM 200
Pillow RM 200
Closet and Cupboard RM500

Living room

Couch RM 1500
Small table  RM 30


Tables RM 300
Chairs, RM 100


Lol..none maybe... use some banquet tables or something...

My romanticized version of moving in is my house will only need to have

Hanging rack

This would cost me around 3k? That is the minimum amount, that I could definitely live day by day, the rest of the stuff can be bough slowly and surely.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

So much on my mind

There is just so much on my mine, that there is nothing left in it. I just got back from a wonderful vacation and thank goodness for an extra two day off so that I can readjust myself. Sudden;y everything is just so irradiating. I swear to god, I might just punch someone. I am feeling a bit off, not sure why. I just want to sit in my room and listen to sad songs.

Maybe the high from that overseas trip just brought me down to earth hard. Maybe, or I am just being a little bitch. At least one thing is for sure, I did something new with my messy room. I finally found use for my Ikea lamp that I bought years ago.

This new laptop that I bought using credit, has a red on black keyboard. This little shit is almost invisible in my room. I almost regret not getting the MSI tablet because even though it is more expensive with a slightly lower graphic card, the damn thing has a lighted keyboard. Just like those expensive Macbook computers.

This laptop is only 2999 MYR, you can't even get a Macbook Pro with that money, but you do get the 11inch 128gb Macbook Air. I guess if you are just typing, surfing Internet and watching movies, it should be fine. However I wanted something more.,

Ah well, no point in crying over spoiled milked. Fake that confidence and soldier on!

Feeling very hot, maybe I will change it, into those LED bulb that does not emit this much heat