Monday, October 5, 2015

Oh Apple, you sneaky ....

Lately Apple has been messing with my mind. Not the fruit but the tech company that swept the world by storm. Apple churns out pretty good products that EVERYBODY (that has money) seem to have. Iphones, Ipads and Macbooks. The amount of customer loyalty is insanely high in my opinion but Apple must have been doing something well enough to make people that loyal.

I like my Android and I like my PC but lately people seem to push me around in another direction and it is driving me of the wall. I like Androids with the games they offer and the freedom to choose a variety of phones. It is also a lot cheaper. I like my PC because it runs a lot of games that I like, besides who plays games with a Mac? Maybe those simple games maybe, but not those high definition games.

However Apple has been tugging my soul. Yeah, my soul, not my wallet, not my heart, not my mind but my soul. It is scaring me a bit. If I did not have a good head on my shoulder. I would just probably swipe my credit card now and just get that Apple product that I want, right this instant. I even have the Apple website open in one of my windows.

I would get the Iphone because it seems to have a lot of cool features now like 4k recording, live pictures and just a sleek exterior. It also has this pastel metallic pink that they called Rose Gold and I felt the gentle color SCREAMING at me. What the hell Apple. When I was in Japan and they already launched Iphone 6s, I was watching their commercial in Japanese and was hook on it, even though it did not make any sense. Once I switched it to English, I hate it that the voice in the  commercial was being self depreciating ish about the phone features and I love self depreciating humor. God Dammit.

When I went to Japan for a workshop, a god damn spokesperson from Apple came and presented a video on how Ipads and Macbook can be used to make Ebooks that is simple to use and yet very detailed. Aaaarggh, Apple has definitely gotten it hook on education a LONG time ago. I am in the education sector and I want to create my own brand, so I feel like I need an Ipad and Macbook now because in order to create a better future for myself.

It all cost money though, but I feel like I could used that money for my personal trip to Japan because I have so many things to see, but you know what would suck though? More than half of the people there uses Iphones. WTF! Those waterproof Japanese phones are rare to see now. Using an Android seems to be the hipster thing to do.

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