Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Who am I? A question about branding

Who am I? Well in life I got a relatively well understanding of who I am, but online? Who am I? For most people it probably does not matter since the real world is where the action is, but what about those who work closely with media and public. Who you are online will say what you are and what you do.

In my line of work which involves me working in a museum, I don't really have any related work outside the museum field. All those demonstration and random science facts don't really add up outside the museum world. A talk with my sister who is a recruiter confirms that. If she can't understand what I do, will the rest of the world do?

So I am nearing my 5 year plan. Who am? This just made me a bit confused. Am I a nerd? Am I a foodie? Am I a wanderlust traveler? Am I an emotional person? Am I a story teller? Am I a blogger? Am I a gamer? 

I think I am all of it. If you remember the saying "Jack of All Trades" this seems like it but there is actually a continuity of it which is "Master of None". Oooh that just really pull down the saying into the negative zone.

Well, people call Bazli. I love Pokemon and I plan to play it competitively. Hence the ID card you see above. It is a legit thing that the whole world has and involve and it does actually provide you with a lot of opportunities. Not bad for a thing that was supposedly banned in Malaysia sometime ago but never enforce, just like smoking. 

I do play other games on other system which includes Android, Sony PlayStation and PC. If I had the money, I would also get the Wii U.

I love to travel and have been doing it extensively. I am lazy to upload pictures though, but that has to change.

I love food and I love making them. I do believe I helped my younger sister jump start her online baking business (she still uses my Pavlova recipe that I took from the Internet).

I definitely enjoy working in the museum and I love the various demonstration that we are able to do and show off to people. 

I did enjoy blogging sometime ago because my masters was so hard to do and the work itself was very lonely, so I had to vent out one way or another. 

So I guess I am more than just one thing.

However, branding requires you to focus. So which one is it?

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