Monday, October 12, 2015

My first Pokèmon Video Game Championship (Pokèmon VG Malaysia Sceptile Series)

I look happy right, she did beat me. She is a seasoned pro and I just started to get serious. It's all good.

So what did we play?

We played Pokèmon. Yes we played Pikachu

Yes, that yellow cartoon character that was supposedly banned because of Jewish Zionist influence. I am not kidding, it was spread way back in the 90s and sometimes the story pops up now and then in social media. 

This was held in KDU Damansara Jaya. It was held by its own club called "KDU Gaming Club". I find it interesting and awesome because KDU itself offered a Bachelor in Gaming Development. Seems pretty sweet to promote their course and we get to have fun. 

So my first battle, number one of out 6 rounds, is against a pro with a 3ds video capture card. Which means, the whole world, or at least those who watched the online stream, managed to see me get beaten miserably. Although if I had played my cards right, I could be better because I used a few rare Pokèmons. It's all good.

As I suspected, I felt old. Seriously old. Most of the participants are still students. Well thank goodness for these frame-less glasses that made me seem young? Maybe not.

I came along, aloof here and there. Then suddenly out of nowhere, a wild friend appeared. Made 2 friends actually. Both are still students but we have a bit more in common other than Pokèmon. One guy came from the same kampung as I am, while the other was a student in UTP, which is home to a lot of my volunteers.


The battle was intense as hell! It was fantastic because the pros gave me tips on how to improve my team. Since I am in love with Ampharos, there were suggestions on how to make him better for VGC which includes make his slow speed work and increase his defenses.


It was fun and maybe I will start to join the rest of the gathering, if and only if it happened during the day that I actually have the day off. 10 October was a lucky one for me.

It felt awkward and uncomfortable, which mean it is the right thing to do and it will help you grow.
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