Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I am happy but I don't feel that way
I am thankful but I don't feel that way
I am lucky but I don't feel that way
I am grateful but I don't feel that way
I am relieved but I don't feel that way
I am calm but I don't feel that way
I am confident but I don't feel that way
I am sure but I don't feel that way
I am energized but I don't feel that way
I need to write more up lifting blogs but I don't feel that way

Monday, March 29, 2010

A Great Monday Morning

It started with an incredibly lazy Monday morning, where I decided to wake up late. Even though I am lazy, I decided to just bring our Mercedes to the workshop since my brother complained the car over heated again and the power steering was busted. Since my brother wants to take his own sweet lazy time to do it. Lazy bastard...

I thought only the power steering was faulty, since it was not working. Trying to drive a car, a heavy car that is with a 6 cylinder engine in its front bonnet. is very VERY VERY hard. I don't have to lift weights, I can just drive this car without power steering and be fit. So I thought it was power steering, suddenly the car died. It died on the main road right in front of my house. You can see my orange house peeking in the trees. I called my mom to explain what happened, and she was at the gate looking at me and on the phone. I told her I'd called our mechanic Michael to explain the situation. So here I was, not on the side of the road but on the road itself. So I had to turn on the hazard lights and opened my rear bonnet/trunk, just to be safe. Some people don't realise the car is stationary. No one drives with the rear bonnet opened up like that, so I hope this will made people realise that the car is indeed not moving to prevent them from rear ending my car.

Michael came to rescue. We pop up the front hood and checked the damaged. I told him there were some red oil spills in our front porch, my mother told me it was splattered on the car porch when I reversed the car. Michael told me, my power steering oil spilled on the fan belt. The fan belt got degraded and it snapped. The fan belt is responsible to cool the engine, since the fan was not turning, the engine had to rely on the water cooling system only, the water cooling system was not sufficient enough to cool the engine. The water was empty as a result before I drove the car. Another function of the fan belt is to run the alternator. The alternator charges the battery when it is low on power, since the alternator was not moving, I was leaking my battery dry till there was no juice left which left me stalling by the road.
Talk about a so called lazy Monday morning....

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tips to Wash a Car

Nothing like a shiny car after a good wash done by the owner. Its one heck of an exercise to wash your car successful. It something personal to wash something you drive or take car each day. Here are tips for a successful wash

1. Wash in the shade. Its not good to wash your car under the heat of the sun. I don't have the exact scientific reason because I don't have scientific proof. The reason why you should was your car in the shade is, if the surface is too hot, by the time you finished washing a section of your car, the section you just washed has dried up and water spots form.

2. Scrub the tires and wheel to release the dirt and brake dust. You can have a shiny car but if your tires look dirty, the whole car looks dirty.

3. Spray inside the wheel well because there are many stuff you don't know are stuck in it.

4. Wash the cloth that you use to dry the car first to remove any dirt that may be on it and can smudge your car if you don't remove it first.

5. Don't forget to open the doors after a wash to dry the area between the interior and exterior.

5. Use a tire shine product to give black tires a new tire gloss all because of reason number 2.

6. Use adequate amount of soap as recommended by the label to effectively removed traffic dirt.

7. Enjoy your workout and your shiny car.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cat Repellent

I love cats but sometimes there are places cat should not be, like your sofa or some nook and cranny they should not be in. If I want a cat, they probably be kept in a large cage, like a really really big cage and kept like hamsters. Its sounds cruel but helps to keep them at bay. Its very hard to get rid of cat smell, unless you are a clean freak then you can managed to keep your house squeaky clean. So far the only thing I know that cat hates is citrus but I managed to find out that different cats hate different scents, I guess just like humans. So far the cute stray cats that keep begging for food at my house seem to be pretty tolerant to lemon cleanser, so I decided to find out what other things that may repel cats off.

1. Spices

Yes spices such as dried mustard, cayenne pepper, rosemary or coffee grounds can be scattered at areas you don't want them to be.

2. Essential Oils

Essential oils such cinnamon, citronella, lemon, lemon grass, lavender, orange and rosemary are said to defer cats. Just a few drops and put it in places you don't want the cat in.

3. Infusion

Just add a few herbs together with water and put it in a spray bottle and spray at places that you don't want the cat to be. I tried with lemon cleanser but the cats seemed pretty tolerant to it.

4. Plant

Sometimes you can just plant the herbs in your garden such as citronella, garlic or lavender to keep cats away. However my parents plants some of these plants, true they stay away from them but these cats went treasure digging at the other plants.


They say could plant some catnip and the cats will just hang around there. Hmmm I should get these and plant them to prevent the cats from going to the other plants., but then some cats are just not affected by it.. Hmm.. do we even have catnip here...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Odd One Out?

This is the make shift parking lot in my university.... Who am I kidding, its not even a parking lot, just an empty muddy grass area, at the entrance of the university. It can be also called an illegal parking lot. An illegal parking lot and its own invisible rule. You will park just like how the other park. Now what is wrong with this Lexus RX 300 / Toyota Harrier here, parking all parallel and robbing other people of the space available. The freaking Lexus has All Wheel Drive, it should have no problem parking in the muddy spots, but I guess the driver is an idiot because they probably don't know that. The smarter you are or the richer you are to afford a RM200k car, apparently still makes you stupid at parking. Go figure eh?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crazy / Hair


I decided to go back to my digital album and see myself through out the year. Gosh.. I really looked awful to the point it was funny now. LOL. I was totally obsessed with my hair. I dyed, bleached and chemically relaxed it so many times to a point where my hair was so damaged, it was breaking of bit by bit like spaghetti. These are just some of the faces of me in the past.

I straighten my hair a lot during my diploma years, sadly during those days I did not have a camera to take a picture of every step and style. However this was the only picture I have of my hair actually straight. This was after straighten, bleached, colored and the colored again. This was taken like gosh.. 7 years ago maybe?

This picture was taken maybe like 2 years ago. I still wear those thick coke bottle specs and I keep my hair poofy and curly. You can see the leftover dye of my last color.

I keep my hair very short now, but before if I don't cut it it becomes this frizzy curly mess. ( It helps I was just out of bed)
Another residual dye left from the last color. My hair was long enough that you can see its curls and waves.
This was the time I dyed my hair red!. It was actually more brown to red but the processing time was to extreme at the salon and it turned out more red than brown.
I was bored during this picture and decided to iron my hair. It failed miserably.

Do you like my not so straight top look?
This was the closest thing I got to my normal cut today..
This was the hair that was dyed red a few days ago. My prof asked how and where I did it. I lied and said it cost me RM30 to do it at home, when it cost me almost RM 100 to get it done.
The red hair was very stubborn. It lingered for a very long time since I refuse to go bald.

So many hair style, so many events and emotions happened during those time, I wonder should I go full circle and go back to being hair crazy like I did in my diploma years...

A Kia with Soul

Kia used to be this bargain basement cars that nobody really wanted unless they really want something cheap and different from others. In the US, Kia has the longest warranty among car manufacturers, 10 years. Most people don't even keep their car longer than 5 years. However now Kia has changed their games and starting to produce cars that people actually want to have while maintaining a price advantage over the other rivals. Kia produces cars that can be sold all over the world instead of just producing a car for certain market, so you know the quality is going to be top notch. There is one car in particular that I absolutely want and will buy in the future. Its the Kia Soul. One look at it and most of us will wind up confused. What is it? A car? SUV? wagon?. Actually its a little bit of both. Its longer than a Myvi but shorter than a Gen2 but its wider. Its a tall car so sit up higher than you would in a regular car. It can come in a modest 15 inch rims riding on 65 series tires or an aggressive 18 inch rims riding on 45 inch tires. Hot!. There are 3 engines available according to each regions, a petrol 1.6, petrol 2.0 and a 1.6 diesel. Americans would favour the 2.0, while Europeans are all about diesels, while the 1.6 would be the default choice in Malaysia, although another new Kia in Malaysia called the Forte, has a 2.0 engine, so there could be a possibility of a 2.0 Soul. Check out the pictures below.

A confused looking car, looks like SUV but is smaller than a regular sedan.

2 petrol and 1 diesel engines to choose from. The 1.6 and 2.0 would be offered here, but there wishfull thinking for the diesel.

The interior is room to the occupants sitting up right. Normal for cars these days from the humble Perodua Viva to Volkswagon Golf Plus.

The boot is adequate and well shaped, while the seats fold to carry lots of stuff.

Looks like the rear of a van right?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Emo Management

I seriously need a class for emotional management. I just don't know how to channel it. Happy, sad, anger, frustration, is boredom considered a feeling? If it is I need to know where to slot it too. I feel incredibly helpless when I cannot channel it properly. Its terrible and gives me a negative out look on life. I feel like I look like crap today. T shirt to tight, slacks to loose, skin too greasy, glasses to geeky, facial hair to messy, hair look kinda bullshitty. It seemed that I did not pay attention to my self but usually though, when I actually stopped thinking about it, I seem to come out well dressed and coordinated. I should go back to lenses and go clean shaven again. They work out much nicely.

I tried to roast some nuts and end up burning them because I was so consume with anger and not knowing how to manage it. The first tray of cookies burned because I set the time wrong, but at least the cookies turned out nicely since I used a baking sheet. No need to grease the tray anymore and the cookies spread out nice and even. I think they are more crispy that usual. However I may need to reduce the brown sugar a bit and maybe use equal amounts of brown sugar and white sugar so that it won't be so caramelized.

Karma works wonderfully right? Especially around relationship. You got person you don't like chasing after you but at the same time the person you like so much end up not interested enough to be serious with you. Ouch, how cruel karma is to us all, but then it is being fair after all. What we lack in one part of life is being balanced by having something more in other parts of life. Owh fickly karma, fate, qada and qadar. I guess no matter what beliefs you held in your heart, you believe in some sort of power.

I am very expressive in my feelings, not being able to expressed is pure torture. I do feel like I am being tortured now slowly each day for every time I had to just let it go. They say to let it go, but I don't want to.. So how?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I’m going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

Gatsby makes really cool stuff for guys such as hair color, hair styling products, and skin care products. Now they want to reach the public by organizing a Street Fair or a kind of carnival just like those Fun Fair we go to as kids or still go now.

Date: 17 April 2010

Time: 10 am – 5 pm

Venue: Front Foyer, Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur

We can go online at to play games and win tickets to the fair. Yes to participate in the games we have to play fair type games such a spot the deodorent, rope skipping or basketball shooting in an online version. There will be ONE weekly winner for each games, the prize for each games is 2 tickets to the Gastby Street Fair. Among the games that will be available is air bag sumo..


Yup air bag sumo!!

What is it?

This is airbag sumo, you get to wear these fat suits filled with air bags so that you can push, shove and jump your opponent to victory with out getting hurt.. that much! Sounds like fun!!! However it does look like hard work and that airbag suits seemed very insulating. One can get really sweaty and smelly in there.

Just a quick swipe of Double Protection Gatsby can keep odor and wetness at bay.This deodorant contains o-CYMEN-5-OL + TRICLOSAN to kill odor causing bacteria and Anti Perspirant Agent (ACH) to keep dry and feeling clean. There are 7 fragrances to choose from so you can find your favourite. Lime Green has a natural clean citrus smell that I like.

Hope to see all of you there and lets wrestle in the Sumo suits :D

Friday, March 19, 2010


Do you have that feeling where when you are meeting someone new, you feel like you want to immediately grab that person? It works if both people were actually grabbing at the same time. What if only one person was jumping forward while the other simply take a step to the side. You fall smack down to your face. Ouch!. You try chasing them and they just keep avoiding you. You try and try and try hoping it would be better, but it won't, it will never and if they do, it will be out of force.

Yep, that is how I feel now. Alas after countless of reflection, and laying the facts down with my friends, I found my direction. The ball is in their hands now, I have given all I got. Its up to them to return it back to me. If they won't return it, I guess its time to find another court to play in. This only works when you realize it yourself and not with countless nagging of friends or family.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I hate feeling sad, but that is how I feel now. However there is something worst than feeling sad. It is when you feel helpless and unknown. That is the worst feeling for me because I would not know how to feel next, happy, sad, relieved, angry or frustrated. Thanks for keeping me waiting....


Yeah, I just cannot write an entry of something that is new or interesting. I just want to write about me and me and not forgetting me.

I feel I reached a wall again. No no, I did not reach the wall, I slammed head first with my hands behind my back into a cement wall that car manufacturers use for crash testing. Yes that is how I feel now. ERghh.. so emo.. it kinda sucked really bad. I mean seriously..

I should have baked today, but Glee was on and I try to follow as much as I can. Their choice of music is very good you know. Makes you wanna listen back to lots of oldies and then some new ones.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Its sucks when you wake up from a dream, especially when you are awake already. Its called thinking with your head instead of listening to what your heart says. Yep, the hearts makes everything seem happy. Rain drops were lemon drops and gum drops, LOL catz popping out here and there, flowers bloom and a shiny Mazda Rx8 is parking in your garage... Okay fine maybe the last part only appeal to me but you understand how it feels. You get so excited and then put in unrealistic expectation which end up you being really disappointed. I wonder how do optimist think this straight really. Maybe because I am particularly hungry now that I can even more crabbier. Grrr, its time for another baking session I tell you..


Cotton/ polyester slacks, short sleeve shirt, and leather/suede shoes. This are usually my uniform for colleges/universities. Slowly it turned into jeans and collared T shirts. I haven't been daring enough to wear flip flops, jeans and round neck shirts. Now suddenly out of a mood, I went back to my old way of clothing. I feel I have been wearing jeans and T shirts for so long, even my mother asked me, do I have something formal to do today. Hahaha.. I found it amusing, even though the shirt was a little bit crumpled. Maybe her eyes are getting bad. Lol..

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Summary and Bla's

Lame title, even lamer post. I am sorry, I should more pictures in. Its much less tiring that reading. Its another hot weekend, but I managed to not use the air conditioner. I had great time sleeping. Sleeping is like the best thing to do during the weekend. Its bliss I tell you, pure bliss. We could replicate that on a weekday but then that means going to bed at 10pm. Erggh.

I reduce my time going out, to save money and to show my parents I can stay at home. However my mother remarks, when I stay at home, I really stayed at home, and when I go out, I go all out. Gee Ma, make up your mind.

I went to accompany my friend to "pimp" his stereo system in his car. Well its not all out like the Tv show "pimp my ride" but 2 speakers, 2 tweeters and a woofer, already has improve his sound quality by 70%. I wanna get one too!!! :(

Damn, I think I got food poisoning. Mild one, but nevertheless it gives you smelly icky diarrhea. Erghh, what the hell did that mamak put in the curry.

I had a work given to me on Thursday, and I still haven't got to it. Yes, I am crazy and live on the thrill of getting caught not doing work.. CRAZY!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Too much internet?

Yeah, too much info on the net. I spend way to much time on it, I did not know, our house had subscribe to the movie package, 2 months ago, amazing. So I had to go a watch Transporter 3 on it. I finally caught up with it after accidentally watching it at a video store some time ago while waiting for my family.

Wicked Audi that was Frank's signature car in the film. Damn beautiful, and fast. Drool!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Maximum Strength

Ah yes, Oxy, the medication most of us have heard, seen or used. Its our favorite acne creams for many years now. Why is that? because benzoyl peroxide is one the best medication for acne and has countless of research backing it. However some people do divert from using it because benzoyl peroxide dries the skin out, sometimes so drying it makes your skin peel. Some people divert using it because they heard stories about your skin peeling.

Oxy is very safe and recommended by many dermatologist. Its unscented and has no colorant, this two are one of key agents of skin sensitivity. So if your skin does feel irritated, you might want to seek something with out these two ingredients.

Benzoyl peroxide comes in many strengths. Oxy comes in 5% and 10%, if you seek your drugstore, Watson, Guardian, or Caring, you can find 2.5 % benzoyl peroxide from another brand. Last time I did find Neutrogena carrying a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide concentration.

If you find 5% too strong for you, as in makes your skin overly dry, try getting the 2.5%. If you can tolerate 5% but want something stronger use the 10%. Dermatologist carries and even higher concentration but only under prescription.

According to the directions, you try putting it on once a day, and if there is no problem continue with putting it on twice a day after you washed your face. If you do feel its drying, use it under your favorite face cream.

Warning, benzoyl peroxide bleaches clothes and hair. So be careful when using it while wearing a very expensive shirt. I learned it the hard way... :(

*another secret, some people with oily skin use the 2.55 or 5% concentration all over their face to reduce oil production because that is what exactly the product do, but beware, when you do sweat, the benzoyl peroxide can stain your clothes..

**at 26, I still have one or two acne pop out time to time.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Life is about choices. Is it true? Can you wake up in the morning and make a choice of how your day will be? Sometimes it feels almost impossible to make that choice. Maybe that is the reasons some people are on medication or using alcohol and food to blur the line of choices. Sounds a bit crazy right, but you have to admit its true. Do you choose to be happy or sad? If you become indecisive, its gets irritating and you end up stress and you want to relieve that stress by using substance to cover it up.

Crazy eh, but its what we do each morning when we get up. I hate it when the choice is visible to the eye, for its better if it was just instinct or gut feeling. It ends up being the best choice. However, I read in study that when the participants were given 5 minutes to think, they made better choices in their judgment.

I dunno, its just a rumbling I thought about when getting up from bed. I do wish I could activate my blackberry service, alas some other things are much more important, such as eating healthy food, instead of junk food. However it seems junk food is more expensive than healthy food. Healthy as in, its not overly processed, prepared fresh and has no preservatives. That means “nasi campur” each day… Well I do feel lighter, so that is a bonus of sorts right…

Monday, March 8, 2010


I was ordering Pizza for my family last night at Dominos, as I was waiting for my order, I see their staff crowding in the kitchen. I was wondering what life they would lead as a fast food restaurant worker. However why should I ponder, I worked at a fast food restaurant before for a month and a half. It was a good experience. I was in the kitchen, all hot, sweaty and I smell like chicken each day. I first had a 6 hour shift which then increased to 8 hour and then 10 hour. It was crazy and busy. I was of course bloody scared now and then. You can see many people from all walks of life, from those who plan to have career in fast food industry (they worked from the bottom) or to those who needed extra cash. I saw a couple working together because they needed money for their wedding, a mother working because her husband is doing PhD, a clerk working part time because her current job only pays her rm 600 a month, and a student that works during the weekend to support himself. It was definitely strenuous, I remember going to work, then going home, shower, sleep then wake up play a few hours on the computer before going back to work. I had one day break per week and it is not on the weekends, which is the busiest time of the week. I was sure this was not the path I wanted to pursue in life, its just not my thing, but part time when needed is okay, but I don't know how to these people have the energy to have two jobs at the same time. Sometimes I just need to be reminded of the hardship you have to endure if you refuse to work your brain.

That Day

I feel exactly how this picture is. No, I am not the frog, but I am the Venus Flytrap that is biting the frog. Well it looks like its biting the frog, but it does not chew. It just keeps the frog inside and slowly its juice will digest the frog. How nice, you can lure things, bite it and slowly pour acid on them. Sounds very lovely to me. I do feel like biting the head, trapping them and then pouring acid to everyone I see today. Its very very irritating, especially when they to communicate with you, and then ask me really dumb questions (especially the ones that they already have the answer to) Really, just don't talk to me, unless your life depends on it, heck I'll choose to save your life or not.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


It finally hit me after seeing my friends did it, even my dad doing it. I am now using two monitors. I did not went out and get a new one, instead I used my old monitor that has been staring me in the face for the past two years. The CRT monitor still works even though its a bit dark here and there, but nevertheless it works, and now I have a larger space to work and play with online. Gosh.. how is it, that we now actually two monitors two comfortably work..

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Proton Emas (Eco Mobile Advance Solution)

This is a Proton Concept car that was premiered at the Geneva Motor Show today. This a car developed by Italdesign Giugiaro for Proton. Italdesign Giugiaro have been responsible for designing some cars for Toyota, Alfa, Volkswagen and Hyundai. A concept car means that this car is a prototype of all the future technology or design that might be used for cars developed for the road. We won't get the exact same car, but most of the technology and some design cue will make it on the road. EMAS or Eco Mobile Advance Solution is car that will be developed for Malaysian and the world.

This is the front end of Emas, a 5 door hatchback

This the side view of the 5 door hatchback

The rear view

This is the Emas Country, a rugged SUV like 3 door hatch

This is the Emas3, at only 3 meters long, it rivals Smart Fortwo. Instead of carrying 2 passengers, Emas3 can carry 3 passengers. The perfect city car.

You can park practically anywhere with a car this size.

This is the interior of the car. Notice the slot for your Iphone or Ipod Touch. Nice!

Proton Emas is a series hybrid. Yes, it has an electric motor, batteries and engine. Unlike the world famous hybrid, Toyota Prius, which uses the electric motor, engine or both to drive the car, Proton Emas engine is only used to charged the batteries when its runing out of power. According to the engineer using battery only, the car can travel 50km before the engine cuts in a supply power.

Basically, to explain how the car works in a crude way is like this. Imagine those Pasar Malam (Night Market) electric generator, put it in the engine bay of your car. Then take a few batteries and place it in under the front seat of the car. The taken an electric motor and put it in the bonnet of your car.

The electric motor will draw power from your battery and you car will be like a golf cart, whizzing quietly on the road. Once the battery is low, the generator will kick in an recharge the battery. Like any generator, you have no control on the engine speed since it will run constantly to charge the batteries.

5okm does not sound much, but in reality its really quite enough for most people, even if you do travel 100km a day, half of your trip will run on battery power alone. You can charge the car, just like how you charge your handphone.

I can't wait for this to become a reality. I need a new car soon to pass my Viva to my brother :D

Monday, March 1, 2010

Head Up

Do you just hate sick days, mine seem to drag on for weeks. My nose is still stuffy, and I gotten a bad headache in the evening. Head ache, is something very rare to me unless I am car sick. It kinda sucked to that when taking any oral medication it takes at least 30 minutes for it to give any effect to the body. Ouch!..

Do you feel sometimes that one bad thing that happened to you, seem to make your day sucked? It sucked when it happened in series. Some says its Murphy's Law, it means that whatever bad things happens in threes' the fourth one will ended up being good. Hmm lets see, forgot to bring my keys, got lectured by my dad, and then long line at the deposit machine. The good thing that happened? I did not loose my wallet when I thought I might misplaced it.. Somehow I just don't have the feeling that it is the good thing.

I envy those with insomnia, I want insomnia so that I won't feel sleepy in the morning. For me, bliss is to be be able to sleep at any given point in the day in a cool but moist environment. Aircond could not provide this, since I will end up with a dry throat since I sleep with my mouth open (I need an operation to clear up my nose), the perfect place to sleep would be, near a waterfall. The cool moist air is a dream come true to have a nice nap. I like camping in the forest near the river, its so cooling. An ideal weekend gateway for me, would probably just laze around in the jungle in a tent or better in a chalet. However you need a couple of friends who are up for it, and perhaps a lot of boardgames and card games. Its a good way to catch up on "gos" or perhaps its a way where each of us can talk about stuff we never able to talk about or never gotten a chance to do so. Too bad most of my friend are not up to guts of spending sometime in the jungle. Heck I am not jungle trekker, but I absolutely love the trips to Sg Chongkak and Gabai, its very peaceful and cool.

I need to finish up soon, I am running out of sanity....


Hmm, it was nice 3 days weekend. Mine started quite early with another Glee marathon at a friend's house on Thursday, we stayed until like 4 am to watch Glee. What a show, I only manage to catch it in other people houses, when they finished downloading it. Definitely good stuff. Friday was interesting too, with a trip to an old friends house, I haven't seen him for like 2 years, and again, watched a series, this time called True Blood, or something like that. Its a vampire series. Hmm, another vampire series, we all just love vampires don't we. Nothing like pale skin and black hair to seduce someone..hmm.. that sounds like a typical Malaysian view of beauty, pale skin and straight black hair.

Right after that I went to Uptown Shah Alam at section 29, this is a very well organized and sorted out downtown. It was roofed with each stall having its own space separated by plywood and steel. No worries about rain and bad weather. Its quiet nice, but I can't find my Cap Ayam T shirts. These are T shirts that has words of wisdom or not so wisdom printed on it. Its quite nice and cheap too. Most of it is black and black is the color to wear when you feel bloated at these times. Again bedtime at 4am. Ooh bad trend.

On Saturday was an event itself, I went and help to pick up a friends car. Well I was needed since I would be the victim to help him ease into his new car. Of course it was a bit unnerving, but he is a good driver, although I do get squeamish, I keep it all to my self and not a let a beep out. I love a new car smell, its smells, so new. To bad I can't park inside his porch anymore when I come over, drats!!! ;). I slept a wee bit early on Saturday at around 12am, only because we had something going on the next day.
Sunday was another trip to the river for some cooling of session, the weather was incredibly hot, that a trip to the stream is so needed. We piled in our car, including the mother of our friend and off we go to Sg Chongkak, for some lazy soaking in the cool river. It was so nice, and relaxing to just frolicking in the water and as usual the latest "gos" about people around us. You know you like a juicy "gos". I even managed to catch my friend and his latest other half there. Gotcha dating my friend!! :D. After the river, I had to run and meet another friend for lunch and catch up on old times again.
Gosh, I was so tried when I got back, I almost immediately feel asleep and woke up, feeling hot. I decided, I have withdrew from turning on the AC for a few days now, today I shall turn it on. The most efficient people who uses aircond in this house is my parents and sisters, since there is two people sleeping in respective rooms. The next efficient person to use the aircond is me, only because I only use it if I really need it and my aircond switch off automatically at 6.45am. The least efficient is my brother and other sister since, they sleep alone in their respective rooms and they switched it off only after they woken up, but I have to give credits to my sister since she only sleeps in her room like every other weekend. Electricity rates are increasing, so each of us has to do our little part to reduce our usage a bit.
wow... I can't believe my weekend was quite full... tiring, but full.. and ergh.. its the dreaded Monday. I shall go to the library this time, only because it will fool me into thinking that I am not in the lab.