Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Summary and Bla's

Lame title, even lamer post. I am sorry, I should more pictures in. Its much less tiring that reading. Its another hot weekend, but I managed to not use the air conditioner. I had great time sleeping. Sleeping is like the best thing to do during the weekend. Its bliss I tell you, pure bliss. We could replicate that on a weekday but then that means going to bed at 10pm. Erggh.

I reduce my time going out, to save money and to show my parents I can stay at home. However my mother remarks, when I stay at home, I really stayed at home, and when I go out, I go all out. Gee Ma, make up your mind.

I went to accompany my friend to "pimp" his stereo system in his car. Well its not all out like the Tv show "pimp my ride" but 2 speakers, 2 tweeters and a woofer, already has improve his sound quality by 70%. I wanna get one too!!! :(

Damn, I think I got food poisoning. Mild one, but nevertheless it gives you smelly icky diarrhea. Erghh, what the hell did that mamak put in the curry.

I had a work given to me on Thursday, and I still haven't got to it. Yes, I am crazy and live on the thrill of getting caught not doing work.. CRAZY!
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