Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crazy / Hair


I decided to go back to my digital album and see myself through out the year. Gosh.. I really looked awful to the point it was funny now. LOL. I was totally obsessed with my hair. I dyed, bleached and chemically relaxed it so many times to a point where my hair was so damaged, it was breaking of bit by bit like spaghetti. These are just some of the faces of me in the past.

I straighten my hair a lot during my diploma years, sadly during those days I did not have a camera to take a picture of every step and style. However this was the only picture I have of my hair actually straight. This was after straighten, bleached, colored and the colored again. This was taken like gosh.. 7 years ago maybe?

This picture was taken maybe like 2 years ago. I still wear those thick coke bottle specs and I keep my hair poofy and curly. You can see the leftover dye of my last color.

I keep my hair very short now, but before if I don't cut it it becomes this frizzy curly mess. ( It helps I was just out of bed)
Another residual dye left from the last color. My hair was long enough that you can see its curls and waves.
This was the time I dyed my hair red!. It was actually more brown to red but the processing time was to extreme at the salon and it turned out more red than brown.
I was bored during this picture and decided to iron my hair. It failed miserably.

Do you like my not so straight top look?
This was the closest thing I got to my normal cut today..
This was the hair that was dyed red a few days ago. My prof asked how and where I did it. I lied and said it cost me RM30 to do it at home, when it cost me almost RM 100 to get it done.
The red hair was very stubborn. It lingered for a very long time since I refuse to go bald.

So many hair style, so many events and emotions happened during those time, I wonder should I go full circle and go back to being hair crazy like I did in my diploma years...

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