Monday, March 29, 2010

A Great Monday Morning

It started with an incredibly lazy Monday morning, where I decided to wake up late. Even though I am lazy, I decided to just bring our Mercedes to the workshop since my brother complained the car over heated again and the power steering was busted. Since my brother wants to take his own sweet lazy time to do it. Lazy bastard...

I thought only the power steering was faulty, since it was not working. Trying to drive a car, a heavy car that is with a 6 cylinder engine in its front bonnet. is very VERY VERY hard. I don't have to lift weights, I can just drive this car without power steering and be fit. So I thought it was power steering, suddenly the car died. It died on the main road right in front of my house. You can see my orange house peeking in the trees. I called my mom to explain what happened, and she was at the gate looking at me and on the phone. I told her I'd called our mechanic Michael to explain the situation. So here I was, not on the side of the road but on the road itself. So I had to turn on the hazard lights and opened my rear bonnet/trunk, just to be safe. Some people don't realise the car is stationary. No one drives with the rear bonnet opened up like that, so I hope this will made people realise that the car is indeed not moving to prevent them from rear ending my car.

Michael came to rescue. We pop up the front hood and checked the damaged. I told him there were some red oil spills in our front porch, my mother told me it was splattered on the car porch when I reversed the car. Michael told me, my power steering oil spilled on the fan belt. The fan belt got degraded and it snapped. The fan belt is responsible to cool the engine, since the fan was not turning, the engine had to rely on the water cooling system only, the water cooling system was not sufficient enough to cool the engine. The water was empty as a result before I drove the car. Another function of the fan belt is to run the alternator. The alternator charges the battery when it is low on power, since the alternator was not moving, I was leaking my battery dry till there was no juice left which left me stalling by the road.
Talk about a so called lazy Monday morning....

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