Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Life is about choices. Is it true? Can you wake up in the morning and make a choice of how your day will be? Sometimes it feels almost impossible to make that choice. Maybe that is the reasons some people are on medication or using alcohol and food to blur the line of choices. Sounds a bit crazy right, but you have to admit its true. Do you choose to be happy or sad? If you become indecisive, its gets irritating and you end up stress and you want to relieve that stress by using substance to cover it up.

Crazy eh, but its what we do each morning when we get up. I hate it when the choice is visible to the eye, for its better if it was just instinct or gut feeling. It ends up being the best choice. However, I read in study that when the participants were given 5 minutes to think, they made better choices in their judgment.

I dunno, its just a rumbling I thought about when getting up from bed. I do wish I could activate my blackberry service, alas some other things are much more important, such as eating healthy food, instead of junk food. However it seems junk food is more expensive than healthy food. Healthy as in, its not overly processed, prepared fresh and has no preservatives. That means “nasi campur” each day… Well I do feel lighter, so that is a bonus of sorts right…

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