Sunday, September 28, 2014

How I removed my Skin Tag

My Skin Tag Removal Story

Well all of that blog post about skin tag and lasers has lead up to this. I was invited by Dr Chen, to try out their new clinic branch at TTDI.

A few years ago I was given a chance to try Fractional CO2 laser at their UOA clinic. It was definitely an experience I will remember. It was done to remove some scars from past acne.
I was again invited to try a procedure with their new Premier Clinic which specialized in Aesthetic treatments.  They have a quite number of treatment choices ranging from lasers, botox, fillers and weight loss treatment. Basically almost everything a Holywood star does to keep them looking like they do, is available here.

I personally don’t have any issues even though I am on the plump size. However after skimming through their website, they actually provided a procedure to remove skin tags. I checked my own neck and yes, there were a few skin tags here and there.

The skin tag procedure actually uses the same CO2 laser machine that was used for my Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing. What a multipurpose machine this is.

I wonder if this is the same machine that was used on me in Wisma UOA

The reason I choose this treatment is because it’s something I need and the result in instantaneous. In addition the recovery time is every swift. Hell yeah, I am going to try this.

Bye bye pesky skin tags
When I tried to Google Map the clinic, it does not actually show itself on the map. If you managed to get the row of shoplots and the Pasar TTDI nearby, you are in the right path. Besides, by the time you drive there, the sign board is actually visible from the road side.
Parking is okay, I mean if you have an appointment, you will get a free parking in front of their clinic, if not, you can just park near the market for like 50 cent an hour.

The front entrance and reception

When you enter the clinic, it looks presentable, it feels like a regular hotel or spa lobby. However, if you just loathed being seen in an Aesthetic clinic, they do have a private waiting room inside, hidden from view, as you wait for your treatments.
No one has to know

Before getting my skin tag removed, I was prepped. They applied some numbing cream to the cleaned area of my neck and the cream is left to do its magic for about half an hour. They do have WIFI, so FB or Tweet while you wait.
My hair was long, so I got hair nets.

Before the procedure, they put on this eye goggles to protect your eyes from the lasers. Since there was numbing cream on, from a scale of 1 to 10 in the pain level, I would say the pain level is about a 2. You feel a bit of heat and some poking. However one thing I did not realized is the smoke from your skin tags vaporizing into this air. I actually laughed at this part because it smelled like ikan masin goring (fried salted fish).

The tool used to apply the lasers

In about 10 minutes the whole procedure was over and I was shown what was removed from my neck. Eeewww.
Eeeww indeed

The advice they gave me was that the area where the skin tag was removed will feel like an ulcer, so I should avoid the sun, chlorine and salt water in that area. So if you sweat, you totally wipe the area dry. That’s about it. No bleeding, not weird marks, it’s just gone. Fantastic
What skin tags? There is barely any marks of its existence

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants their Skin Tag removed

Give them a call, sms or FB private message and they will cater to all your questions and needs. You can also visit them at

CO2 lasers in the medical field

Lasers have been an objection of fascination for some. What I mean by some it is usually sci fi nerds. I mean come who has not wish they could have light sabers or shoot with laser guns. Seemingly harmless light is actually  a beam of death that will either puncture you or cut off your limbs

Dead Rising 3 game play

Violent eh.

Sadly the most violent thing that normal people can do is to place with laser pointers and cause the goal keepers to miss blocking a shot. There is also the boring usage of lasers where your DVD and Blue Ray players plays your movies or games.

However little that people know, that lasers that you see in the movies are actually available to the public. Sort of.

Your local dermatologist or astheticians might actually have lasers at their disposable capable to blow a whole in a wall. A reason not to piss off them off?

CO2 laser was first invented by  Kumar Patel in the USA. The CO2 laser was one of the higheset powere and most efficient lasers that were available. It was one of the most useful in a variety of surgical, industrial and military applications.

Mr laser himself, well at least he pioneered the ones dermatologist uses in clinics.

Fast forward into the future, CO2 laser has been one of the widely used lasers in the cosmetic world. Skin aesthetic clinic such as use these type of lasers regularlt.  CO2 laser has 10600nm wavelength which is absorbed extremely well by water. Since water makes up most biological tissue, skin respon well to this laser. A CO2 laser will direct short, concentrated pulsating beams of light to the skin and precisely remove skin layers by layers. This procedure is great for a variety of problems such as wrinkles, scars, warts, oil glands and other condition. A very multipurpose laser indeed.  Newer version of lasers uses fractional CO2 that uses short pulsed light energy or continuous light beams that are delivered in scanning pattern to remove thin layers of skin with minimal heat damage.


Since the layers of skin are vaporized at a prĂ©cised level, recover time is as short as 2 weeks. Treatments for scar, acne or wrinkle might take a few sessions. However skin tag takes only one session with no bleeding and no major discomfort. Now that is what something all skin tag sufferer want to try is. 

What Are Skin Tags?

When I first the word skin tag, I immediately thought of a price tag on a piece skin, like black market post apocalyptic thing.

Perhaps my mind is a bit too imaginative. However a quick trip to Google search shows that skin tags are pieces of skin than hangs off the skin, kinda like the tag on a shirt. Hmm, quite a straight forward name for a condition.  It’s a benign type of growth of the skin, which means it will not change into anything other than a skin tag. A less glamorous name for skin tag is acrochordon

It usually occurs at places where there is skin to skin friction such as your arm pits, neck, chest and groin. Eeewww.

So why remove a skin tag? Is vanity so important so to you?.  I would slap a person who says that to me. Obviously they don’t have a skin tag to say that. Since the location is a places where either your skin rub against each other or where clothes and jewelry will rub against the skin tag, it will get incredibly annoying and sometimes it irritates the skin, especially when you sweat.

So most people have the skin tags removed. There are a few ways to do this. There is the method of using nail clipper or scissors. Mind you, the skin tag is attached to the skin, so it feels like you are cutting your skin and there will be blood, a lot of blood. In addition there will be scarring at that particular place. I bet you, a lot of people with skin tags have tried this before. Eeewww

Then we have the trusted and tried method of choking the skin tag to death by taking a string and wrap it around the skin tag and leave it on for a few days. What will happen is that, you cut off the circulation of the skin tag and it will fall off, eventually. Eeewww again.

How about a modern take on skin tag removal. Like a futuristic kind of procedure, such as lasers. Lasers are awesome. It’s what comes to my mind when I think of the future.  A concentrated light that will safely remove just the skin tag with out harming the rest of the skin that is done quickly with no blood shed. I had great fun looking at for some skin tag removal  procedure that is quick and safe.

Now that is awesome

*I tried to google skin tag pictures and I got really disgusted, you guys can go freak your selves out