Sunday, September 28, 2014

What Are Skin Tags?

When I first the word skin tag, I immediately thought of a price tag on a piece skin, like black market post apocalyptic thing.

Perhaps my mind is a bit too imaginative. However a quick trip to Google search shows that skin tags are pieces of skin than hangs off the skin, kinda like the tag on a shirt. Hmm, quite a straight forward name for a condition.  It’s a benign type of growth of the skin, which means it will not change into anything other than a skin tag. A less glamorous name for skin tag is acrochordon

It usually occurs at places where there is skin to skin friction such as your arm pits, neck, chest and groin. Eeewww.

So why remove a skin tag? Is vanity so important so to you?.  I would slap a person who says that to me. Obviously they don’t have a skin tag to say that. Since the location is a places where either your skin rub against each other or where clothes and jewelry will rub against the skin tag, it will get incredibly annoying and sometimes it irritates the skin, especially when you sweat.

So most people have the skin tags removed. There are a few ways to do this. There is the method of using nail clipper or scissors. Mind you, the skin tag is attached to the skin, so it feels like you are cutting your skin and there will be blood, a lot of blood. In addition there will be scarring at that particular place. I bet you, a lot of people with skin tags have tried this before. Eeewww

Then we have the trusted and tried method of choking the skin tag to death by taking a string and wrap it around the skin tag and leave it on for a few days. What will happen is that, you cut off the circulation of the skin tag and it will fall off, eventually. Eeewww again.

How about a modern take on skin tag removal. Like a futuristic kind of procedure, such as lasers. Lasers are awesome. It’s what comes to my mind when I think of the future.  A concentrated light that will safely remove just the skin tag with out harming the rest of the skin that is done quickly with no blood shed. I had great fun looking at for some skin tag removal  procedure that is quick and safe.

Now that is awesome

*I tried to google skin tag pictures and I got really disgusted, you guys can go freak your selves out
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