Sunday, September 28, 2014

CO2 lasers in the medical field

Lasers have been an objection of fascination for some. What I mean by some it is usually sci fi nerds. I mean come who has not wish they could have light sabers or shoot with laser guns. Seemingly harmless light is actually  a beam of death that will either puncture you or cut off your limbs

Dead Rising 3 game play

Violent eh.

Sadly the most violent thing that normal people can do is to place with laser pointers and cause the goal keepers to miss blocking a shot. There is also the boring usage of lasers where your DVD and Blue Ray players plays your movies or games.

However little that people know, that lasers that you see in the movies are actually available to the public. Sort of.

Your local dermatologist or astheticians might actually have lasers at their disposable capable to blow a whole in a wall. A reason not to piss off them off?

CO2 laser was first invented by  Kumar Patel in the USA. The CO2 laser was one of the higheset powere and most efficient lasers that were available. It was one of the most useful in a variety of surgical, industrial and military applications.

Mr laser himself, well at least he pioneered the ones dermatologist uses in clinics.

Fast forward into the future, CO2 laser has been one of the widely used lasers in the cosmetic world. Skin aesthetic clinic such as use these type of lasers regularlt.  CO2 laser has 10600nm wavelength which is absorbed extremely well by water. Since water makes up most biological tissue, skin respon well to this laser. A CO2 laser will direct short, concentrated pulsating beams of light to the skin and precisely remove skin layers by layers. This procedure is great for a variety of problems such as wrinkles, scars, warts, oil glands and other condition. A very multipurpose laser indeed.  Newer version of lasers uses fractional CO2 that uses short pulsed light energy or continuous light beams that are delivered in scanning pattern to remove thin layers of skin with minimal heat damage.


Since the layers of skin are vaporized at a prĂ©cised level, recover time is as short as 2 weeks. Treatments for scar, acne or wrinkle might take a few sessions. However skin tag takes only one session with no bleeding and no major discomfort. Now that is what something all skin tag sufferer want to try is. 

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