Friday, December 20, 2013

Wide awake

That dreaded phase has arrive again.

I can't wake up early anymore. Oh fcuk!  It feels like everyday is a struggle to wake up and that is bad. Really bad.

When I do wake up, I just dozed off again.  The only time I feel energized waking up is when I am late.

Must be an adrenaline rush or something. Shti.. Does this mean I am an adrebaline junky.  Whoaaaa I blew my own mind this morning

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Obsessive Much over Pokemon X and Y

Yup I have gone pretty obsessive with my Pokemon games. I used or am still obsessed with it. I remember playing it on the Game Boy pocket. It was a very lonely game experience and you just keep battling and keep playing over and over again, but using different Pokemons

However as we go to current game and system, I am now able to play with players all over the world using the built in Wifi inside my Nitendo 3DS. It an awesome feeling and helps to keep the game fresh. It also shows how sucky I am when playing with humans. However practice do make perfection, so on I go practicing and creating the perfect teams

Monday, December 16, 2013

Burnt? Burned

Whoa, talk about being burned or burnt or however you spelled it. I feel tired actually. I am not sure why. Could be because of lack of exercise? I mean exercise does elevate your mood, although I must admit there were some times in the gym that I felt like throwing a dumbell at someone or something.

Food related? Too much or too little food does wonders to people