Monday, June 30, 2008


YAHOO!!!!! FINALLY I GOT THIS MOTHERFU... ermm I mean, I finally got my extraction right this time with the help of my co supervisor. For the first 5 trials I failed to get any bands after the second column, but with my wonderful supervisor help, it finally appeared. I was relieved and excited this had happened. We had to alter so many things, we had to use 11 samples of my tachyzoites. ELEVEN, where as before I used only 2 or 3 tubes of my samples. Due to the very concentrated amount of parasite, I could eluted the DNA 8 times and still we got a band. While we working on the extraction, I talked to my supervisor about what happened on Friday and how I took off suddenly before 12pm. The people in my lab wondered why I left but most concluded, "Its probably stress, that is why Budleee took off". I find it quite amusing, no wonder people were just like cool with it. Anyways I am going to write down the protocol and keep it inside the parasitology lab's, lab manual which contained all the molecular work that has been done so far. At least now who ever needs to get T. gondii tachyzoites DNA from mice's peritoneal fluid, would not have to go to my ordeal for the past few days. Now all I have to do is to run PCR with my primers so I can get the DNA sequence I need for my expression. My advisor favourite word "It easy budlee, just do it one time and you will get it" WHATEVER!!!!!!!! I almost got a nervous breakdown with the extraction. Oh well, lets see, express protein, do a lethal mouse test, immunize guinea pigs, mate guinea pigs, immunized rabbits, run ELISA, run western blot, take pictures. SO EASY RIGHT!!! LIKE HELL IT IS!!!!!! So I am warning all my readers, this will not be the last time I will break down and runaway and babble on the blog when I get stressed from my advisor...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Petronas Family Day / Concert

Last Saturday was my sister's company family day at Bangi. At only RM 10 per entrance we gotten unlimited amount of food and a free concert show.

AC Mizal was the host for tonight and he was his funny and witty usual self

Acha Sepitriasa was there to entertain us all. One the few songs she sang was "My Heart". However that was not Irwanshah singing, just a Petronas employee who won Petronas own singing competition.

Anuar Zain was also present that night. He was one of my favourite male singer. He sang Keabadian Cinta, Lelaki Ini, Ketulusan Hati and Sway. Definitely a crowd pleaser and he even brought his own band in. He sounds exactly like what you hear on the radio :). I was singing along to all of his performance :p.

Last but not least, Wings performed on staged with Awie in his suit and Cowboy hat. He was very charming and hilarious :D. I still can't shake his performance as a drag queen in Apa Kata Hati :p


I was so stressed out last Friday, I packed up my files, ripped down my BMW poster and just left the lab before 12 pm. I was working really hard on my extraction and was about to get it right, when my advisor called me up and say if I cannot get it after the third time doing it, might as well not do it at all. I felt like throwing up, my bowels getting loose and light headed at the same time. All that hard work down the drain. This is just the extraction and I am not even close making a recombinant protein. I don’t know how to say this with using foul, offensive, degrading immoral language to my advisor, because I know other people read this and it might affect my future.My advisors is like one the few lecturer/teachers that seem to leave an “impression”, a very very deep “impression”, more like a boot print to my soul. During my diploma years we had the most fiercest BEL (English) lecturer in UiTM. She was well known for her loud voice coming from such a small frame, and her death threats. I am not kidding she will kill you and she makes you pay. Even if you are not in her class, you would find out from others how urmm unique she is. My bachelor degree was not exempted from this type of people. She was a Dr from India teaching Clinical Microbiology and other subjects. Her class was like the worst place to be in, you have to sit up straight, you must have everything on your desk and you can never reach your bag for stuff. Even if you handphone beeb because of your battery is dead she will kick you out. Everybody would like sit way in the back because many were afraid of her, and her class is so quiet you probably can hear a pin drop. As I move on to my post graduate study, as fate would have it, my Advisor is belongs to this group. How shall I say it hmm urm yes I am breaking down with him, seriously I am falling apart. He expects so much from me, at first I could take it, but right now I am like returning to my former diploma self, instead of saying “I am not sure” its more like “ I don’t know”. There is a different between those two sayings because the first one in uncertainty but at least it shows you might go out and find out what it means. The latter is like giving up and just riding on whatever is moving. I think I am going back to that dark seedy, lowly life again. I went to the lab and my lab technician said that my advisor was looking for me after Friday prayers. I was like in my bed, trying to stay calm when he called. I am not sure what he means by that he told my lab techie that I went home already.. This paranoid mind is starting to wonder, does he mean I am a lazy bastard who goes home early each day, or I just did not care anymore.. I felt like the latter, I have no idea what will happen on Monday, will I be let go, will I get scolded or will I get sent to someone else, or will I go really crazy that I will go to Hospital Kajang so the doctors can check if I have gotten off the deep end or not. I felt like going off the deep end..

Post grad life..real life…… my life

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sepi, in the lab

Like the movie, its was Sepi in the lab yesterday before I watched the movie. Since everyone was not in the lab today. So I had ample time and space to do my work

Everything was there for my experiment, and I aliquot everything and sealed the original stock to be prevent contamination.

My laminar airflow is all clean and UV lighted to killed any bacteria

The centrifuges are working and the RA next door taught me what the "quick" button on the centrifuge does. (Perfect if you just want to momentarily spin your samples)

Even the thermocycler is set perfectly

Still there is not band in my gel... I spent the whole day and still no band.. I swear to god there was a band in the second column, but I think that is just wishful thinking.. I had to drag a friend from a nearby lab to confirm it.. SIGH!!! ARGHH!!!! I can't do spectophotometer because I had to buy a quartz cuvet to place the sample in.. GRRRR!!!

On the way to Pavillion to watch the movies Sepi, there was a massive JAM at Jln Sultan Ismail, I was stuck here for a 40 minutes :(.

My fuel was also running low so I had to switch off the air cond.

Hairie and I had dinner at Carl's Jr, other than the regular burger, we ordered the Chillie Cheese Fries. Hairie never had this before. This is beef, melted cheese and other spices smothered over fries.

After we both had LONG and TIRED day, its time to get messy!!! :D

Sepi, The Movie

A snapshot, the only snapshot I managed to take during the whole entire movie. Every was far to precious to only view on a VGA camera

Sepi, or from what I understand means loneliness in English. Its a feeling that you get when you failed to be with your loved one, a feeling you get when you lost your loved one and the feeling where you cannot let go of your past loved even though it is over. Yes, Sepi is another film by Khabir Batia's who also made the movie Cinta. While Cinta focuses on all types of love that one can obtained, Sepi focuses on the feeling when Love is gone, lost or cannot be forgotten. As like Cinta, we follow the lives of 3 different individuals but somehow, their path crossed one day which became the pivoting moment in their life. First we have Adam, a young jolly Chef whom pastry and cakes are among of his specialty. Adam has been to so many weddings and is getting sick of being placed in the singles table. He kept seeing his friends and family member getting married one by one, deep down inside he wonders, if he will find his true love and live happily ever after like them. The second story is about Sufi, a shoemaker, and now a single dad who just lost his one true love. Sufi run's everyday to forget the past and perhaps find a future. He wonders if there is a second chance at love. The third story revolves around Imaan, a young woman in college whose passion is about theatre. She wrote a touching play that is named ironically "Sepi" which describes that feeling of loneliness if you lost or have not found your loved one. One wonders why she could feel lonely when she has a boyfriend, family, friends and even another guy who is after her.

WOW!!!! is what I felt. I mean this was a GREAT movie. I mean it grabs you and pokes you at all the right places. I never been to a cinema where its half empty (Hairie and I saw it on a weekday, who would seat so close in the front anyway unless its a weekend) but people are so quiet at certain scenes. No annoying phones or lame jokes. We laughed, we gasped, and we sat there in silence in unison. Most of the audience even sat through half the credits to see if there is anything else on or maybe they were still moved by the film. I know I was, I would shed a tear on some of the sad part and would not felt anything much on the other sad parts but even in a scene where it is not sad I would feel sad too!!!! The story was not heavy though, it was light and I think most people would understand it.

Another aspect of this movie that you should keep an eye on is the cinematography. There was 3 stories in this movie and each story has a different colour scheme. Adams story was laced with Purple and White. You can clearly see these two colours in every scene of Adam's story because this is the prominent color in Adam's life. In Sufi's story, I forgotten about their color for a while but after the movie I remembered, that it was Blue and Black. These are the colors you can see that is intentionally accent in every scene. Red was the focal point in Imaan's part of the movie. You can see this striking color in every scene. Everybody seemed to be wearing something Red and there would be at least a Red Object in every scene. The colour scheme for me matches the whole mood of each characters story perfectly. Red is the colour for passionated love that just never goes away in ones heart. Blue is the colour of peacefulness and also could be the color of depression, hence the saying "I am feeling blue", Black could also be the color of guilt that consume us inside slowly. For me Purple is like a happy colour because its kind of striking in a soft way but since to make purple there is blue hidden in the mixture, it shows a hidden sadness. White expresses purity and sincerity of a true love.

Camera angles and the soundtrack of this movie is like so good. The camera angles are so good, its as if you are there with them, from a eye level view, panoramic view, voyeurism or just from the characters point of view. For me its like the best, and makes you a part of the movie. The soundtrack.. oooh the sound track, there is a song for every feeling and every scene which matches perfectly. It lifts you mood or drag you down along with the character accordingly.

All I can say is, that this is a great movie to watch. If you don't like Malay movies, these are one of the few that will changed your mind. There is not long, mundane conversation, no poorly jokes that forces you to laughed, just a sincere view of a characters life and how it can be related to you. I give it 9/10. :D

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

That sick feeling

You know how some of us love to watch these thriller/slasher/horror movies. Its gives us this rush that makes us wants more. I mean we love to see the characters get culled one by one in the most horrible and gruesome way. Well guess what, you can do that too, albeit using a game, called well The Torture Game . This is very sick sadistic game where you can torture this guy at your will as many times as you want using nails, chainsaw, spikes or a variety of guns. You can also just yanked the limbs out or you can slowly shave the skin off. The only thing the victim you are torturing will say is "UGHHH!" but only after he is dead. A game for those who literally want to KILL time..

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well I don't really like to be tag who tag other because it takes so much time to do the tag.. huhuh.. but never the less I think its only appropriate since they remembered me to tag me :D
This is from Sam, a blogger that I recently add to my list.

1. Right now, what's at the top of your "Top 25" list on iTunes?

Urk? iTunes... I don't use that mp3 player, I just prefer playing Winamp :D. Top of the list??? I usually dump all my songs in the playlist and just listen or skip to the one suitable for my mood. However the songs that I keep hearing are Love In Club, the normal version and the remix featuring Beyonce, Sexy Can I by Ray J, and Damaged by Danity Kane.

2. Right now, what's the first thing on your "To Do" list for today?

Urgh.. its Giemsa staining for my thin blood smear to detect P. berghei. I can't believe it took me all morning because I need to find out if the the other mice have the parasite reproducing in them. If not I have to passage some new ones that I just gotten out of another mice... I still haven't started on my PCR. Its looks like I might be stuck in the lab for a while.

3. Right now, what are you thinking about having for your next meal?
Urmm I am quite full now, but in the back of my mind, is my mom fried chicken with rice and then some "gulai" or something. I don't have any craving for the moment.

4. Right now, what other applications are running on your PC as you do this meme?
Urm just my Yahoo messenger and Winamp.

5. Right now, name 5 people you think will respond to this meme if you tagged them?
Hmm I would choose Dr Chen, Inah, Dr Josh, Ziana, and Abg Awie

DNA and my weight

ARGHH!!! I am still not getting any reading on the agarose gel for my tachyzoites DNA extraction. Its getting insanely frustrating. I recent consulted with those who have been doing extraction for a long time. I found out I may need to double or triple my sample concentration. Also if I take the eluted DNA, and run PCR on it with my primers, I should be able to get a read a band on the gel, because PCR will amplified the minute DNA that is not present when running the agarose gel

This was my blood result during the first time I joined my University research on obesity. As usually all the reading are high, but it shows that I don't have diabetes or high blood pressure. However by HDL is low and my fat content is high, which is normal for me, who are fat already. I do hope all these number that should be low will be reduced by August and the number that are low should increased. huhuhu i hope so :p

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Last Lunch...

Don't worry folks, its not bad, is the last lunch my dad made before going back to Sudan okay ;) My dad is a great cook and he made like one the best grilled lamb, curry lamb and cheese salad ever :D

Lamb curry, yum, my dad makes like the BEST lamb curry ever.

Grilled lamb, so good, I forgotten how many mouth watering, finger licking, juicy tasting pieces I had :D

Cheese salad, made with Romaine lettuce, Japanese cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, salt, lime juice, salt and a drizzle of Parmesan. Simple, nice, tangy and delicious :D


Definition of Etiquette from Wikipedia

Etiquette, one aspect of decorum, is a code that governs the expectations of social behavior, according to the contemporary conventional norm within a society, social class, or group. Usually unwritten, it may be codified in written form. Etiquette usually reflects formulas of conduct in which society or tradition have invested

Interesting stuff, I was just chatting with some people from the chat room and I personally find it offensive when my sarcasm/loyar buruk/perli is considered inappropriate. Okay, if you were my mother, my lecturer or someone I need to pretend to be nice an sweet, it would be okay. However if I were just chatting and being myself, that is a part of my personality. When people find it so offensive and derogatory, well then I guess I better close that chat room window because why would I waste time with a person who judged me on that a single line of word. This is me and this is who I am, if I had to pretend to be this neat, prim and proper person, I would rather talk to my thesis advisor. Its time for me to clean up my Yahoo Messenger list, to get rid of these people (well I think they are homo sapiens but you can never know that right when chatting faceless) and those who never seem to be online or reply to me.
*p.s I am not referring to any blogger I have on my list right now or those who are close to me. Many of you recognized me and my personality so you would know the line between my jokes and insults. People who does not know or cannot take it are not those close to me. So sick of people getting so uptight when I say something.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Italian Mamak aka William

Yup according to some local website, William is also known as a Italian Mamak to some. I went there yesterday with Hairie after we both finished our work late. As usual the place was packed but we both got a pleasant suprised that day. The tab for our dinner was not that much, just RM 28, I expected a lot but I guess the dishes that we ordered does not cost that much to make. The pictures below were taken by Hairie phone's, why use my VGA camera when his 2 megapixels works so much better :D

Ribena laichi and Watermelon Iceblended BOTH YUMMY!!!

First time I had roti Hawaii, basically, roti canai stuffed with egg, pineapple, chicken franks and eggs with dal, curry and one thousand island sauce. Delicious, the bread was soft and the proportion was just nice and right
Hairie had the Mee Raja Chicken, you can actually ask them for chicken only or duck only or steak only or all three of them. Apparently he loves the pandan chicken and the noodles. A very nice dish to have. This was my third time in this restaurant. We were both very hungry when we arrived here and we left feeling very full. That is bliss :D

Friday, June 20, 2008

Pen is Mightier Than The Sword

Ah yes, the Pen is Mightier Than The Sword, an proverb in the old days. Forget the pen, keyboard is a man nuclear bomb sent to destroy everything in its path. Hehe a little bit too much right. However what had happened in the past few days, has a little truth to it.. One must be careful what one writes in a blog. Unless your blog is private you never know who will read it and how will they react to it. This is what happened with H and myself. Although, the case has been closed, the effect will still linger. After seeing H, I drag Hairie out to a movie, he chose Maid of Honor as out movie of the day. I must confess I am a closeted chick flick lover, I dunno why but I like Chick flicks. I know its so derogatory to label it like that, but I do. I guess I spent to much time with my sister. Maid of Honor is basically a male version of Runaway Bride with bits and pieces here and there that has been changed. Its a good movie with all the right slaps lick comedy and a few sex jokes here and there. Lots of making out scene too ;). Its a good movie if you are a hopeless romantic, (you can either emphasis on being hopeless or being romantic :p)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dating Woes + In this life + In this life 2 = confusion and heartbreak

Dating woes + in this life + in this life 2

Those who knew me and H as a couple, please read everything through, sorry if some of you don't understand it but its the only way I could clarify everything up..

These are the two recent entries that described me and my relationship. Sadly these 3 entries have hurt the person I love the most other than my family. I am sorry if some of you do not understand some of this, because like my blog title my there are many sides of my of my life that I will not and could not reveal. Yes I was a in a relationship with H and most of you know who H is. We been together since January 21 after I got out of a bad relationship. H came to me like a heavenly light in my dimmed dark world. I was so happy too find H. H was everything I wanted in a person. H was something that made me felt whole again. H was the one I have been waiting all my life. We have been dating almost 5 months, people who knew me and H, know how affectionate we both are. There are mutual friends that H shared with me, whom have become my good friends too. I loved what H and I had, I loved it at bit too much, I planned my future with H already even though H told me not to do it because so many things could happen down the road. I ignored H and continued my fairy tail life with H. H told me so many times not to get ahead and just focus with the present. I failed to do so and kept dreaming. I failed to be alive in the present and failed to noticed small signs that my relationship was not working as it should.

Friends told me something was wrong, strangers told me something was wrong, but NO!! I ignored every word they say and saying they were wrong. Basically May and Jun was the start of the breakdown of H and me. H and I went to the first place we met privately together, and discussed about our relationship. Only that night, I finally opened my eyes and ears to what H has to say. I was woken up from a dream, into a nightmare that lasted till last night. I was so heartbroken and felt so dumb. I had a series of breakdowns and as a result my blog entries became bitter and depressed. H told me something I heard so many times before which "I like you as a brother" I just kept quiet about it and praying that it was not true but alas so many signs and symptoms of a "brotherly love" appeared so much that even I felt it.

A brother??? I felt like the world was dropped on me. All this time I was just a brother... Then that series of depression just started and I was in a mess. I was in denial, even when H asked me out for movies I still went even though I was bitter. When we had dinner together with a bunch of friends, I still accompanied with H even though the reason I went there because I wanted to meet my other friends. I was this psychological jerk who was bent on revenge, but I kept my cool because I was still sane, barely sane. However the stress of a bent stupid expensive gate and the fear my dad's rage against the family, put in out of control. So I had another breakdown..

I found out that I never forgave H and I was suppressing my emotion, I broke down into a serious depression. My good friend who came all the way from the south to meet me and his new gf told me I had serious mental problem just like he did when he broke up with his first love. Right now he is on medication to treat it and he has to stay on it. I was so unstable I was so sad, but I tried to fight it, tried to get my self back together. I started to meet with my good friends and met new people. My friend who is from the south came to visit me, I was excited because we chatted for almost a year before he came to visit me in UPM, after visiting his new girlfriend. I was happy seeing him because he is one of my dear friend whom has all my secrets.

I was starting to forgive H, I was starting to forgive my self,meeting new people and suddenly given me hope, that I still do love H with all my heart, and if it means to be "siblings" why not. I am not losing anything, I gained "family" even though its not the conventional way. I was almost finally able to get over it, for good. But last night was the catalyst for me too really have H back in my life, as a friend, as a sibling.

A stranger suddenly add me up on YM, this stranger was K, K was the friend of my last relationship with A. A was someone I looked up too and we hang out last year, I made a mistaked oh hanging out with K a lot that it cost me my money and time. I told K about all the things that A have done to me and how A is the type who would sleep around. I mean I waited for A to realised I was the best one but A was ignorant, so I left P. K felt cheated and stupid like I did, for spending so much money and time on that skank whore. K was the one who gossiped with me about A about how A treated him the same way A treated me. It never felt so good to gossip, I suddenly felt so happy. I was ready to be friends with H again, H was again someone special in my life, even though we can't be together at least we could be friends.

So all my friends, blogger friends and non blogger friends please stop calling, smsing, emailing H about what had happened to me. It was not H's fault, it was all my confusion and wishful thinking. H is not my common enemy, A was my common enemy that I shared with K. The "in this life 2" was an entry made to tell the world I am ready to be whole again and to get H back into my life. Sadly all of our concerned and caring friends started to blame H for my crazyness, rage and depression. I was supposed to meet H today at Pavillion for a movie, I was planing the whole speech about how I am sorry for being such a moody jerk even though I claimed to be friends. I was planning to be what we were supposed to be when we first got together, what H has told me but I refuse to listen

Please everyone who sms, called, org emailed H. Please don't blame him.. for what I have done, the last entry had nothing to do with H. H has been nothing but an angel for me. Please I am begging all of you...

H, please forgive me. I am so sorry that your reputation has been tarnished for my writings. If you don't want to see me again and banished me from your life and from your world, I understand, what I have done was sheer evil and caused you much so much pain and caused your reputation on the line. Maybe this is why we cannot be together..... I am sorry..

In this life 2

We have our ups and downs... I felt like crap in the morning after subuh prayers, I just want to stay in bed and never to wake up...
I dragged my self out of bed to see the damaged to my car :(

Mid day was a bit better...
Even the weather was gloomy, but somehow this gloomy weather cheered me up :)
Prof came so I can do my job as his PA to switch off the mute button of his laptop and change the cursor icons. I just knew today that my prof had no clue how to differentiate my project from past research.. I thought he had it all figured out, but I guess I was wrong.. Sure DIE one... sigh.. they day got suckier for me.

However night time turned up to be the best time of the day. I got to chat with two people, two really good friends. One friend admitted that he was clinically depressed and took medication for it while the other one spill some beans on a common enemy. I felt light again, my mind was not blurry anymore. I mean wow! gossip and the truth has never felt so right before. Am I okay? nope I am still not okay, but do I feel better, HELL Yeah.!!!!... enough sad entries for now okay :D

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In this life

My allergies are back and I have a headache, the whole lab is filled the paint vapour for making the ovitrap for my labmates project. I thought that would be a problem.. till...

I accidentally back up against the gate after I was rushing to meet a friend. Like my brother, we both were rushing and backed up against the gate.. The gate is now bent and wont properly closed, price to repair it. Most likely in the 4 figure range which probably increased because of the recent petrol hike.

I am not okay, I promised.. like the My chemical romance song. I am seriously not okay...I been trying to put a cheery front, a smiley face, a positive outlook of life, but this gate bending thing has been a catalyst to bring up old memories...It sounds so materialistic but this is what happened if my dad is around. Whenever something is wrong or broken he will tend to be in this tantrum, he will get ticked off at the slightest issue. I have no problem if it was just me to take the blame, however with my dad's rage, you people who are reading my blog and never met my dad would probably get a feel of his rage. Sadly I have this kind of rage too, and blow things out of proportion..Does this gate represent something.... maybe I was just suppressing and tossing all the issues that have been bothering me to the side.....Relationship that did not turn out the way I wanted it to be, weight fluctuation, my skin getting worse, my research going stagnant, and feeling trap, trap in my own house and my own life..

I want to run but I don't know where to go, I don't want to run away from my problems but I want a different perspective to it..There is just so many side of me that I could not never reveal to people...I am so tired....I need time for myself now.. to think over.. to become new..I need to cry, I need to scream, I need to sweat it out...I need myself back...

Monday, June 16, 2008

The New Guy

A new guy will joined my lab, I think he is joining since he is already doing the work. However he is not doing molecular work.. sigh.. still no geng, but at least he is a GUY. I like to be friends with girls, they have become some of my best friends, but sometime you just need a guys perspective yah, and topics are taboo to be talked with women ;). So far he is pretty down to earth, friendly and quite diligent. I just learned he is a jock, a jock with brains mind you, since he is willing to study a bit more while the rest of his friends probably off looking for a job. Well I do hope he stays until the end of his master program.

Here is to more students joining the parasitology lab :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Car owner

People who knew me, will know I am very obssed with cars. Not F1 cars or Nascar but just the normal ones that people drive on the road. If I met anyone or know anyone I would always remember the vehicle that they have driven. Heck I almost know what car each of the blogger in my page drives. Either by looking at them driving it or seeing them standing next to it. I won't say its 100% accurate but most of the time I got them right. This list is in order the the links on my blog.

  1. Abg Awie = as far as i know, he is still car less but I remember shoving him a Proton Saga brochure as his first car
  2. Shafique = Proton Wira Aeroback
  3. Luvis = Proton Wira (1.5 gl if i am not mistaken)\
  4. Miss Ziana = She drives either a Gen2 her dads Waja
  5. Riken and Malim = both does not own a car in Aussieland, but they went on trip to a snow cover mountain with the rear tires in chain for more grip in the snow on a Ford Territory
  6. Inah = Imago Blue Kelisa Ezi, with a brand new shiny exhaust. She is selling the car.
  7. Sam = So far there has been no car related story I can remember of with Sam
  8. Bibik = Not sure, I know he rode a cab with a sex crazed driver and he did took pictures of his friend trying to take a 21 inch TV up to their apartment.
  9. Aziaya = during our time at our old Private college she used to drive a white kancil
  10. Sense of the insane = has a Myvi probably full of stuffed piglets dolls :p
  11. Veronicles - maroon Satria Neo higline automatic with 17 inch rims and white striped themed stickers
  12. Kingdom - A black Cerfiro
  13. Wahdi = Selling his red Alfa Romeo Twin Spark 146
  14. Sinbad = SLK (small little kancil)
  15. Meksinful Angel = no car related entry yet
  16. Adnautica = rode a Samsung car during his stay at Korea
  17. Mummy ita = dia membonceng hubby dia merempit ke tempat keje, tapi ada proton perdana
  18. Putera Rizal = Drive a brand new Mistubishi Lancer (non turbo edition)
  19. Red mummy = Honda City IVTEC sparkle grey
  20. Arch Arel = Black Proton Savvy with rainbow headlights
  21. Beruang madu = black Myvi
  22. Dr Shah = Silver Kia Spectra
  23. Dr Josh = Nissan X trail
  24. Dr Chen = Merempit but used to have proton iswara which he handed down to his brother
  25. Dr Malina = Mazda Premacy
  26. Kak Pinky = honda civic, proton wira, kancil, proton waja 1.8, and she driven a toyota estima during a trip to one of New Zealand hills.

Dating Woes

I recently have gotten out of a relationship. We been dating for a couple of months, just dating to get to know each other better. Alas it just wont work out the way I wanted it to be, so after the truth was told, we decided to be just friends. It would be a big lie to say I was okay with it, I mean when you feel like you found the right person, you already planned the future with them right. It seemed to be an almost perfect picture. However it just never work out, we both have different ideas where the relationship would go, so this clash of interest was not good. I was in denial for a few days where I claimed to be feel better, but I was not. I had a lot of residual anger inside, felt very frustrated and easily ticked off. I mean it something I hoped for a very long time but it did not turn up the way I want. Its not fair to the other party either, but sometimes you just cannot control it. I guess that is how love works, it blinds you, deafen you from logic, heck sometime it makes a new logic to fool your own logical thinking, which is something I have. I found out I never really let it go, that feeling, that relationship, I was still stuck on that day where I faced the truth and actually listen to it.

Its time to for me to let it go, and when letting it go, it means to just be free from the negative energy that surround me. Why the sudden change you may ask, I have a few of YM friends whom know every details of my life whom I talk to regularly. I met some of these people before and but some I have not gotten the chance to meet. Today during another round of emotional breakdown, E, one of my YM friends who listens to all my rants and raves, suddenly SMS me to ask if I was free since E was around my area. I was thrilled actually, my spirits was lifted and I was able to meet this person in real life. E came to my campus and I showed E around my lab, and the Animal house where I housed my mice and parasites.

After that I dragged E to The Mines to get my laptop fixed and we sat at a local kopitiam to just talk, and much as I loved chatting talking in real life is so much better. I felt very at ease with E. I found that E would also like to pursue masters and PhD. E was studying engineering and felt that during E's practical E felt very bored with the job. E love conferences and presentation. That just screams professor to my ears. It felt great to meet people with the same passion and future profession as I am. Even if we study different subjects, in the end, we would understand each other.

E came to KL to help E's friend on something, E was also there to meet M, E's new couple.
Of course I felt very jealous of E's decision to choose M and have M to be E's couple but E has been single for a while and its only fair E's has that happiness too. It just made me realised that its normal to be just not compatible with each other. There will be other people. E's visit today not only gave me a chance to see E's in person but some how E's has made me to just let everything go. I felt so light after meeting E. My mind was clearer and I finally ready to move on.

Thanks E for just being there to listen, I know you will be reading my blog sooner or later, I would skip lab anytime if you took the trouble to visit me :D

She Will Be Loved

My hamster just died, but I knew she was going to leave me soon. She had this large tumour in her abdomen. It was so big, she cannot crawl through her house or scratch her own head. So her death was expected

I buried her in our yard along with the other 2 hamster I had buried. The teddy bear hamster or the big ones live up to 3 years while the ones I have was the dwarf hamster which lives up to 2 years. I got her last year so its been almost a year since she was with us. She will be loved and will be missed. She is Ms Chu, my late dwarf hamster.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our house got broken into this morning around 8 am - 10 am. They cut pry open the window and cut through the grill. They probably chose our house because all 3 cars was out. The thief did not know that my younger sister and younger brother was still asleep. We suspect there was two people in this job. One of the scouted the ground floor of our house while the second one went upstairs to check the rooms. As they went from room to room, the thief tried to enter my brothers room which was locked, the thief probably slammed the door hard enough to awaken my brother. Usually my mother does that and he will stumbled getting up and saying "Ye Ma!". That is when the thief suddenly took off because there were still people in the house. Luckily no one was hurt and only a broken laptop on my dads office was taken. Luckily my digital camera and PS2 was spared because they did not noticed there was another room on the second floor. Kinda scary because this was the second time our house got broken into, the first time they sounded off the alarm while we were sleeping, this second time they snuck it when no one was at home. We going to install an alarm system in our house. However how is it, even when you installed a grill they cut it open. Even when there is people inside...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Snow White

Yup this was stray cat that suddenly came to our house and made herself at home by entering our home. I think some one just threw her at our house. She was a pretty cat, white fur, blue eyes, very affectionate. She fell asleep on my arms. I fed her some Friskie. Sadly she came just as we were going to Terengganu. I had plans to buy a big cage for her so that we could keep her like a Hamster so that my mom will not go crazy with the cat running around. However my prediction were true, she never came back after we left her. I hope she found a new home and a new owner that will love her as much as I would have.

From Cherating to the Medical Centre

Sorry for the absence in blogging, I had a family trip to Cherating and laptop was not allowed. This is going to be a long post so I am going to make it KISS (keeping it short and simple)

The room in our Legend Resort, located facing the swimming pool

We waste no time diving in, with my foolish brother doing a belly flop. Ouch! :p Padan muka hik hik

Ah the sandy clean beaches much better than Port Dickson, although its been a while since I went there.

The tide is high and we saw many fishing boats docking in.

We had breakfast at this infamous kopitiam, called Hai Peng.

While enjoying our breakfast I saw this one guy talking to himself. We though he used a handsfree set, but to our amazement there was none to be found. He either used a very advanced handsfree set or he set the phone to loud speaker, but we swear we heard him only talking. Kesian, muda2 dah giler....

My older sis had Lime Twister while my younger sister got some chocolate drink thing.

I accidentally had warm milk with cinnamon. Accidently being I asked for a pina colada but was given this by mistake. My dad was already yelling at us for ordering iced drinks in the morning and he was pleased of my accidental order. Takpe lah biar lah singa happy

Of course homemade bread with coconut jam (kaya) and butter is a must in any kopitiam

Nasi dagang is a must in Terengganu okay

More peaceful serenity beaches

Hmm it was late in the afternoon, I bet all the fisherman is already at home resting or doing some other work

Keropok lekor is another must buy while staying here

We went to this Chinese seafood restaurant called Pak Su, its amusing that his Chinese name sounds like young uncle in Malay :D. My dad has been to this restaurant before I was even born.

Halal OK :D

This oyster was freaking huge, far bigger than those in Carlos. I am not sure about the price its either RM 7 or RM 9 a piece.

Stuffed crabs was good

Breaded friend squid was nice, siakap fish 3 rasa strangely taste like Assam Pedas though

Broccoli and scallops was like THE BEST. I do not like broccoli but this dish was SO GOOD!!

The butter shrimps was so so, I mean they did de veined the shrimp but the ones in Riverview taste so much better.

We ended the trip with the whole family catching a cold. My cold was so bad, on Wednesday I decided to go the UPM medical center for treatment. All the medicine above was free since I am a student. Since I got some more time after getting treatment I decided to get my teeth checked since they also have dental treatment there too. Two fillings, a checkup, consultant and a mouthwash cost only RM 12. I will definitely go here for any sickness, since its free as long I am a student :D