Monday, June 23, 2008


Definition of Etiquette from Wikipedia

Etiquette, one aspect of decorum, is a code that governs the expectations of social behavior, according to the contemporary conventional norm within a society, social class, or group. Usually unwritten, it may be codified in written form. Etiquette usually reflects formulas of conduct in which society or tradition have invested

Interesting stuff, I was just chatting with some people from the chat room and I personally find it offensive when my sarcasm/loyar buruk/perli is considered inappropriate. Okay, if you were my mother, my lecturer or someone I need to pretend to be nice an sweet, it would be okay. However if I were just chatting and being myself, that is a part of my personality. When people find it so offensive and derogatory, well then I guess I better close that chat room window because why would I waste time with a person who judged me on that a single line of word. This is me and this is who I am, if I had to pretend to be this neat, prim and proper person, I would rather talk to my thesis advisor. Its time for me to clean up my Yahoo Messenger list, to get rid of these people (well I think they are homo sapiens but you can never know that right when chatting faceless) and those who never seem to be online or reply to me.
*p.s I am not referring to any blogger I have on my list right now or those who are close to me. Many of you recognized me and my personality so you would know the line between my jokes and insults. People who does not know or cannot take it are not those close to me. So sick of people getting so uptight when I say something.
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