Thursday, June 19, 2008

In this life 2

We have our ups and downs... I felt like crap in the morning after subuh prayers, I just want to stay in bed and never to wake up...
I dragged my self out of bed to see the damaged to my car :(

Mid day was a bit better...
Even the weather was gloomy, but somehow this gloomy weather cheered me up :)
Prof came so I can do my job as his PA to switch off the mute button of his laptop and change the cursor icons. I just knew today that my prof had no clue how to differentiate my project from past research.. I thought he had it all figured out, but I guess I was wrong.. Sure DIE one... sigh.. they day got suckier for me.

However night time turned up to be the best time of the day. I got to chat with two people, two really good friends. One friend admitted that he was clinically depressed and took medication for it while the other one spill some beans on a common enemy. I felt light again, my mind was not blurry anymore. I mean wow! gossip and the truth has never felt so right before. Am I okay? nope I am still not okay, but do I feel better, HELL Yeah.!!!!... enough sad entries for now okay :D

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