Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well I don't really like to be tag who tag other because it takes so much time to do the tag.. huhuh.. but never the less I think its only appropriate since they remembered me to tag me :D
This is from Sam, a blogger that I recently add to my list.

1. Right now, what's at the top of your "Top 25" list on iTunes?

Urk? iTunes... I don't use that mp3 player, I just prefer playing Winamp :D. Top of the list??? I usually dump all my songs in the playlist and just listen or skip to the one suitable for my mood. However the songs that I keep hearing are Love In Club, the normal version and the remix featuring Beyonce, Sexy Can I by Ray J, and Damaged by Danity Kane.

2. Right now, what's the first thing on your "To Do" list for today?

Urgh.. its Giemsa staining for my thin blood smear to detect P. berghei. I can't believe it took me all morning because I need to find out if the the other mice have the parasite reproducing in them. If not I have to passage some new ones that I just gotten out of another mice... I still haven't started on my PCR. Its looks like I might be stuck in the lab for a while.

3. Right now, what are you thinking about having for your next meal?
Urmm I am quite full now, but in the back of my mind, is my mom fried chicken with rice and then some "gulai" or something. I don't have any craving for the moment.

4. Right now, what other applications are running on your PC as you do this meme?
Urm just my Yahoo messenger and Winamp.

5. Right now, name 5 people you think will respond to this meme if you tagged them?
Hmm I would choose Dr Chen, Inah, Dr Josh, Ziana, and Abg Awie
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