Saturday, June 21, 2008

Italian Mamak aka William

Yup according to some local website, William is also known as a Italian Mamak to some. I went there yesterday with Hairie after we both finished our work late. As usual the place was packed but we both got a pleasant suprised that day. The tab for our dinner was not that much, just RM 28, I expected a lot but I guess the dishes that we ordered does not cost that much to make. The pictures below were taken by Hairie phone's, why use my VGA camera when his 2 megapixels works so much better :D

Ribena laichi and Watermelon Iceblended BOTH YUMMY!!!

First time I had roti Hawaii, basically, roti canai stuffed with egg, pineapple, chicken franks and eggs with dal, curry and one thousand island sauce. Delicious, the bread was soft and the proportion was just nice and right
Hairie had the Mee Raja Chicken, you can actually ask them for chicken only or duck only or steak only or all three of them. Apparently he loves the pandan chicken and the noodles. A very nice dish to have. This was my third time in this restaurant. We were both very hungry when we arrived here and we left feeling very full. That is bliss :D
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