Tuesday, June 24, 2008

DNA and my weight

ARGHH!!! I am still not getting any reading on the agarose gel for my tachyzoites DNA extraction. Its getting insanely frustrating. I recent consulted with those who have been doing extraction for a long time. I found out I may need to double or triple my sample concentration. Also if I take the eluted DNA, and run PCR on it with my primers, I should be able to get a read a band on the gel, because PCR will amplified the minute DNA that is not present when running the agarose gel

This was my blood result during the first time I joined my University research on obesity. As usually all the reading are high, but it shows that I don't have diabetes or high blood pressure. However by HDL is low and my fat content is high, which is normal for me, who are fat already. I do hope all these number that should be low will be reduced by August and the number that are low should increased. huhuhu i hope so :p
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