Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wedding again...

Not my wedding, not for a very long time. Its my relatives wedding, I know their parents because they are my grand uncles and grand aunts, but I just never knew their children that much. We called the grand uncles and grand aunts, "atuk tebu yg ade canteen" (grand uncle with the sugarcane and a cafeteria). Such nicknames helps us to remember them but I don't even know their real name :p
Wedding in Melaka borderline Negri Sembilan is exciting and loud. You know there is a wedding with the kompang, loud music, karaoke, and firecrackers. Not to mention massive amount of people in colourful dresses. Never will I go to a northern wedding such as Kedah, Kelantan or Terrenganu. Its incredibly boring, and I swear if no one told me someone got married I swear either it was a funeral or it was just the lunch after the funeral. So quiet and everything.

My cousins and I swear the one in the yellow shirt looks so much like Irwansyah. I seem to have that song "Pencinta Wanita" in my head when I see him.

Normal kompang boys in kampung, no uniforms or anything just get a kompang and just bang away.
This used to be my bratty spoiled cousin, now however he turned up to be a relatively less bratty person. For me its a 180 degrees better then when he was little. I just wanted to smack him, but now I can't. He towers in at 179cm versus the stout 161cm me.
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