Wednesday, June 11, 2008

From Cherating to the Medical Centre

Sorry for the absence in blogging, I had a family trip to Cherating and laptop was not allowed. This is going to be a long post so I am going to make it KISS (keeping it short and simple)

The room in our Legend Resort, located facing the swimming pool

We waste no time diving in, with my foolish brother doing a belly flop. Ouch! :p Padan muka hik hik

Ah the sandy clean beaches much better than Port Dickson, although its been a while since I went there.

The tide is high and we saw many fishing boats docking in.

We had breakfast at this infamous kopitiam, called Hai Peng.

While enjoying our breakfast I saw this one guy talking to himself. We though he used a handsfree set, but to our amazement there was none to be found. He either used a very advanced handsfree set or he set the phone to loud speaker, but we swear we heard him only talking. Kesian, muda2 dah giler....

My older sis had Lime Twister while my younger sister got some chocolate drink thing.

I accidentally had warm milk with cinnamon. Accidently being I asked for a pina colada but was given this by mistake. My dad was already yelling at us for ordering iced drinks in the morning and he was pleased of my accidental order. Takpe lah biar lah singa happy

Of course homemade bread with coconut jam (kaya) and butter is a must in any kopitiam

Nasi dagang is a must in Terengganu okay

More peaceful serenity beaches

Hmm it was late in the afternoon, I bet all the fisherman is already at home resting or doing some other work

Keropok lekor is another must buy while staying here

We went to this Chinese seafood restaurant called Pak Su, its amusing that his Chinese name sounds like young uncle in Malay :D. My dad has been to this restaurant before I was even born.

Halal OK :D

This oyster was freaking huge, far bigger than those in Carlos. I am not sure about the price its either RM 7 or RM 9 a piece.

Stuffed crabs was good

Breaded friend squid was nice, siakap fish 3 rasa strangely taste like Assam Pedas though

Broccoli and scallops was like THE BEST. I do not like broccoli but this dish was SO GOOD!!

The butter shrimps was so so, I mean they did de veined the shrimp but the ones in Riverview taste so much better.

We ended the trip with the whole family catching a cold. My cold was so bad, on Wednesday I decided to go the UPM medical center for treatment. All the medicine above was free since I am a student. Since I got some more time after getting treatment I decided to get my teeth checked since they also have dental treatment there too. Two fillings, a checkup, consultant and a mouthwash cost only RM 12. I will definitely go here for any sickness, since its free as long I am a student :D

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