Monday, June 30, 2008


YAHOO!!!!! FINALLY I GOT THIS MOTHERFU... ermm I mean, I finally got my extraction right this time with the help of my co supervisor. For the first 5 trials I failed to get any bands after the second column, but with my wonderful supervisor help, it finally appeared. I was relieved and excited this had happened. We had to alter so many things, we had to use 11 samples of my tachyzoites. ELEVEN, where as before I used only 2 or 3 tubes of my samples. Due to the very concentrated amount of parasite, I could eluted the DNA 8 times and still we got a band. While we working on the extraction, I talked to my supervisor about what happened on Friday and how I took off suddenly before 12pm. The people in my lab wondered why I left but most concluded, "Its probably stress, that is why Budleee took off". I find it quite amusing, no wonder people were just like cool with it. Anyways I am going to write down the protocol and keep it inside the parasitology lab's, lab manual which contained all the molecular work that has been done so far. At least now who ever needs to get T. gondii tachyzoites DNA from mice's peritoneal fluid, would not have to go to my ordeal for the past few days. Now all I have to do is to run PCR with my primers so I can get the DNA sequence I need for my expression. My advisor favourite word "It easy budlee, just do it one time and you will get it" WHATEVER!!!!!!!! I almost got a nervous breakdown with the extraction. Oh well, lets see, express protein, do a lethal mouse test, immunize guinea pigs, mate guinea pigs, immunized rabbits, run ELISA, run western blot, take pictures. SO EASY RIGHT!!! LIKE HELL IT IS!!!!!! So I am warning all my readers, this will not be the last time I will break down and runaway and babble on the blog when I get stressed from my advisor...
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