Friday, June 27, 2008

Sepi, The Movie

A snapshot, the only snapshot I managed to take during the whole entire movie. Every was far to precious to only view on a VGA camera

Sepi, or from what I understand means loneliness in English. Its a feeling that you get when you failed to be with your loved one, a feeling you get when you lost your loved one and the feeling where you cannot let go of your past loved even though it is over. Yes, Sepi is another film by Khabir Batia's who also made the movie Cinta. While Cinta focuses on all types of love that one can obtained, Sepi focuses on the feeling when Love is gone, lost or cannot be forgotten. As like Cinta, we follow the lives of 3 different individuals but somehow, their path crossed one day which became the pivoting moment in their life. First we have Adam, a young jolly Chef whom pastry and cakes are among of his specialty. Adam has been to so many weddings and is getting sick of being placed in the singles table. He kept seeing his friends and family member getting married one by one, deep down inside he wonders, if he will find his true love and live happily ever after like them. The second story is about Sufi, a shoemaker, and now a single dad who just lost his one true love. Sufi run's everyday to forget the past and perhaps find a future. He wonders if there is a second chance at love. The third story revolves around Imaan, a young woman in college whose passion is about theatre. She wrote a touching play that is named ironically "Sepi" which describes that feeling of loneliness if you lost or have not found your loved one. One wonders why she could feel lonely when she has a boyfriend, family, friends and even another guy who is after her.

WOW!!!! is what I felt. I mean this was a GREAT movie. I mean it grabs you and pokes you at all the right places. I never been to a cinema where its half empty (Hairie and I saw it on a weekday, who would seat so close in the front anyway unless its a weekend) but people are so quiet at certain scenes. No annoying phones or lame jokes. We laughed, we gasped, and we sat there in silence in unison. Most of the audience even sat through half the credits to see if there is anything else on or maybe they were still moved by the film. I know I was, I would shed a tear on some of the sad part and would not felt anything much on the other sad parts but even in a scene where it is not sad I would feel sad too!!!! The story was not heavy though, it was light and I think most people would understand it.

Another aspect of this movie that you should keep an eye on is the cinematography. There was 3 stories in this movie and each story has a different colour scheme. Adams story was laced with Purple and White. You can clearly see these two colours in every scene of Adam's story because this is the prominent color in Adam's life. In Sufi's story, I forgotten about their color for a while but after the movie I remembered, that it was Blue and Black. These are the colors you can see that is intentionally accent in every scene. Red was the focal point in Imaan's part of the movie. You can see this striking color in every scene. Everybody seemed to be wearing something Red and there would be at least a Red Object in every scene. The colour scheme for me matches the whole mood of each characters story perfectly. Red is the colour for passionated love that just never goes away in ones heart. Blue is the colour of peacefulness and also could be the color of depression, hence the saying "I am feeling blue", Black could also be the color of guilt that consume us inside slowly. For me Purple is like a happy colour because its kind of striking in a soft way but since to make purple there is blue hidden in the mixture, it shows a hidden sadness. White expresses purity and sincerity of a true love.

Camera angles and the soundtrack of this movie is like so good. The camera angles are so good, its as if you are there with them, from a eye level view, panoramic view, voyeurism or just from the characters point of view. For me its like the best, and makes you a part of the movie. The soundtrack.. oooh the sound track, there is a song for every feeling and every scene which matches perfectly. It lifts you mood or drag you down along with the character accordingly.

All I can say is, that this is a great movie to watch. If you don't like Malay movies, these are one of the few that will changed your mind. There is not long, mundane conversation, no poorly jokes that forces you to laughed, just a sincere view of a characters life and how it can be related to you. I give it 9/10. :D

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