Saturday, June 14, 2008

Car owner

People who knew me, will know I am very obssed with cars. Not F1 cars or Nascar but just the normal ones that people drive on the road. If I met anyone or know anyone I would always remember the vehicle that they have driven. Heck I almost know what car each of the blogger in my page drives. Either by looking at them driving it or seeing them standing next to it. I won't say its 100% accurate but most of the time I got them right. This list is in order the the links on my blog.

  1. Abg Awie = as far as i know, he is still car less but I remember shoving him a Proton Saga brochure as his first car
  2. Shafique = Proton Wira Aeroback
  3. Luvis = Proton Wira (1.5 gl if i am not mistaken)\
  4. Miss Ziana = She drives either a Gen2 her dads Waja
  5. Riken and Malim = both does not own a car in Aussieland, but they went on trip to a snow cover mountain with the rear tires in chain for more grip in the snow on a Ford Territory
  6. Inah = Imago Blue Kelisa Ezi, with a brand new shiny exhaust. She is selling the car.
  7. Sam = So far there has been no car related story I can remember of with Sam
  8. Bibik = Not sure, I know he rode a cab with a sex crazed driver and he did took pictures of his friend trying to take a 21 inch TV up to their apartment.
  9. Aziaya = during our time at our old Private college she used to drive a white kancil
  10. Sense of the insane = has a Myvi probably full of stuffed piglets dolls :p
  11. Veronicles - maroon Satria Neo higline automatic with 17 inch rims and white striped themed stickers
  12. Kingdom - A black Cerfiro
  13. Wahdi = Selling his red Alfa Romeo Twin Spark 146
  14. Sinbad = SLK (small little kancil)
  15. Meksinful Angel = no car related entry yet
  16. Adnautica = rode a Samsung car during his stay at Korea
  17. Mummy ita = dia membonceng hubby dia merempit ke tempat keje, tapi ada proton perdana
  18. Putera Rizal = Drive a brand new Mistubishi Lancer (non turbo edition)
  19. Red mummy = Honda City IVTEC sparkle grey
  20. Arch Arel = Black Proton Savvy with rainbow headlights
  21. Beruang madu = black Myvi
  22. Dr Shah = Silver Kia Spectra
  23. Dr Josh = Nissan X trail
  24. Dr Chen = Merempit but used to have proton iswara which he handed down to his brother
  25. Dr Malina = Mazda Premacy
  26. Kak Pinky = honda civic, proton wira, kancil, proton waja 1.8, and she driven a toyota estima during a trip to one of New Zealand hills.
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