Sunday, January 31, 2010


This is the second time my beloved camera has problems. I bought this camera in 2008. I liked it very much, the picture quality is great and it record audio too. It had a problem in 2009, where all my pictures were exposed too much, I was told the aperture had gone haywire. I don't remember how much I paid for it to repairs, but I do believe its above RM100. I am in dilemma on repairing it, or just keep as a memento, since compact digital camera now go as low as RM399. If I did repaired it again, it will cost me around RM100 and above because the same problem has returned, that means RM 200 has gone to repaired it. If I add another RM200, I could get a new one.. Sigh.. but I don't have RM200 to spare, since I need to used it for my next road trip which is to Terengganu.. Still, better to ask on how much is it to be repair, then not know at all right..

X PAX, Got X GOT IT ALL... ALL the problems that is..


1: Celcom operators not fully trained in Blackberry

2: Tell them to stop asking me to call using another number, even if I wan to ask question to the technician

3: Tell them to read and pay attention to my files on your server instead of reading scripts.

4: My dispute cases are incredible slow to be handle, or has it been forgotten

5: EDGE becomes edge before it is expired (i subsribe at 8am, at 2pm, i could not use the blackberry service again)

6: When it auto renews, EDGE becomes edge, regardless of how many times I reset my BB, change HRP or set mobile network searching to manual..

7: I keep getting calls from the operators saying that its my fault that BB is not working since at Celcom, BB service is working, FUCK LA you all..

8: BB keeps activating WAP and bleeding my credit, now I have to be constantly paranoid of my BB eating through my prepaid credit

9: Celcom is FUCKING slow to deal with my problems

I came with my own solutions

1: NEVER ever subscribe to BB social, because it comes without Internet charges. BB will try its best to connect to the internet, with BB social you be charged using ridiculously expensive WAP charges.

2: Always BB off before midnight to prevent it from screwing up.

3: Always call using another phone beside your BB, because if you managed to be connected to the operators, they will tell you to call back using another phone.. WTF!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010


Actually 2010, I will be 27..Hopefully this will be my final year in my masters. I just want to move on to another insanity. Its either work or phd. However, in my profession of work, which is lecturer, it is studying, each day, to find out how can I make my students understand it. Ergh... I would say I don't like studying, but then finding out new things and being able to tell about it to people is one of my bliss. Knowing something people don't know is exciting in a way. At the same time, I am tired of not having an income... but wait, I did have an income, I just never learned to really save it up (buying a car was never a good idea, despite being a car lover, I may have to think, ways to pursue my pation in it)

I think the best of both worlds, would be, to have a permanent income, i mean a real income, that includes epf, tax, and loans, not just allowance money your advisor gives to you, like what your parents did. i just don't feel right drivng the Viva, I felt I should have gone for the 850cc model, or better 660cc model, and used my sister's as a guarantee for my loan, so that I could strech the hire purchase agreement into a rent like 9 years installments. yeah, paying your car in 9 years is like renting it.

I opened my first ever loans, yes loans, i got loans before i even started working, hows that for digging a hole that never ends.. sigh.. looking at the loan, just creeps me out, i guess buying a house is something i need to wait until i have withdraw some money from my epc account, which has not even started..

people say, if i do phd, i will be done... and someone with a educationb background never really retires, as long as i am healthy, i still can work way past retirment period. ergghh!.. damn it.. i need to just finish this crap and move on to the next level...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Water Pig

Water Pigs go with the flow and usually trust people before they truly know them. This, of course, can get them into trouble because they are often too trusting for their own good. Water Pigs are quite easily influenced; yet, can be very persuasive when it comes to getting what they want. These people love parties and social situations and enjoy giving of themselves to help others.

How funny the horoscope that tells me what I am, but then that most of my classmates were water pigs too. Perhaps its too general, since my whole class of 2000 is a water pig. Does it means all of us pigs have similar thinking? Some how I beg to differ, since everyone was a bit different from what I remember, but then, way back then, I was lacking a bit in the social skills. Go figure, that is like the total opposite of how my sign is right? But if I do like someone I do enjoy giving myself to them, hence being easily trusted right? Well, horoscopes are fun, but only if you have friends who are of different age..since the difference in personality is greater..

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Perfect Car?

People who knows me knows that I am totally obsessed about cars. Its something I am very much passionate about. My perfect car would either be a turbocharged diesel, or turbocharged direct injection petrol, with double clutch transmission or better known as automated manuals, load of safety kit,and LSD. A hatchback is versatile by being able to fold the rear seats down and turn it into a small minivan, while a saloon has more cargo space with all the seats up.

Turbo diesel / turbo petrol

Perhaps they only thing different between these two engines is that one uses petrol and the other uses diesels. Todays technologies blurs the line between petrol and diesel engines.

This is just the basic description of the two engines


-30% more efficient than petrol engine which means it uses less fuel
- more torque at lower RPM level, which means you dont have to rev the engine hard
-last longer than petrol engine since it was built sturdier to handle the high pressure it exerts on its cylinder
-no spark plugs, very mechanical

- noisy!, the klanky klunk sound of a diesel engine is never appealing
-black smoke it is exhaust due to soot
-smell of traditional diesel is nauseating

-traditionally burns cleaner than diesel, exhaust is clear
-the sound is smoother
-revs smoother
-cheaper to make

-uses more fuel since its less efficient than diesels
-does not last as long as diesel
-more prone to problems

The Solution!

Diesel and Petrol repairing their short comings and sharing each others system


Add turbo

Even though diesel are efficient and produce more torque, the engine has to be huge at least 2500cc, this makes them heavy and slow compared to lighter and peppier petrol engines. When you add turbo to the engine, it produces more horsepower and even more torque that is already is. Turbo is powered by the exhaust which means the turbo is not robbing any power from the engine.

Electronic Fuel Injection

Diesel engine injects it fuel directly into the combustion chamber where the cylinder resides. Traditional diesel does this mechanically, but modern diesel does it electronically and injects high pressure diesel into the cylinder. The amout and force can be control which means more power and cleaner exhaust

Better fuel

Diesel fuel contains a lot of sulphur which is bad for the enviroment and causes acid rain. Sulphur is important because it acts as lubricant for the fuel. By replacing sulphur with other substance to act as lubricants, will make the diesel fuel cleaner.

Better sound proofing
You can really change the sound of diesel clanky clank sound, but you can seal the engine bay so that the sound is more suppressed.


Direct Injection

Traditionall, fuel and air is mixed before it is injected into the chamber where the cylinder recides. It is mixed mechanically using a carburator or electronically injected. Now, petrol engine is imitating diesel engine by injecting the fuel directly into the cylinder chamber. Direct injection allows the computer to fine tune how much fuel goes in and when it should be injected. This allow the petrol engine to be fuel efficient but at the same time produce a lot of power when needed

just like the diesel engine, turbo charging a petrol engine will increase the torque and horsepower of a petrol engine. However the twist with turbo chargine petrol engine, is that now a small engine is needed, which means less weight which equals less fuel will be used but the engine produces as much power as a larger car

Well that is all that I can write about this lazy article (lazy because there is no pictures accompanying each description, just like what my science teacher said when i was in form 4)

anyways, there are other cool technologies that saves fuel and provides more power which includes double clutch transmission, stop start, and hybrids, but that is another rambling..perhaps after i include such pictures in..

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Touch n Go Cunning Ways

TnG is a heaven sent, for those who go through toll plaza each day with out fail. The lines are almost always shorter than cash lanes and no worries about finding small change.

Smart Tag are great too, especially if you are a Proton owner. You know how Proton power window failure is synonim to owning a Proton, with a Smart Tag, no worries about winding down your windows. Either place it on the dashboard, on the Smart Tag holder that you glued on the windshield or simply just hold it in front of you and drive through. Smart Tag lane is much faster than TnG lane and lightyears from cash lanes.

You can reload at many of their kiosk located at petrol stations and TnG option at some ATM for a 50 cent charge. You can also reload at some TnG lanes at toll plaza or at the toll plaza offices for free.

One cunning way they force you to reload at their kiosk is to open at 9am and close at 5pm/4.30pm. Also you must pass through the toll plaza to do so. Cunning now aren't they, even the discount that they give to TnG holder, is only for those who make 80 transactions and above per month. That means for a normal 5 day a week working day, you must pass at least 4 toll plaza a day. Those who live in the outskirts of KL, this is part of their normal ritual, although there are some hidden roads that a lot of people know that allows you to skip the toll plaza all together. My advisor can go to and from Melawati without paying a single cent, my sister can go to and from Kajang to KLCC without any toll. Cunning now, aren't they, just like credit card company, but that is another story all together. After all, nothing is free now in life right?

*I have bought 6 Smart Tag and 6 TnG for my family. I live where paying the toll is something normal, and something you must do if you want to get somewhere fast. I am okay with toll paying, but I hate it when they increase the price of toll even though they have increasing amount of customer each year due to resendential development due the highway development.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hear and Here

I checked my punch card, this was the second day of the second week, that I have it. It was also the starting of my own personal hell. I use to like to come to the lab, do work, or just hang out. Now, its like a torture prison for my head. Right now the phone is a time bomb, just waiting to explode or worst, ring, and he would be calling asking me where I am. Not physically, not mentally but on my thesis. Its my fault for letting my thesis on hold definetly, but right now I just can't stand him, even more than usual. This has gotten so bad, the first thing I think when waking up, is that HE might be there. Even when I do my thesis, I can hear his voice echoing inside my head, complaining that I am too slow (I am), or that it does not fit to be a Master thesis. Even now, I can feel his presence somewhere in campus, breathing and just waiting to catch me just when I let my guard down. How ironic that a few of my friends had problems with their advisers, one was not compatible with his, a second friend was let go by his advisor, and 2 other friends said after doing their masters with their advisor, they won't pursue PhD anymore do to the trauma they had to endure. Every day I pray he won't call, or come by to the lab. I feel I have a ball and chain that ties me down where ever I go. IgG2a, humoral immunity, Th2, congenital immunity, cyst burden, recombinant surface protein, chinese hamster ovary, chi square distribution... many things are jumbled up inside, even though I feel like I have the answer in my mind, HE seemed able to appear inside my head and slashed everything wrong, and I have to say it according to the scientific grammar. Seriously.....medical journals are like an inside joke, only a few people inside a community understand it and the rest of the world can't make sense of it. If you do break it down, to normal people, its just not funny or interesting anymore

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Since I am in the lab most of the time now, gives more reason to do nothing at home... So tired.. so sleepy. It does not help I get easily distracted, oh well. Most of my friends hates their bosses.. might as well hate mine too, since he is driving me off the wall now. The misery will end soon, its my fault for not ending it sooner. I guess I might be masohist....
*I really got to stop these internet crushes things.. its just not healthy...

Monday, January 4, 2010


I may just have created my own personal hell. This is the time, where I wish to stay away from the lab as much as I can and work on my thesis somewhere else, because I feel I haven't been giving it much attention, since my last meeting with my advisor was a disaster. He had something else in mind, now, its 8am-5pm schedule each day, he will/may/could hover around if he chooses too in the lab. If this happened oh, 3 semester ago, I would feel great, but right now, he is creating my own personal hell. I can't wait for tomorrow morning to get the same lecture from my co advisor of the same thing. For my own sanity sake, I will just keep quiet about the whole thing from anyone else, it will just piss me off even more now, and probably burn a real hole in my stomach. My personal hell.


Life should be simple, it is. You take a task, and do it. You like someone and you go with them. You want to try something, you do it. Its from point A to point B. Simple right? Just like Digi Prepaid. However my life right now is regretfully complicated, and I hate it. The complicated stuff gets, the more complex my dreams manifested. This is not good. Not good at all. Okay, its time to attack each thing one at a time. I feel dizzy just writing a post about this. Excuse me while I stop the room from spinning.

what's this? Its a dot blot ELISA apparatus we used in the lab for various lab work such as immunology work.


I'm feeling scared now, suddenly a huge fear just surrounded me. I feel sick to my stomach.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Begin began begun

I have my thesis bits here and there and I need to compile it. I hope I do finish it. I am kinda sick and tired of being a student. Right now, I absolutely don't care where I will work, of course anything in the Klang Valley takes first place, but its time to start my EPF and savings for the future. Not forgetting, applying for takaful/insurance to cover my behind if anything should happend. I got a future apartment in Bdr Tun Hussein Onn, Suzuki Swift and IKEA furnishing waiting for me. Got to finish now.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


You know what is nice? Just sitting at home playing my PS2, surfing the internet, eat and reading a good book. It help that I opened all my windows to let the fresh air in and stale air out, and that its raining now. My room smelled so fresh without needing any air freshner. Since I stayed at home during New Year Eve and New Year, I managed to save a lot of money. It even surprises my family to see me not going out. Sometimes we need a change, it helps that the people I usually hang out with over the weekend is with their respectives partners, or soon to be be partners. So might as well enjoy a good book, and what book is that? Twilight, I decided to read it again.

New Year?

What happened in my new year?

I developed gastric which does not allow me to go without food every 2 hours nor does it allow me to eat in huge quantity, that cancels out going to the club with friends and to a New Year's eve dinner. I spend it at home, helping Yuna, Rikku and Paine finding spears. Well, at least it was something I enjoyed to do greatly. So many stories to write, and I know some do read it, but once in a while people are getting sick eh of emo stuff :D, but who cares, really, its my blog :D emo or not, you still read it.