Monday, January 4, 2010


I may just have created my own personal hell. This is the time, where I wish to stay away from the lab as much as I can and work on my thesis somewhere else, because I feel I haven't been giving it much attention, since my last meeting with my advisor was a disaster. He had something else in mind, now, its 8am-5pm schedule each day, he will/may/could hover around if he chooses too in the lab. If this happened oh, 3 semester ago, I would feel great, but right now, he is creating my own personal hell. I can't wait for tomorrow morning to get the same lecture from my co advisor of the same thing. For my own sanity sake, I will just keep quiet about the whole thing from anyone else, it will just piss me off even more now, and probably burn a real hole in my stomach. My personal hell.
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