Monday, January 25, 2010


Actually 2010, I will be 27..Hopefully this will be my final year in my masters. I just want to move on to another insanity. Its either work or phd. However, in my profession of work, which is lecturer, it is studying, each day, to find out how can I make my students understand it. Ergh... I would say I don't like studying, but then finding out new things and being able to tell about it to people is one of my bliss. Knowing something people don't know is exciting in a way. At the same time, I am tired of not having an income... but wait, I did have an income, I just never learned to really save it up (buying a car was never a good idea, despite being a car lover, I may have to think, ways to pursue my pation in it)

I think the best of both worlds, would be, to have a permanent income, i mean a real income, that includes epf, tax, and loans, not just allowance money your advisor gives to you, like what your parents did. i just don't feel right drivng the Viva, I felt I should have gone for the 850cc model, or better 660cc model, and used my sister's as a guarantee for my loan, so that I could strech the hire purchase agreement into a rent like 9 years installments. yeah, paying your car in 9 years is like renting it.

I opened my first ever loans, yes loans, i got loans before i even started working, hows that for digging a hole that never ends.. sigh.. looking at the loan, just creeps me out, i guess buying a house is something i need to wait until i have withdraw some money from my epc account, which has not even started..

people say, if i do phd, i will be done... and someone with a educationb background never really retires, as long as i am healthy, i still can work way past retirment period. ergghh!.. damn it.. i need to just finish this crap and move on to the next level...
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