Thursday, January 14, 2010

Touch n Go Cunning Ways

TnG is a heaven sent, for those who go through toll plaza each day with out fail. The lines are almost always shorter than cash lanes and no worries about finding small change.

Smart Tag are great too, especially if you are a Proton owner. You know how Proton power window failure is synonim to owning a Proton, with a Smart Tag, no worries about winding down your windows. Either place it on the dashboard, on the Smart Tag holder that you glued on the windshield or simply just hold it in front of you and drive through. Smart Tag lane is much faster than TnG lane and lightyears from cash lanes.

You can reload at many of their kiosk located at petrol stations and TnG option at some ATM for a 50 cent charge. You can also reload at some TnG lanes at toll plaza or at the toll plaza offices for free.

One cunning way they force you to reload at their kiosk is to open at 9am and close at 5pm/4.30pm. Also you must pass through the toll plaza to do so. Cunning now aren't they, even the discount that they give to TnG holder, is only for those who make 80 transactions and above per month. That means for a normal 5 day a week working day, you must pass at least 4 toll plaza a day. Those who live in the outskirts of KL, this is part of their normal ritual, although there are some hidden roads that a lot of people know that allows you to skip the toll plaza all together. My advisor can go to and from Melawati without paying a single cent, my sister can go to and from Kajang to KLCC without any toll. Cunning now, aren't they, just like credit card company, but that is another story all together. After all, nothing is free now in life right?

*I have bought 6 Smart Tag and 6 TnG for my family. I live where paying the toll is something normal, and something you must do if you want to get somewhere fast. I am okay with toll paying, but I hate it when they increase the price of toll even though they have increasing amount of customer each year due to resendential development due the highway development.
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