Sunday, January 31, 2010

X PAX, Got X GOT IT ALL... ALL the problems that is..


1: Celcom operators not fully trained in Blackberry

2: Tell them to stop asking me to call using another number, even if I wan to ask question to the technician

3: Tell them to read and pay attention to my files on your server instead of reading scripts.

4: My dispute cases are incredible slow to be handle, or has it been forgotten

5: EDGE becomes edge before it is expired (i subsribe at 8am, at 2pm, i could not use the blackberry service again)

6: When it auto renews, EDGE becomes edge, regardless of how many times I reset my BB, change HRP or set mobile network searching to manual..

7: I keep getting calls from the operators saying that its my fault that BB is not working since at Celcom, BB service is working, FUCK LA you all..

8: BB keeps activating WAP and bleeding my credit, now I have to be constantly paranoid of my BB eating through my prepaid credit

9: Celcom is FUCKING slow to deal with my problems

I came with my own solutions

1: NEVER ever subscribe to BB social, because it comes without Internet charges. BB will try its best to connect to the internet, with BB social you be charged using ridiculously expensive WAP charges.

2: Always BB off before midnight to prevent it from screwing up.

3: Always call using another phone beside your BB, because if you managed to be connected to the operators, they will tell you to call back using another phone.. WTF!!!
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