Friday, November 6, 2015

No one wants a sad blog, Pokèmon store it is!

Like for real.

Our lives are sad enough as it is, and we do not need to read other people's sadness.

K fine.

They already released the last online Pokèmon competition, The Spooky Cup result and this is my ranking from 50,000 registered players.

So I am at number 5,368. Not bad at all. It was definitely very challenging but fun. The next online competition is happening next week. All you have to do is register online and you are set

I have Pokèmon competition coming up. I am excited because it would be my second official contest. It's gonna be exciting, and again I will be the oldest one, but it's cool. I mean studies has shown that when you invest in experiences, the effect will last much longer than say a fancy phone. However a fancy phone is something you use everyday,so I might take that fact with a grain of salt but then experiences last much longer than your average phone. So that fact is true then

Another competition, another round of experiences and I still have one more Pokèmon that I haven't prepared yet to make my team balanced.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Just a Rant, Pokèmon Spooky Cup

Wow, no time for blogging is it?

Well, I was busy a bit.

Busy for what you say?

Another online tournament for Pokèmon. They do this quite regularly and it helps you to hone your skill. So for this tournament they have a set of Pokèmon that we can only use because it is deemed the scariest. It is nearing Halloween, so its quite fitting actually.

As I am typing this, the competition is under going. 

How am I doing? I lost 8 out of 10 battles). It is intense!. I spend the whole week breeding the perfect one only to find out it just does not synergize well or that I don't have a backup plan for certain matches.

It's tiring, that I feel I need to rant.

What's more interesting?
There would be 2 more Pokèmon Video Game Championship, happening later this year, and all of it occurs during my off day. How awesome is that. Its both fun and frustrating to play. I guess that is the game.

Too bad I never entered any competition when I was younger, I was a very sore loser. If I decided to have children in the future, I would want them to feel the joy of winning and the pain of losing but not until you get all crazy mad. Just sad is good enough and brings enough drive to improve yourself.

Pokèmon. It's a kid's same but also an adult game where you have to know strategies and techniques. Did I mention there is more than 700 Pokèmon to be memorize.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Wander lust

Wander lust

I gotta love that word. It's like a combination of two things that I like. Wandering around and lust. Evil, very evil.

My birthday is coming up soon and I decided to give myself a treat. A treat of travel. Last year I bought a PS3 and I love it. I don't play it as often as I should, but I still love it. (I play my 3DS more often, as you would notice)

I would like to visit either two countries that I have visited before, Korea and Japan.

Why would I visit countries I visited before, why not try other places.


Well, yes, the statement above is true, but both countries is special to me.

Korea is fantastic, I love Korean food. I love their cosmetic line. I love how very friendly they are to Malaysians. I mean, we do go there a lot. However I just like to be aloof there and just chill out at the nearest cafe while watching the people go by.

Japan hit's close to home. It's the land of Pokèmon and sushi. Both are incredibly awesome there. I would not mind to take a cheap flight there with a ridiculous long transfer time and stay a share house just because I love it there. However I just went there like 2 weeks ago.


I could buy a new phone and just chill out in Langkawi or something right..


This ability of not making any decision is costly. Since all of the promotion ticket has ran out and that promotion with the new Galaxy Note 5 with free powerbank and wireless charger from Celcom is over. I feel like kicking myself, but at the same time, I wanted to take risk and see where it would lead me.

Why not right? Might as well take a few risk.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Blogging Class

A class for blogging?

Yeah, sure why not. It's a dying art. Well at least from my experience. Remember my last post, yeah that one.

However this is a new class for mostly newbie. However its funny to find out some people actually have blogs, but they forgotten about it. LMAO!

I guess it's good to find new blood to read. However, little do they know about trying to blog. If you see from my post, most of it was published well after midnight. Lately that is the only time that I could get actually any inspiration to write,
This has nothing to do with the blog, but this to show who I am.  Gadgets, Pokèmon, skin and messy

My first Pokèmon Video Game Championship (Pokèmon VG Malaysia Sceptile Series)

I look happy right, she did beat me. She is a seasoned pro and I just started to get serious. It's all good.

So what did we play?

We played Pokèmon. Yes we played Pikachu

Yes, that yellow cartoon character that was supposedly banned because of Jewish Zionist influence. I am not kidding, it was spread way back in the 90s and sometimes the story pops up now and then in social media. 

This was held in KDU Damansara Jaya. It was held by its own club called "KDU Gaming Club". I find it interesting and awesome because KDU itself offered a Bachelor in Gaming Development. Seems pretty sweet to promote their course and we get to have fun. 

So my first battle, number one of out 6 rounds, is against a pro with a 3ds video capture card. Which means, the whole world, or at least those who watched the online stream, managed to see me get beaten miserably. Although if I had played my cards right, I could be better because I used a few rare Pokèmons. It's all good.

As I suspected, I felt old. Seriously old. Most of the participants are still students. Well thank goodness for these frame-less glasses that made me seem young? Maybe not.

I came along, aloof here and there. Then suddenly out of nowhere, a wild friend appeared. Made 2 friends actually. Both are still students but we have a bit more in common other than Pokèmon. One guy came from the same kampung as I am, while the other was a student in UTP, which is home to a lot of my volunteers.


The battle was intense as hell! It was fantastic because the pros gave me tips on how to improve my team. Since I am in love with Ampharos, there were suggestions on how to make him better for VGC which includes make his slow speed work and increase his defenses.


It was fun and maybe I will start to join the rest of the gathering, if and only if it happened during the day that I actually have the day off. 10 October was a lucky one for me.

It felt awkward and uncomfortable, which mean it is the right thing to do and it will help you grow.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Just Keep Writing

Just keep writing.

It's just one of the ways or steps that you learn when you want to become a writer. It kinda makes sense though. Writing is practicing.

When we had a drama class, the adviser swore on pen and paper. He meant that certain studies has shown when you write on a piece of paper using pens, you will developed better mental health? or something. I don't know. I am too lazy to provide the source.

He is right though. Think about it, first you think of what you what to write. Secondly you move the pen into letters, that form words and becomes sentences. As you write, you read and you review. So it makes one hell of a party in your head. Its better than slamming your fingers on the keyboard.

Hmm, I don't know, what about those who can type without looking at the keyboard. I am doing it pretty well. I wrote most of the sentences above without actually looking at the keyboard. Yes, I do make mistakes but I did correct it.

So the words from my head, goes into my fingers and my fingers press the appropriate keys to form letters, that form words and turn into sentences. Which will then tell a story.

Was he wrong, my drama class adviser? Am I right? Who knows. If you type to much, you will loose the art of hand writing. However as we digitized, typing is something we do naturally. Samsung has been doing it for years with its Note series, while Apple being Apple, says it revolutionilized the pencil by making the iPencil. *facepalm. Hey whatever rocks your boat right.

I think it is important for children to diversify their motor skills, a bit of writing, painting and typing. This shit ain't easy to do okay, the typing without looking. For me it's like playing a musical intsrument and the words are my notes and the song is my story.

Ah well, whatever it is, if it helps to write, why not?

Friday, October 9, 2015

Original content

You know what worries me now? Not having enough original content. Yes, me blabbing on a blog and you accidentally clicking on it, is considered original content.

Whenever I see a Vine, YouTube, Instagram or Twitter, those are original content. Well at least those who do make them. We do have those who simply re post and it just pisses me off really. Those that post original content and have a strong followers, now that is even crazier.

What can I do? Well definitely most of these people has a rather humble beginnings and I was happy to be a part of the group that watches them grow.

Do I have a group of people watching me grow? Hmm, well maybe during my active days. Now? Eh, who knows. It's crazy that I actually have more content but I refuse to upload them

Lazy Fuck...

That is soo not how rich successful people get rich and success.


You gotta work with what you have eh?

Me and my Pokemon, if you know Pokemon were real and this picture has nothing to do with the blog, I just figured all of you deserves a picture.