Monday, October 16, 2017

More pain More Gain

I just realised or actually, remembered something.

When I am in pain, I write more

When I am hurt, I talk more.

My mind get's cluttered and writing is the way to go.

I have a reminder that is permanent on my phone, to write blog every other night, so that I have content. I pretty much ignored it, as much as I ignored the notification for bedtimes. My mind and heart is so cluttered now. Perhaps it's time to start writing and then show the world, how a mid 30s year old Bazz is different from his late 20s.

More cam whoring I guess, more random status, and dear god more snap chat. I still can't get it to my head to actually look at the camera and say

Please like, subscribe and share this post to people. It feels so vapid in a way, am using the word Vapid correctly

I dunno....
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