Saturday, April 30, 2011

Some Days

There just some days where I just hate putting my contact lenses in. That incredible mood of laziness combined by the fact I have to take them off before bed makes me rethink about putting them on. Sometimes, if I was lazy enough, I would just sleep in them. Sure its dangerous, but some contact lenses allow you to sleep in them. Softlens 38 allows a person to sleep with their lenses for 1 week but it depends on how well your eyes could cope. Acuvue 2 or Oasys could be left in the eyes for up to 2 weeks, while some lenses such as PureVision can be left in the eyes for up to 30 days.

Funny though, no one in Malaysia that I know recommends it, even though the product inserts (which is available online only) says we could. My coloured lenses from Geo Lenses are those yearly lenses then I could wear to sleep. They are very comfortable, despite what other people says about it. I will getting new ones soon after my claim has been processed.

It also helps that my current glasses are so badly scratched and dirty, that I hated to to wear them now, so its forced upon me to wear my contact lenses.

It's not all bad, after all most people say, I look good without my glasses...

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I have a deep connected feeling with cars. Its just something that I was attuned too, even when I was little. No amount of Shi Ra, My Little Pony, Jam and the Hologram, and all the other girl based cartoons that I watched. It was not really my choice, my sister hogged the TV and she still does it now.

One thing however that always gathers my interest is cars. I loved those small car models by Hot Wheels. Apparently they are made in Malaysia. I loved cars, I have this strange habit, when I was young, of watching cars go over a speed bump. I don't know why, but I could just sit there staring for half an hour and not get bored.

One thing about cars, is that I am not interested in the sport side of it (F1, Rally, Nascar etc) but more to the normal ones that we drive on the road. Those are the kinds that are made available to us and it is more interesting for me.

Which makes me an even more nerd by liking small cars. Instead of 7 Series, S Class, Skyline, Ferrari and Porsche, I am more interested in 1 Series, A Class, 500, and Alto. I just prefer small nippy cars that is easy to drive.

It probably fits my nature of prefer to live near the city then in rural areas. No one likes traffic jams but we a good sound system, a robust air conditioning system and an automatic gear box, its not so bad at all.

Right now, I am on the argument with my parents on the next car that we should have. They will probably flip if I wanted an i10 or Alto, so right now its a fight between 3 Protons, Gen2 CPS, Persona HL and Neo CPS. My mother wants a sedan, my dad wants a sport car, while the public thinks Gen2 CPS is the same as the old Gen2 that keeps having problems and breaking down. Me? I want freedom. The fight still goes on, I decided to not care at all for now, or pretend to like Persona or Neo. I will get my pick in the future.


I do laundry at night, in fact. I just finished doing it. I do my own laundry now because I am furious how some of my clothes get ruined in the laundry (buttons missing, my mother bleached anything that is white, etc). I am lazy to do it in the morning, since I am either sleeping or had something else to do.

It does not really come out fresh like if you dry it in the sun because it was damp overnight, but with enough fabric softener and detergent, its not so bad.

I remember having to wash clothes by hand when I was doing my diploma. I was the only boy wearing gloves while washing clothes. So nerdy, but it did keep my hands soft. Also I was one of the rare ones using fabric softener. Fabric softener makes it feel like home.

When I did my degree and lived in an apartment with 7 other people, we bought a semi auto washing machine and hung the clothes to dry at our balcony.

Again with both study sessions, I only do laundry at night. Yes there is a timer on the washing machine that will delay the wash for 9 hours, but the slot for the fabric softener is stupid and it does not work. It does not dispense automatically at the last rinse cycle, so you have to do it manually in order to get the maximum effect of the softener.

When I was in the USA, I always follow my mom to do the laundry at the self operated Laundromat. We did this till we were bought our own washing machine. In late spring, summer and early autumn we could dry our clothes outdoors, but in early spring, late fall and winter, we would have to drive to the local Laundromat and use the dryer.

I don't really remember but sometimes my mother would drive the car to the Laundromat and sometimes I would drag the laundry basket (which was a huge trash bin that we stole from the local park) with wheels at the bottom and dry the clothes. for 75 cent per load.

We would just wait there for 45 minutes until the laundry was done and then return home. Thank goodness we don't change so much clothes in the winter because we don't sweat that much. Ah. laundry, so many memories...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Baking is not hard, I don't get it why people think its such as fussy thing to do. Sure there are baking techniques that are complicated and required many steps to do, but there is also recipes for baking cakes and cookies that are so simple, its almost fool proof.

All the delicious cakes and cookies that I made for my family and friends are so insanely simple, but are a crowd pleaser. These are recipes that you just measure using cups and throw in a bowl and mix them together before throwing it in a greased baking tin and bake for 20 minutes.

Why would you buy a cookie when its so easy to make it at home, and you can add more chocolate chip or nuts to your pleasure, why buy a sponge cake when its so easy to make. Why buy a frosting when making it yourself allows for plenty of leftover for finger licking goodness.

Perhaps since I am more tuned into baking, I feel baking is something effortless. I can't really make any main course meals. Even fried rice seems hard for me because I can't get the taste that you get from fried rice at roadside stalls.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Female Drivers

There are two kinds of drivers on the road. Female Drivers and Drivers.

Female Drivers are unsure where to go, they hesitate when trying to overtake or trying to cross an intersection. They are slow on the fast lane and like to be in between lanes. They are horrible at parking because they take forever to park and usually its not even aligned well. Most of the times they remain quiet and unseen on the road, but you can spot them from a mile from the mistakes they make

Drivers are secure people on the road. They know where to go and are confident at what ever they are doing. They drive fast and know which lane is the best way to go. They park very easily in any situation, even  parallel parking using a large car without rear sensors. Most of the times they remain like any other cars on the road, but give them a deadline and you can see them zooming frantically beside you while flashing their lights.

Female Drivers are generally females who does not spend much time on the road, who are always chauffeured everywhere, but during emergency or during times when people don't want to deal with them, they will drive. If a man drives like a Female Driver, then I need him to give back his Man Card to me, because he does not deserve to be a man.

Drivers are usually males, its in their blood to drive, just like riding horses, camels, elephants or a Banshee. They can be frantically fast or just cruise slowly in the left lane with a girl on their side. A woman could be a Driver if she spends all of her time driving or she drives into and out of KL daily. She will probably give you the finger you are slow in front of her and she will flash you if you are blocking her way, just like a real man.

So what type of driver are you?

p.s I love it when a woman yells out a Female Driver. "Patut lah, perempuan yg bawak" "Damn Female Driver" "Alahai Kak, cepat lah siket bawak kereta" "Bodoh lah perempuan ni"


I noticed that I recently been reaching 3 figures readers on my blog, Usually I only get 2 figures readers in my blog each day, but now its topping to 3 figures more often. Gosh, I'm embrassed of the shit they read in my reflection posts, which is in abundance now. Thanks to Natalie Tran, video blogs, I like to write what ever things that pops in my head.

I make it short and into a lot of paragraphs, so people can skip the parts that they are bored to read or just skim through it. I'm just fucking lazy to post any pictures, although if my Blackberry was still here, I would take picture of anything interesting, attach it to my email and email it using my Blackberry to Blogger so that it would become a blog entry. That has to wait for a while, till I get a job and Blackberry.

Other than that, my experience with CO2 Laser Resurfacing technique at Mediviron UOA did bring some readers into this emo ish blog. Although I was not one the candidates that maintain excellent results, due to my acne problems which basically cancelled all of the collagen inducing benefits of a CO2 Laser Resurfacing, I would still do it again, and other stuff that the clinic offers, such as Duromine.

Another interesting thing that I noticed about my blog by viewing my readers using Nuffnangs counter that I don't have readers from other Nuffnang readers. If I do, its very little. So most of my readers are actually my Facebook friends, which I linked this account too. Most of them are silent readers, which is okay with me. Comments are just bonuses, but I am glad somebody is actually accidentally reading all this shit I write. :D

I gotta love Nuffnangs for giving a chance to win all of those movie tickets. Its awesome to watch movies that are shown earlier than the rest of the world. Pure AWESOMENESS...

Its fun having the chance to share what I feel to the world. Its my own reality show that people could read into. I am not that ready to do a video blog yet, but who knows, I just might do it too, just for the hell of it..

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Job Fair

Job fair sucks. Especially for me, who wants to be in an education sector, specifically medical parasitology. I think the possibility of me teaching that subject is quite low, unless I have a Phd in it. Then, Universities will start calling me, or at least I would be eligible in calling them.

I never been to a job fair, but a friend nudge me to go there and hand them my CV with confidence. I kinda choked at that particular nudge, so I decided to google about Job fairs. Its basically a huge job interviews with many companies. So you need to go there with a business casual wear, CV and a basic understanding of their company. I had my CV, had business casual wear stuff in my closet, but when I checked the companies that were participating. None of them were interesting.

So I decided to do the old fashion way, of mailing my CV to the particular colleges that has medical students or health science students. Since I am a fresh graduate, they probably put me in the labs to oversee the students during a lab practical, which is something I do now anyways or take care of their tutor classes where we discuss questions and assignments. I am now actually open with any biology related subjects, although my forte is still parasitology, because its the only interesting subject that I loved in my degree days. However, I could always try other subjects, its what people do when they get a job, which is learning new skills at the work place.

Job = freedom.

Perhaps after I get my freedom, my relationships with my parents would be much better than it is now. Right now, all I can do is ignore them, work around their boundaries and use up all their money.

27 turning 7

Where are you? How come your are not home last night? What are you doing? When are you coming back home? Who are you sleeping with? Where are you sleeping last night? Where did you go? What friends? Who are your friends? Where are they from? Who do they live with? What do they do for a living? Where did you meet them? How did you know them? Are they married? Do they have a girlfriend?

Yes, these are actual question my mother ask me, and question that my dad asks my mother to ask me. These are the questions that I have to answer, not when I was 7, not when I was 17, but now, at the age of 27. So tell me, would'nt you feel suffocated, especially at this age, to be ask such questions. What the fuck is wrong with my parents?

Owhh you would say, they are just parents worried about you. Fuck that advice. Its called being annoyingly excessively overbearing. Yeah, you could say I am overeacting like child, well, fuck you. If they are going to treat me like a child, I'm gonna fucking rant like one. Its stupid beyond belief.

One day they will ask, why did Budlee stop visiting us, Its because of these fucking questionaires that bugs my existence.

Mind you, I did sms my mother, of where I am going, or what I am going to do. Sometimes its better to leave out the details, because all of the question above will be asked and its fucking annoying at this age.

Did they even have something that they want me to do when they asked of my whereabouts.. Fuck no.. They want me inside the house at all time, accesible to them. FUCK THAT!!

I am here, in the same fucking state. I can comeback if they had something for me to do. I would, but being annoyingly persistance with stupid fucking questions, is fucking stupid. They do have 4 other children okay, please bother them..

Fuck you if you say this is normal, you can have them, but leave their money to me

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wrong Side

Have you ever woke up on the wrong side of bed? Its a saying describing that you woke up feeling like shit. I felt that way today and I had a great day yesterday watching Scream 4 with a friend. Yet, another free ticket from Nuffnang.. YEAY!!

Before you called me a nasty bastard, I only got 1 out of 3 free moving tickets this time. The other 2 movies that I missed out was The Roommate and Hop. I paid for Hop, Hop was an average movie. I prefer this over The Chipmunks since they were made from the same person.

Have you ever felt lightheaded so much from a sudden rush or panic or adrenaline rush? I did, I felt like I need to run, scream or bitch slap someone. All because my co-supervisor sent me an email about a career fair in UPM and that I realised that I miss spelled Microbiology (I typed Micorbiology...,,,f%ck). Adding salt to the wound I forgot to write what post I was interested in that college. Anyhow, it was silly mistake and there is not much I can do, except hope they did not notice that mistake and that they would ask me if what position I was interested in. MAHSA college called me, but it was for a position in Sabah. A wee bit too far for a fresh graduate if you ask me.

As usual, I will end this post, with my acne is not getting worse not is it getting better. Its just keep coming, like I just hit puberty. Now if  itwere a another puberty stage,I wish I would be taller and a few more inch would be added to my... erm.. never mind... ;)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


You just have to love a service center that provides many free stuff for the waiting customers, because one does have to wait a few hours before their car is finished service. Especially if you are a walk in customer that decides to go to the SC at 11am, like me. So it will take at least 2 hours minimum before your car is finished.  Ah well, I will finish their coffee and use up their wifi. So far, I used the Dealer service centre from Honda and Perodua. So far, its okay. Not much to complain about. I do have two particular SC that I go to. Imavest near MRR2 for Honda and Perodua SC in Bandar Teknologi Kajang. Although, there is a new Perodua SC near Sg Sekamat which is nearer our house.

Gotta go.. car just finished after 3 hours..

Sunday, April 10, 2011


What a bunch of hot air. At first they want to sell the Mercedes then suddenly they want to keep it, but it needs to be change into a smaller engine. I checked with JPJ, and it could be done since we don't need extra forms or checks to downgrade the engine into a 2000cc engine. It if were up to me and me only, I would love to have a diesel engine, since the car won't be used as much and diesel is cheaper then petrol. However, I've never driven a diesel so what do I know. I guess that leaves us to a normal 2000cc engine. Who cares if its sluggish, I only drive 90km/h on the highway. Anyhow, I think I will be on the search for this engine at the two local halfcut shops I go to, whenever I needed parts for my car

Speaking of parts, dammit, I will be needing some parts for my Viva's side mirror. My mechanic told me that I could just get the motor from halfcuts but still uses my original black mirrors, so I am working on getting a Mira folding side mirror for it.

Also I need to service my dad's Honda Accord, all the way at Ampang service centre. Damn far..but my parents felt it was the best service centre...(I practically service all the cars, except the Jazz, my sister told Honda to pick it up and delivered to her by 5pm.. AWESOME)

My dad asked me what car I wanted. Yeah, sounds like  I am a spoiled brat, but hear me out. He asked what I wanted, but I knew he only wanted one car and that car is a Satria Neo CPS. He wanted me to have it 3 years ago, but I took the Viva, I think he is still bitter about it. Now is another chance for him to get me to buy a Neo. I drove the car multiple times now, courtesy of a friend, but I am not sure its courtesy, because he forces me to drive his car everywhere when I am riding with him. I drove for like 2 hours sometimes, for no apparent reason, because he likes car rides...

Anyhow, the question my dad asked me was a trick question because the car I wanted was something he does not approve (Hyundai i10, Suzuki Alto, another Viva, Myvi, basically small cars)  I narrowed it to Persona (for size and how it feels like our Mercedes and the Neo, because he wants it). My mom said that my dad likes the Persona, but I know other wise. After a bit of chat at the breakfast table, he hints that a Neo is bettter due to, that is sporty, it looks young, and he is tired of too many sedans in the house (there is only 2, including his Accord), and that it will upgrade my image from a nerd. Okay perhaps I lied about the last one, but the rest of it is true.

In conclusion.. I actually don't mind at all getting the Neo, since I drove my friend's Neo, so many times, I feel I could live with it. Heck, I could just blow down RM10k and upgrade the engine using R3 parts... Now.. I just need a job...

Mine, his, popped

My brother comes into my room the other day and said that he likes to trade in my Kristar for an LC, because he wants to ride the motorbike now instead of my car. If it was my choice, my money, I would totally give a piece of my mind, but I did anyway. Its like, whatever man, change into anything you want, if you have the money. He snapped back with a weak comment "sure, its your bike, its under your name, so whatever". My brother is full of hot air, he talk a lot of smack and nothing ever really materialize from his talk. All talk and no walk. He will be driving my Viva, instead of my bike and then blames it our parents for not letting him experienced hardship. Ugh.. this was one of his many lame reasons for everything. He did go to class because its hard/its not the subject he likes/no one in the class likes him etc etc. Seriously, its too much crap a person could handle really. Its like whatever, he won't even fix the damn car because my mom says he is too young looking and he will get cheated. LAME excuse mom, and you see how he gets away with everything.

Usually I am always pessimistic to whatever my brother says, because I know he is lying or twisting the story anyhow. Although last Friday, my mother was concerned that my brother is cutting class today, because when she called him at 1.10pm, she says he sounded like he just woke up, even though he has class from 11am-1pm. As much as I like to view it negatively, I think his class finished early, some lecturer never use their 2 hour period. Ah well, just one of the rare moments, that I think positively about him.

As usual, I am pimple popping this pimple prone skin. However this time one of the popping action became gross, instead of the pimple pop and bursting its white guts out, this time it became brown. Euwww, it was so nasty. I think if i leave it to long, it will become a huge boil on my face. It has to go....

Friday, April 8, 2011


I was helping my friend find somes new clothes to wear to court, apparently he has to aid some investigation or something. He gave all his shirts, slacks, belts, ties and shoes away since his line of work, does not need him to wear those things. So he had to get them all back. Whenever I go shopping, I can't seem to be able to find my size, because strangely, everything is just too small. I was surprised that most of the clothes that were on sale, was only available in my size (XL, XXL, 17, 40, 42). I was like.. WHOAA.... so many options, nice options too.

I rarely shop at Metro Kajang, due to the fact I was poisoned by my sister that this mall does not have any nice stuff in it. Actually. I could do all my shopping there without having to travel all the way to K.L. They make everything in my size. Convenient...

My skin? As usual, its in the pimple forming stages. Since I now shave regularly, most likely due to the "second" puberty stage, which does cause my massive acne breakouts, its gets harder to shave. Due to the fact my acne does grow where the facial hair is (chin, cheek, jaw). So I really gotta be careful while shave, and hope that I don't cut the pimple off my face. Its sounds nice, but I think it maybe a bit painful.. OUCH!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

6.30pm at Perlis

When I did my diploma years ago at UiTM, Perlis, we had free accommodation and free meals. Yeah, that was a blast! You could use the rest of the Ptptn money for other more "important" things such as a laptop, handphone, or hand held console. Anyhow, I remember breakfast would be around 7.00am-8.30am, lunch would be around 12.30pm-2.00pm and dinner would be around 6.30pm-7.30pm. I always skipped breakfast because I was to lazy to wake up early and that I felt when I ate breakfast, I became even more hungry by lunch, must be the increased metabolism.

Anyhow, I would always, ALWAYS have my dinner at 6.30pm. I would wait at my friend's Syafir's room or Azril's room to go and eat. I just like to have dinner early, and I was starving by then. We can scoop as much rice as we want, then we would have one main dish, one side dish, a vegetable dish, a piece of fruit and all you can drink ice Cordial drink. Most of the time the food was great, I loved it, although I got diarrhea for like the first month. Anyhow being early means you get the first pick of everything instead of the leftovers that no ones likes.

Those that comes from a rich family would snuff at the "poor quality" food that was served, while those that came from poorer family would feel that this was FEAST. A friend of a friend of a friend told me his friend came from a poor family and he had 10 siblings. Sometimes they would have to share 1 piece of fish with his siblings,so when he came to UiTM, he gets to eat a whole fish, chicken or meat all by himself!!. It was definitely a feast for him

I got a friend that would eat every single thing on his plate. Like, there would not be any bones, skins, herbs or gravy left. He only uses his hands to eat and his plates was so clean and clear, it amazes me till this day. On the other end of the spectrum, I have a friend who never finishes what he takes, like he would almost always leave half of his food on the plate. He never finishes it ever! What a waste.

I think I still kept that habit till today, unless of course we had tea and I was still full when the clock reached 6.30pm. I need some more tea time food to eat. We need biscuits to dip in tea, bread to have jam or butter with or even just a granola bar. Errrgh lapar...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I just finished my 25g Oxy, pimple medication. Yeah, that's the largest tube, in like 1 month and a half. That is a lot of Oxy, usage. It took me half a year to finish a 5g tube, before. Sigh, its the sign of how bad my skin has become. Right now, I am not sure whether to go and try a 10% Oxy or try a gel version of Benzoyl peroxide (Oxy is a cream).

I know if you dyed your hair, a week ago. Not just because the colour looked unnatural (actually it is) but I can see the roots. I dye my hair black, so that regardless of what, no one will know I dyed it. I kinda like black over any other colors now. I recently watched a lot of Youtube videos featuring Asian people such as Ryan Higa and Kevin Jumba. I can see from their older videos they had dyed blond hair, but as we come to recent video, all of them embraced their Asianess and had jet black hair. Probably because they are Youtube artists now and has a  PR telling them what to do and where. I guess the only normal place to be blond if you are Asian is Japan or Korea, where 50% of people dyed their hair.

I used to have a problem sleeping a few weeks ago, now I feel sleepy at noon and during dusk. Heh.. I rather be sleepy that have that terrible insomnia anytime.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


I went out with a friend recently to search for a pair of sunglasses. We went from downtown to uptown for a pair and failed to find any. We lost hope on finding the perfect pair until he told me, we should go to a local shopping mall that, neither of us, have been to for a long time. We walked in the first optical shop that we saw, and he immediately found a pair of sunglasses that he liked. It was on sale, about 30% off the retail price. The sunglasses cost approximately RM 630 after discount and he paid it without batting an eye lid, with cash. I just kept quiet all the time although I did ask him whether he liked to walk around first, but he insisted on getting that pair.

RM630 for a pair of sunglasses, DAMN... I told to friend A, who was a student like me, and his jaw dropped, when I told my friend B, who has been working for a while, did not even blink his eyes. Apparently its a normal price for a Ray Ban sunglasses. Damn... I guess in my eyes big ticket items that are more than 2 digits are bloody expensive to me, to me now I guess. Maybe I'll change once I am employed and when I want something really nice to have. At least you know where your money went by getting something this expensive.

I have another friend, who is reaching 30, but is already buying his 3rd home. Some people are still renting, while he is preparing to buy his 3rd home!!!. Albeit its just a flat, but its still a 5 digit number!. Even the down payment is a 5 digit number and he casually has it in the bank. Some people don't even have a 5 digit in their savings account just laying there and collecting interest. I called him stingy although he claims to spend all his money. I was like.... dude.. people buy sunglasses, you bought a flat!. He has been working for nearly 10 years, so I guess that is normal. For me, I think he makes a good decision to get an asset that is recession proof and that pays for itself. I really like the government incentive of providing a 100% loan to private sector workers on their first home that cost between 100k-200k. I can't wait to be eligible for it, if I am not able to get into the government sector for work.

Right now, I gotta get back to reality and better just study my thesis and apply for a job now :(