Sunday, April 3, 2011


I went out with a friend recently to search for a pair of sunglasses. We went from downtown to uptown for a pair and failed to find any. We lost hope on finding the perfect pair until he told me, we should go to a local shopping mall that, neither of us, have been to for a long time. We walked in the first optical shop that we saw, and he immediately found a pair of sunglasses that he liked. It was on sale, about 30% off the retail price. The sunglasses cost approximately RM 630 after discount and he paid it without batting an eye lid, with cash. I just kept quiet all the time although I did ask him whether he liked to walk around first, but he insisted on getting that pair.

RM630 for a pair of sunglasses, DAMN... I told to friend A, who was a student like me, and his jaw dropped, when I told my friend B, who has been working for a while, did not even blink his eyes. Apparently its a normal price for a Ray Ban sunglasses. Damn... I guess in my eyes big ticket items that are more than 2 digits are bloody expensive to me, to me now I guess. Maybe I'll change once I am employed and when I want something really nice to have. At least you know where your money went by getting something this expensive.

I have another friend, who is reaching 30, but is already buying his 3rd home. Some people are still renting, while he is preparing to buy his 3rd home!!!. Albeit its just a flat, but its still a 5 digit number!. Even the down payment is a 5 digit number and he casually has it in the bank. Some people don't even have a 5 digit in their savings account just laying there and collecting interest. I called him stingy although he claims to spend all his money. I was like.... dude.. people buy sunglasses, you bought a flat!. He has been working for nearly 10 years, so I guess that is normal. For me, I think he makes a good decision to get an asset that is recession proof and that pays for itself. I really like the government incentive of providing a 100% loan to private sector workers on their first home that cost between 100k-200k. I can't wait to be eligible for it, if I am not able to get into the government sector for work.

Right now, I gotta get back to reality and better just study my thesis and apply for a job now :(
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