Sunday, April 10, 2011


What a bunch of hot air. At first they want to sell the Mercedes then suddenly they want to keep it, but it needs to be change into a smaller engine. I checked with JPJ, and it could be done since we don't need extra forms or checks to downgrade the engine into a 2000cc engine. It if were up to me and me only, I would love to have a diesel engine, since the car won't be used as much and diesel is cheaper then petrol. However, I've never driven a diesel so what do I know. I guess that leaves us to a normal 2000cc engine. Who cares if its sluggish, I only drive 90km/h on the highway. Anyhow, I think I will be on the search for this engine at the two local halfcut shops I go to, whenever I needed parts for my car

Speaking of parts, dammit, I will be needing some parts for my Viva's side mirror. My mechanic told me that I could just get the motor from halfcuts but still uses my original black mirrors, so I am working on getting a Mira folding side mirror for it.

Also I need to service my dad's Honda Accord, all the way at Ampang service centre. Damn far..but my parents felt it was the best service centre...(I practically service all the cars, except the Jazz, my sister told Honda to pick it up and delivered to her by 5pm.. AWESOME)

My dad asked me what car I wanted. Yeah, sounds like  I am a spoiled brat, but hear me out. He asked what I wanted, but I knew he only wanted one car and that car is a Satria Neo CPS. He wanted me to have it 3 years ago, but I took the Viva, I think he is still bitter about it. Now is another chance for him to get me to buy a Neo. I drove the car multiple times now, courtesy of a friend, but I am not sure its courtesy, because he forces me to drive his car everywhere when I am riding with him. I drove for like 2 hours sometimes, for no apparent reason, because he likes car rides...

Anyhow, the question my dad asked me was a trick question because the car I wanted was something he does not approve (Hyundai i10, Suzuki Alto, another Viva, Myvi, basically small cars)  I narrowed it to Persona (for size and how it feels like our Mercedes and the Neo, because he wants it). My mom said that my dad likes the Persona, but I know other wise. After a bit of chat at the breakfast table, he hints that a Neo is bettter due to, that is sporty, it looks young, and he is tired of too many sedans in the house (there is only 2, including his Accord), and that it will upgrade my image from a nerd. Okay perhaps I lied about the last one, but the rest of it is true.

In conclusion.. I actually don't mind at all getting the Neo, since I drove my friend's Neo, so many times, I feel I could live with it. Heck, I could just blow down RM10k and upgrade the engine using R3 parts... Now.. I just need a job...
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