Saturday, April 30, 2011

Some Days

There just some days where I just hate putting my contact lenses in. That incredible mood of laziness combined by the fact I have to take them off before bed makes me rethink about putting them on. Sometimes, if I was lazy enough, I would just sleep in them. Sure its dangerous, but some contact lenses allow you to sleep in them. Softlens 38 allows a person to sleep with their lenses for 1 week but it depends on how well your eyes could cope. Acuvue 2 or Oasys could be left in the eyes for up to 2 weeks, while some lenses such as PureVision can be left in the eyes for up to 30 days.

Funny though, no one in Malaysia that I know recommends it, even though the product inserts (which is available online only) says we could. My coloured lenses from Geo Lenses are those yearly lenses then I could wear to sleep. They are very comfortable, despite what other people says about it. I will getting new ones soon after my claim has been processed.

It also helps that my current glasses are so badly scratched and dirty, that I hated to to wear them now, so its forced upon me to wear my contact lenses.

It's not all bad, after all most people say, I look good without my glasses...
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