Friday, April 8, 2011


I was helping my friend find somes new clothes to wear to court, apparently he has to aid some investigation or something. He gave all his shirts, slacks, belts, ties and shoes away since his line of work, does not need him to wear those things. So he had to get them all back. Whenever I go shopping, I can't seem to be able to find my size, because strangely, everything is just too small. I was surprised that most of the clothes that were on sale, was only available in my size (XL, XXL, 17, 40, 42). I was like.. WHOAA.... so many options, nice options too.

I rarely shop at Metro Kajang, due to the fact I was poisoned by my sister that this mall does not have any nice stuff in it. Actually. I could do all my shopping there without having to travel all the way to K.L. They make everything in my size. Convenient...

My skin? As usual, its in the pimple forming stages. Since I now shave regularly, most likely due to the "second" puberty stage, which does cause my massive acne breakouts, its gets harder to shave. Due to the fact my acne does grow where the facial hair is (chin, cheek, jaw). So I really gotta be careful while shave, and hope that I don't cut the pimple off my face. Its sounds nice, but I think it maybe a bit painful.. OUCH!!
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