Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mine, his, popped

My brother comes into my room the other day and said that he likes to trade in my Kristar for an LC, because he wants to ride the motorbike now instead of my car. If it was my choice, my money, I would totally give a piece of my mind, but I did anyway. Its like, whatever man, change into anything you want, if you have the money. He snapped back with a weak comment "sure, its your bike, its under your name, so whatever". My brother is full of hot air, he talk a lot of smack and nothing ever really materialize from his talk. All talk and no walk. He will be driving my Viva, instead of my bike and then blames it our parents for not letting him experienced hardship. Ugh.. this was one of his many lame reasons for everything. He did go to class because its hard/its not the subject he likes/no one in the class likes him etc etc. Seriously, its too much crap a person could handle really. Its like whatever, he won't even fix the damn car because my mom says he is too young looking and he will get cheated. LAME excuse mom, and you see how he gets away with everything.

Usually I am always pessimistic to whatever my brother says, because I know he is lying or twisting the story anyhow. Although last Friday, my mother was concerned that my brother is cutting class today, because when she called him at 1.10pm, she says he sounded like he just woke up, even though he has class from 11am-1pm. As much as I like to view it negatively, I think his class finished early, some lecturer never use their 2 hour period. Ah well, just one of the rare moments, that I think positively about him.

As usual, I am pimple popping this pimple prone skin. However this time one of the popping action became gross, instead of the pimple pop and bursting its white guts out, this time it became brown. Euwww, it was so nasty. I think if i leave it to long, it will become a huge boil on my face. It has to go....
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