Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Job Fair

Job fair sucks. Especially for me, who wants to be in an education sector, specifically medical parasitology. I think the possibility of me teaching that subject is quite low, unless I have a Phd in it. Then, Universities will start calling me, or at least I would be eligible in calling them.

I never been to a job fair, but a friend nudge me to go there and hand them my CV with confidence. I kinda choked at that particular nudge, so I decided to google about Job fairs. Its basically a huge job interviews with many companies. So you need to go there with a business casual wear, CV and a basic understanding of their company. I had my CV, had business casual wear stuff in my closet, but when I checked the companies that were participating. None of them were interesting.

So I decided to do the old fashion way, of mailing my CV to the particular colleges that has medical students or health science students. Since I am a fresh graduate, they probably put me in the labs to oversee the students during a lab practical, which is something I do now anyways or take care of their tutor classes where we discuss questions and assignments. I am now actually open with any biology related subjects, although my forte is still parasitology, because its the only interesting subject that I loved in my degree days. However, I could always try other subjects, its what people do when they get a job, which is learning new skills at the work place.

Job = freedom.

Perhaps after I get my freedom, my relationships with my parents would be much better than it is now. Right now, all I can do is ignore them, work around their boundaries and use up all their money.
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