Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I just finished my 25g Oxy, pimple medication. Yeah, that's the largest tube, in like 1 month and a half. That is a lot of Oxy, usage. It took me half a year to finish a 5g tube, before. Sigh, its the sign of how bad my skin has become. Right now, I am not sure whether to go and try a 10% Oxy or try a gel version of Benzoyl peroxide (Oxy is a cream).

I know if you dyed your hair, a week ago. Not just because the colour looked unnatural (actually it is) but I can see the roots. I dye my hair black, so that regardless of what, no one will know I dyed it. I kinda like black over any other colors now. I recently watched a lot of Youtube videos featuring Asian people such as Ryan Higa and Kevin Jumba. I can see from their older videos they had dyed blond hair, but as we come to recent video, all of them embraced their Asianess and had jet black hair. Probably because they are Youtube artists now and has a  PR telling them what to do and where. I guess the only normal place to be blond if you are Asian is Japan or Korea, where 50% of people dyed their hair.

I used to have a problem sleeping a few weeks ago, now I feel sleepy at noon and during dusk. Heh.. I rather be sleepy that have that terrible insomnia anytime.
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