Thursday, April 28, 2011


I do laundry at night, in fact. I just finished doing it. I do my own laundry now because I am furious how some of my clothes get ruined in the laundry (buttons missing, my mother bleached anything that is white, etc). I am lazy to do it in the morning, since I am either sleeping or had something else to do.

It does not really come out fresh like if you dry it in the sun because it was damp overnight, but with enough fabric softener and detergent, its not so bad.

I remember having to wash clothes by hand when I was doing my diploma. I was the only boy wearing gloves while washing clothes. So nerdy, but it did keep my hands soft. Also I was one of the rare ones using fabric softener. Fabric softener makes it feel like home.

When I did my degree and lived in an apartment with 7 other people, we bought a semi auto washing machine and hung the clothes to dry at our balcony.

Again with both study sessions, I only do laundry at night. Yes there is a timer on the washing machine that will delay the wash for 9 hours, but the slot for the fabric softener is stupid and it does not work. It does not dispense automatically at the last rinse cycle, so you have to do it manually in order to get the maximum effect of the softener.

When I was in the USA, I always follow my mom to do the laundry at the self operated Laundromat. We did this till we were bought our own washing machine. In late spring, summer and early autumn we could dry our clothes outdoors, but in early spring, late fall and winter, we would have to drive to the local Laundromat and use the dryer.

I don't really remember but sometimes my mother would drive the car to the Laundromat and sometimes I would drag the laundry basket (which was a huge trash bin that we stole from the local park) with wheels at the bottom and dry the clothes. for 75 cent per load.

We would just wait there for 45 minutes until the laundry was done and then return home. Thank goodness we don't change so much clothes in the winter because we don't sweat that much. Ah. laundry, so many memories...
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