Thursday, March 24, 2016


I am technically into my 4th year of my working life as a Science Communicator. So far the journey has been fun. It does not feel like work to me for the first 3 years. It feels like a big show and tell journey. Even explaining what I do to people is difficult. Especially the skeptics. Well those people can swallow some garbage enzyme for all I care.

Now, my work has change. It feels, very adult, very what people do for work. Lots of meeting, lots of planning, lots of going out to meet people, lots of negotiating, international work, working during my off day, calling people during odd hours and texting people.

I was like, whoa, this is work. Well, I am getting an apartment, so far I am paying half of the mortgage now. I feel like once I have paid full mortgage each month, my life style will definitely change a bit. Even now, I am just paying off some of the debt I accumulate last year. If I get rid of that, than those payment will go to the apartment.

Which really means I have to find another way to obtain money.

Maybe blogging...


Who am I kidding, I lost most of my few silent readers after years of no update, and these random posting is not really helping. People look forward for regular updates just like what I talked before. Ah well, I mean, might as well try you know.

Who knows what will happen

Cat picture, because cat pictures are always awesome