Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Social Network

I was one the lucky ones who won tickets to see The Social Network, the crowd also included Hitz.FM listeners that won the contest too. This movie starring Jessie Eisenberg (who also starred in the movie Zombieland and strangely looks like Michael Cera) is a movie about how Facebook was founded and how Mark Zuckerberg became the youngest billionaire (dammit he is my age :( and I haven't started working yet). This movie was actually based on a book called "The Accidental Billionaires" by Ben Mezrich, who wrote the book based on Eduardo Saverin guides and other people around Zuckerberg except Zuckerberg himself. As you can see in the film, it depics Zuckerberg as nerd, a hacker, a thief, an asshole, a genius, an opportunist, a backstabber and a billionaire. So definitely not Zuckerberg friendly, heck even Zuckerberg said most of the stuff in the movie was not true. Hey, if I was depicted as badly as he was in the movie, I would say the same thing too.

Its fun to see how Facebook changed our lives, even though there is Myspace and Friendster offering the same thing. Quite funny how we deal our lives on the net. How we got closer and at the same time farther with people we know on Facebook. Facebook has become as common as the handphone/cellphone.

The thing I liked the most about Facebook compared to the other social networking sites, is that in Facebook, everything is clean and clear. Everybody's profile looked the same without annoying fonts and background imaged. Also the annoying music video, porn, sacred books, baby giggling videos played out loud, together when you open a friends profile. This is why I am on Facebook, like everyday just seeing what other people are up too.

This is a great movie to watch for people who are on Facebook, who wants to know, what is the behind story.

*After I finished the movie, I quickly sent it an sms to my Twitter account which is linked to my Facebook account to say I liked the movie. LOL. I wonder if other social networks would be made into a movie... haha.. they wish ;)

**Justin Timberlake acting is quite good in this movie. Disney's star, Brenda Song, got crazy in this movie, and doing things that Disney will never approved LOL.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blogging is Fun

Blogging is fun and you can make money out of it. However there are times when its not fun anymore. Especially when you become obsessed with making money, winning contest or just trying to be famous. It takes the fun out of reading blogs when you are bombarded with advertisements plastered all over the page, it gets worse when the blogger begs you to click on the advertisements so that they can make money. Nuffnangs sent emails to everyone, to notify that this actions is wrong and will cause company to revert from showing ads in our blogs.

Regardless of that, sometimes I do fall into the that trap where I feel restricted in my own blog. Sometimes I feel so sad and depressed I just want to type away the sadness away but I feel like no one wants to read my crap. I forgotten, sometimes, those crappy emo writings have readers and some do actually reply to it

For me, blogging is a form of escapism, a place where you are free to write, a place where its your own reality show, where you are the director, writer, and actor. You tell the people want you want to tell, share what you feel like sharing and just blab away. I thinks its funny when there are people who reads these things that we write, regardless of it being of any importance.

I find it sad when people just want to make money and try desperately hard, like insanely absolutely hard. Chill people, I say, just relax and be cool with it. People will read your blog if its interesting. In fact when the blog is humble and honest, more people will read it.

 I can't deny though that if you are a hot girl, a good looking guy, incredibly rich, travels all over the world, funny, mingle with elite socialites and celebrities or you are a celebrity or socialite your self, your blog will be automatically famous :-p

What about regular people with boring lives? Just write it down and read other people blogs, perhaps the less famous ones, since they have the time to actually go to your blog and read it. You might get lucky and be features in a famous bloggers blog thus increasing your traffic! Muahahaha..

Well articles and blog entries on how to attract people to your blog comes in shiploads all over the Internet. My advice to other people and myself, is to keep it real. We are happy and excited, but we are also sad and anger. Although we must be careful who we sent on fire in our blogs, because it could bite you back in the rear end and set you back on fire. Keep it positive or keep it anonymous.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hearing yourself

Have you ever listen to the way you talk?

Like record your self and then listen how you sounded. Weird right? The way that we hear our voice and the way we hear it from a recording is different. Its something to do with how our voice sounds coming out of our head instead of coming into our head. Strange right.

I have this strange way of speaking, perhaps not so strange, but to me, if I hear anyone else speaks the same way, I would say they are weird.

I am very nasal, meaning my voice seems to come out of my nose.
I chew my words, meaning I am lazy to pronounced it.
I have a relatively deep voice, when combined with talking through your nose, it becomes nasally boomy and incomprehensible.
I have "h" in wrong parts of the words and I exaggerated the word. entaH, takH de lah, kiteH, aderH.
It sounds fake and pretentious.
I mix English and Malay like you mixed a rojak..

Its funny, people in KL and Selangor, never really said anything, because that is how some people talk here? but try to live out of KL and Selangor, you would stick out like a sore thumb. Which is why, having a terrible fake accent, cancels the words out. Have you tried listening to me ruining a northern accent. TERRIBLE, not to mention my mother's Negeri Sembilan dialect...terrible..

I guess that just makes me the nasally, fake, broken Malay guy... probably why I prefer to stay in Kl...

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Not sure about you, but if I were really lazy or careless in the morning. I would always miss parts of my eye lash. You know, how they say, Mr Sand Man pours a sleeping dust/sand in your eyes so that you would fall asleep, well those sand tend to accumulate a lot on my eye lashes. If I were careless, which I do almost all the time, these "sands" are still stuck in my eyes. Its so gross...
Not this Sandman
but this Sandman

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Died Again

The thing that died today, has to be the car battery. Heck this was the second car in the house, that's batterie died on us. Luckily it died at home. So we called RSA who came to jump start the car and then off we go to get a new battery. I should get a jump cable myself now, since this happens quite often. Hey, when you got 6 cars in a home, every problem that can occur in a car increases 6 fold, and every car that is over 5 years or over 100k kilometres will also increase its problems. I am practically best friends with the mechanic that takes care of the 3 cars that does not have any warranty left

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I try my best to minimize my glasses wearing time due to the fact it makes me aged a bit. Heck I try as much to shove a piece of plastic on my eye balls each day, like some of my friends do, although there has been days that I could not care less how I look as long I felt comfortable.

Geek Chic, is the name of a fashion style that includes these really thick and huge glasses frames. They don't even have any power in it so that individuals could wear it as a style. Damn, some of us actually need this to function normaly in society, while other feels that its a fashion statement worth doing. How I tried to avoid wearing glasses, to getting smaller and thinner frames, to getting contacts, only to find out that it is actually in to wear glasses. Irony?

All Blacks

Three black Proton Satria Neo's all parked side by side. So rare, the last time I saw cars of the same make and colour parked together was 4 electric blue Perodua Viva. Wicked!!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your fair hair

If I had Rapunzel’s hair, or more precisely 70 feet of magical golden blonde hair, what would I do with it?

The movie shows that Rapunzel had complete control of her hair. She can move it at will and the hair itself has incredible strength as you can see it in the trailer.

Unlike the original story, the hair is merely just a rope for the prince, the hair also was braided to increased its strength, so that the witch could climb up the tower. Also her hair has to be hang on a hook, so that she won’t use her scalp as an anchor point (unlike our fellow Malaysian who can).

Rapunzel in the movie Tangled Up reminds me of a Marvel Comics character called Medusa. Medusa’s has long, thick, red hair that is stronger than an iron wire of the same thickness. She can elongated it, or lift up to 1.6 tons (about 1600kg). She could control each strands of air via psychokinetic ability (moving objects with her mind). She can snap it like a whip, bind objects, perform delicate manipulation such as picking a lock or coordination skills such as typing. She can use her hair to sense things that it touches. We can say Rapunzel is like Medusa’s magical blonde cousin.

Medusa fiery red hair

So what would I do with 70 feet of magical golden hair?

Multi Task…

Since each hair could be manipulated, I could mentally assign each hair to do a specific task. Instead of taking 2 hours to clean my mice cages, my hair could do it in 30 minutes. I could type my thesis and still do lab work. I can juggle books, journals and online articles. My master would be finished in half the time it is going to take now :)

Anyhow I got a lot of pictures of my hair. It has gone through many changes such as different lengths to the standard crew cut I always, to extreme changes such a drastic color change or chemical straigtening.

The good, the bad, the ugly, the "what the hell were you thinking"

However I think I could challenge a Nuffie named Firdauz.

This is me, when I was 10 years old. If I don’t get a haircut within 3 months, curls and more curls will appear. It made many Chinese Auntie green with envy. When I stayed in Segamat, old Chinese ladies would ask, where I did my hair. I was born this hair while they would willingly stay for 4 hours at the salon to get it. This probably how my magical raven black curly hair would look like

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bad Ass Parang that Chuck Norris would approve

My mother called me to come home early because she needed to pick up my dad from the airport. So I came home, early, which is rare, since I usually come home when the sun sets (I came in late, so I will leave late, but that is kinda redundant now really). I was parking in front of my house but it was difficult because the tree branches makes it hard to park close to the shoulder road. So I asked my mother for a "parang" and what a bad ass parang it was. I am not what parang is in English. Knife is pisau, Sword is Pedang, Keris is.. well keris, Parang? long sword? Macheti?

Regardless of what, this is one bad ass parang for having the correct balance, and weight. It did help when I started started a spark when I accidentally hit the wall behind the branch, however most importantly, what parang has a bottle opener built in the blade. This is the parang Chuck Norris would use.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Now or Tomorrow

I had a blast rearranging my trousers drawers, I had a go with my stationary compartment in my bag, that failed, since everything is mixed up again, and I think I lost the damn lip balm. FAIL!!..

I was going to arrange my shirts and t-shirts drawer, but its getting late. I need to go sleep (I was but I decided to blog, hoho) This can wait tomorrow when I got more time or at least allocate more time.

However I managed to layout the thing I am wearing for the whole week, which so organized and is not me at all, but it does prevent me from wearing something over and over again till its worn out.

A dear friend of mine, who is brutally honest but at the same time likes to keep secrets from me, tells me straight to my face, that I am a nerd, in term of fashion sense. Heck, I agree with him I am a nerd, I used to be a sloppy nerd now I try to be an more well put nerd. I guess his eye for detail knows my style. I think being a fashion nerd is much better than being a poser. A poser is person who tries to imitate a certain style but fails miserably. I don't want to be a poser. I think I am better off with the nerd style or better not. Perhaps there is something in google on how to make a nerd look, something fashionable and will land me in a page of a magazine (my brother who has a sense of style, to cover his lacking of sense of responsibility, was featured in a fashion magazine for street style)

Oh well, there is something more terrible than being a nerd, that is, being jobless...