Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blogging is Fun

Blogging is fun and you can make money out of it. However there are times when its not fun anymore. Especially when you become obsessed with making money, winning contest or just trying to be famous. It takes the fun out of reading blogs when you are bombarded with advertisements plastered all over the page, it gets worse when the blogger begs you to click on the advertisements so that they can make money. Nuffnangs sent emails to everyone, to notify that this actions is wrong and will cause company to revert from showing ads in our blogs.

Regardless of that, sometimes I do fall into the that trap where I feel restricted in my own blog. Sometimes I feel so sad and depressed I just want to type away the sadness away but I feel like no one wants to read my crap. I forgotten, sometimes, those crappy emo writings have readers and some do actually reply to it

For me, blogging is a form of escapism, a place where you are free to write, a place where its your own reality show, where you are the director, writer, and actor. You tell the people want you want to tell, share what you feel like sharing and just blab away. I thinks its funny when there are people who reads these things that we write, regardless of it being of any importance.

I find it sad when people just want to make money and try desperately hard, like insanely absolutely hard. Chill people, I say, just relax and be cool with it. People will read your blog if its interesting. In fact when the blog is humble and honest, more people will read it.

 I can't deny though that if you are a hot girl, a good looking guy, incredibly rich, travels all over the world, funny, mingle with elite socialites and celebrities or you are a celebrity or socialite your self, your blog will be automatically famous :-p

What about regular people with boring lives? Just write it down and read other people blogs, perhaps the less famous ones, since they have the time to actually go to your blog and read it. You might get lucky and be features in a famous bloggers blog thus increasing your traffic! Muahahaha..

Well articles and blog entries on how to attract people to your blog comes in shiploads all over the Internet. My advice to other people and myself, is to keep it real. We are happy and excited, but we are also sad and anger. Although we must be careful who we sent on fire in our blogs, because it could bite you back in the rear end and set you back on fire. Keep it positive or keep it anonymous.
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