Monday, November 1, 2010

Now or Tomorrow

I had a blast rearranging my trousers drawers, I had a go with my stationary compartment in my bag, that failed, since everything is mixed up again, and I think I lost the damn lip balm. FAIL!!..

I was going to arrange my shirts and t-shirts drawer, but its getting late. I need to go sleep (I was but I decided to blog, hoho) This can wait tomorrow when I got more time or at least allocate more time.

However I managed to layout the thing I am wearing for the whole week, which so organized and is not me at all, but it does prevent me from wearing something over and over again till its worn out.

A dear friend of mine, who is brutally honest but at the same time likes to keep secrets from me, tells me straight to my face, that I am a nerd, in term of fashion sense. Heck, I agree with him I am a nerd, I used to be a sloppy nerd now I try to be an more well put nerd. I guess his eye for detail knows my style. I think being a fashion nerd is much better than being a poser. A poser is person who tries to imitate a certain style but fails miserably. I don't want to be a poser. I think I am better off with the nerd style or better not. Perhaps there is something in google on how to make a nerd look, something fashionable and will land me in a page of a magazine (my brother who has a sense of style, to cover his lacking of sense of responsibility, was featured in a fashion magazine for street style)

Oh well, there is something more terrible than being a nerd, that is, being jobless...
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