Thursday, October 28, 2010

Suddenly Mushroom

Suddenly mushroom. I went karaokeing with my siblings the other night. The karaoke package includes a buffet spread and free flow drinks (out goes the diet again, although the teas that I drank which was included in the buffet, seamed to have a cleansing effect). One of the dishes that were served in the buffet was these wonderfully juicy mushrooms. I have absolutely no idea what type they are, but they are black and juicy. Almost fishball like juiciness. It reminded me of a show on Food Network on Astro Beyond, where this Southern USA lady was preparing these portbello mushroom burgers. The mushrooms were so huge, they were used as patties to make these wonderful looking mushroom burgers. I was in a mushroom mode, I feel I need to have more mushrooms. Even my usual claypot dish that I always seem to eat at The Mines, food court, had mushrooms in it. I feel the need to have mushrooms till I am sick of it.
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